Cities in Brown County, South Dakota by Population (2024)

There are 26 cities in Brown County, South Dakota.

Note: As defined by the US Census Bureau, a city's official boundaries often extend miles beyond the city itself and may even cross county lines. As such, several thousand US cities officially exist in two or more counties (and therefore appear on multiple counties' lists of cities.)

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2024 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
Aberdeen1South Dakota27,98928,431-0.39%1,69516.52
Groton2South Dakota1,3701,382-0.22%7821.75
Ellendale3North Dakota1,0811,117-0.83%7631.42
Ipswich4South Dakota9679330.94%7221.34
Mina5South Dakota9167185.77%2423.78
Warner6South Dakota467481-0.64%1,6740.28
Prairiewood Village7South Dakota384438-3.28%6510.59
Spring Creek Colony8South Dakota250033.69%8420.30
Frederick9South Dakota206212-0.48%1521.35
Mellette10South Dakota194198-0.51%7580.26
Hecla11South Dakota191195-0.52%5550.34
Columbia12South Dakota1571570%1031.52
Conde13South Dakota1461480%2590.56
Bath Corner14South Dakota1211727.37%6910.17
Claremont15South Dakota1101100%4380.25
Westport16South Dakota85870%3620.23
Andover17South Dakota65670%2410.27
Stratford18South Dakota59590%2360.25
Forbes19North Dakota39410%1610.24
Grassland Colony20South Dakota36033.33%850.43
Monango21North Dakota29310%770.38
Wetonka22South Dakota14140%570.25
Ferney23South Dakota1037-37.5%101
Verdon24South Dakota550%200.25
Bath25South Dakota02170%00.29
Mansfield26South Dakota0910%02.41
showing: 26 rows

Note: City markers shown outside the county boundary mean that a part of the city extends into this county, but is primarily located in an adjacent county.

What is the largest city in Brown County, South Dakota?

Aberdeen is the largest city in Brown County.

What is the smallest city in Brown County, South Dakota?

Mansfield is the smallest city in Brown County.

How many cities are in Brown County?

There are 26 cities in Brown County, South Dakota.

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