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Archaeological Sites by Country 2024

Archaeology is an important part of how humans understand the past, so the world’s archeological sites present valuable opportunities to better understand ancient civilizations and how they fit into the larger story of humanity.

However, archaeological sites are more plentiful and frequently discovered in some countries than others. Here’s a breakdown of which of the world’s countries have the most archaeological sites as of 2023, as well as an overview of potential contributing factors.

Countries with the Most Archaeological Sites

Archaeological sites can be cultural, natural, or a mixture of both. Cultural sites are about human-created wonders and artifacts that deliver evidence of past human accomplishments or activities. Natural sites were, instead, created by natural disasters and other phenomena, such as floods or volcanoes.

A particular country may have a combination of cultural and natural sites. Some sites may also be shared with other countries. Here’s a look at some of the countries with the most sites overall.

  • Italy leads the pack with 58 total sites (53 cultural, 5 natural)
  • China comes in second with 56 sites (38 cultural, 14 natural, 4 mixed)
  • Germany – 51 sites (48, cultural, 3 natural)
  • France – 49 sites (42 cultural, 6 natural, 1 mixed)
  • Spain – 49 sites (43 cultural, 4, natural, 2 mixed)
  • India – 40 sites (32 cultural, 7 natural, 1 mixed)
  • Mexico – 35 sites (27 cultural, 6 natural, 2 mixed)
  • United Kingdom – 33 sites (28 cultural, 4 natural, 1 mixed)
  • Russia – 30 sites (19 cultural, 11 natural)

Factors That Contribute to National Site Totals

Countries with more total sites (like Italy or China) share locations with some of history’s greatest ancient civilizations, so it’s common to have more sites than average. Not only do the sites provide cultural value and intellectual enrichment, but they also attract tourists from around the world.

Here’s a look at some other factors that may impact how many archaeological sites one country might have as compared to others.

Environmental Factors

Certain conditions – such as volcanic activity or longstanding sediment structures – create an ideal environment for the preservation of important artifacts. A country with more of these conditions may also have more sites.

Tech Advances

Access to cutting-edge technology that simplifies the process of locating and uncovering potential dig sites can also affect how many overall archaeological sites there are in a country or world region.

Economic Factors

Tourism is an important part of a country’s economy, and many countries see a lot of it thanks to their valuable archaeological sites. Tourism and similar economic incentives can encourage a country to prioritize and protect such sites.

  • A small number of sites are shared between multiple countries. For example, the cultural site "Prehistoric Rock-Art Sites in the C�a Valley and Siega Verde" is shared between Portugal and Spain
  • Sites added after July 2023 may not be reflected

