Cities in Otsego County, New York by Population (2024)

There are 41 cities in Otsego County, New York.

Note: As defined by the US Census Bureau, a city's official boundaries often extend miles beyond the city itself and may even cross county lines. As such, several thousand US cities officially exist in two or more counties (and therefore appear on multiple counties' lists of cities.)

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2024 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
Oneonta1New York17,98813,0487.37%4,1254.36
Cobleskill2New York4,5834,2591.8%1,2863.56
Sidney3New York3,7233,7050.13%1,5642.38
West End4New York2,0852,199-1.32%5713.65
Canajoharie5New York2,0662,080-0.14%1,5521.33
Cooperstown6New York1,8421,854-0.16%1,1271.64
Bainbridge7New York1,2561,278-0.4%9561.31
Richfield Springs8New York1,0881,098-0.18%1,0801.01
Unadilla9New York1,0871,095-0.18%1,0481.04
New Berlin10New York9139130%8561.07
Otego11New York913935-0.55%7881.16
Richmondville12New York8768780%4751.85
Palatine Bridge13New York796800-0.13%8640.92
West Winfield14New York736746-0.27%8080.91
Davenport Center15New York71526318.77%2303.10
Worcester16New York664802-4.87%788.56
Edmeston17New York6055432.72%1394.34
Bridgewater18New York5754773.42%5920.97
Hartwick19New York523539-0.76%1513.46
Morris20New York5225240%7000.75
Sharon Springs21New York495499-0.2%2711.83
Cherry Valley22New York4784800%9370.51
Schenevus23New York437556-5.41%4251.03
Milford24New York4024020%9480.42
Gilbertsville25New York3263280%3251
Franklin26New York2832810.36%8350.34
Wells Bridge27New York2501511.21%2770.90
Laurens28New York2192190%1,7110.13
Springfield Center29New York208392-18.11%434.81
East Worcester30New York187231-5.56%742.51
Unadilla Forks31New York187221-3.11%374.99
South Edmeston32New York1751376.06%1870.94
Burlington Flats33New York157137-3.68%682.30
Garrattsville34New York1511490.67%1061.43
Fly Creek35New York143333-20.56%871.65
Ames36New York1391410%1,0610.13
Westford37New York103738.42%631.65
Schuyler Lake38New York76106-3.8%233.24
Mount Vision39New York64156-26.44%421.51
Hartwick Seminary40New York58524-66.67%301.96
Portlandville41New York03420%00.23
showing: 41 rows

Note: City markers shown outside the county boundary mean that a part of the city extends into this county, but is primarily located in an adjacent county.

What is the largest city in Otsego County, New York?

Oneonta is the largest city in Otsego County.

What is the smallest city in Otsego County, New York?

Portlandville is the smallest city in Otsego County.

How many cities are in Otsego County?

There are 41 cities in Otsego County, New York.

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