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# of Sites
# of Cultural Sites
# of Natural Sites
# of Mixed Sites
Italy585350Europe and North America
China5638144Asia and the Pacific
Germany514830Europe and North America
France494261Europe and North America
Spain494342Europe and North America
India403271Asia and the Pacific
Mexico352762Latin America and the Caribbean
United Kingdom332841Europe and North America
Russia3019110Europe and North America
Japan261960Asia and the Pacific
Iran262420Asia and the Pacific
United States2411121Europe and North America
Brazil231571Latin America and the Caribbean
Austria211110Europe and North America
Canada209101Europe and North America
Australia204124Asia and the Pacific
Turkey191702Europe and North America
Greece181602Europe and North America
Poland171520Europe and North America
Portugal171610Europe and North America
Czech Republic161510Europe and North America
South Korea151320Asia and the Pacific
Belgium151410Europe and North America
Sweden151311Europe and North America
Peru13922Latin America and the Caribbean
Switzerland13940Europe and North America
Netherlands121110Europe and North America
Argentina11650Latin America and the Caribbean
South Africa10541Africa
Bulgaria10730Europe and North America
Denmark10730Europe and North America
Croatia10820Europe and North America
Indonesia9540Asia and the Pacific
Colombia9621Latin America and the Caribbean
Morocco9900Arab States
Romania9720Europe and North America
Cuba9720Latin America and the Caribbean
Israel9900Europe and North America
Vietnam8521Asia and the Pacific
Ukraine8710Europe and North America
Sri Lanka8620Asia and the Pacific
Tunisia8710Arab States
Hungary8710Europe and North America
Slovakia8620Europe and North America
Norway8710Europe and North America
Egypt7610Arab States
Algeria7601Arab States
Chile7700Latin America and the Caribbean
Bolivia7610Latin America and the Caribbean
Finland7610Europe and North America
Pakistan6600Asia and the Pacific
Philippines6330Asia and the Pacific
Thailand6330Asia and the Pacific
Iraq6501Arab States
Saudi Arabia6600Arab States
Syria6600Arab States
Jordan6501Arab States
Lebanon6600Arab States
DR Congo5050Africa
Uzbekistan5410Asia and the Pacific
Yemen5410Arab States
Ivory Coast5230Africa
Kazakhstan5320Asia and the Pacific
Ecuador5320Latin America and the Caribbean
Serbia5500Europe and North America
Libya5500Arab States
Oman5500Arab States
Panama5230Latin America and the Caribbean
Mongolia5320Asia and the Pacific
Slovenia5320Europe and North America
Malaysia4220Asia and the Pacific
Nepal4220Asia and the Pacific
Belarus4319Europe and North America
Costa Rica4130Latin America and the Caribbean
Georgia4310Europe and North America
Bosnia and Herzegovina4310Europe and North America
Albania4211Europe and North America
Lithuania4400Europe and North America
Montenegro4310Europe and North America
Bangladesh3210Asia and the Pacific
Sudan3210Arab States
Venezuela3210Latin America and the Caribbean
Burkina Faso3210Africa
Guatemala3201Latin America and the Caribbean
Cambodia3300Asia and the Pacific
Azerbaijan3300Europe and North America
Laos3300Asia and the Pacific
Kyrgyzstan3210Asia and the Pacific
Turkmenistan3300Asia and the Pacific
Palestine3300Arab States
New Zealand3021Asia and the Pacific
Uruguay3300Latin America and the Caribbean
Armenia3201Europe and North America
Bahrain3300Arab States
Cyprus3300Europe and North America
Malta3300Arab States
Iceland3120Europe and North America
Myanmar2200Asia and the Pacific
Afghanistan2200Asia and the Pacific
North Korea2200Asia and the Pacific
Honduras2110Latin America and the Caribbean
Nicaragua2200Latin America and the Caribbean
Central African Republic2020Africa
Ireland2200Europe and North America
Mauritania2110Arab States
North Macedonia2011Europe and North America
Latvia2200Europe and North America
Estonia2200Europe and North America
Suriname2110Latin America and the Caribbean
Vatican City2200Europe and North America
Haiti1100Latin America and the Caribbean
Dominican Republic1100Latin America and the Caribbean
Papua New Guinea1100Asia and the Pacific
Tajikistan1110Asia and the Pacific
United Arab Emirates1100Arab States
Paraguay1100Latin America and the Caribbean
El Salvador1100Latin America and the Caribbean
Singapore1100Asia and the Pacific
Moldova1100Europe and North America
Jamaica1001Latin America and the Caribbean
Qatar1100Arab States
Fiji1100Asia and the Pacific
Solomon Islands1010Asia and the Pacific
Luxembourg1100Europe and North America
Cape Verde1100Africa
Belize1010Latin America and the Caribbean
Vanuatu1100Asia and the Pacific
Barbados1100Latin America and the Caribbean
Saint Lucia1010Latin America and the Caribbean
Kiribati1010Asia and the Pacific
Micronesia1100Asia and the Pacific
Antigua and Barbuda1100Latin America and the Caribbean
Andorra1100Europe and North America
Dominica1010Latin America and the Caribbean
Saint Kitts and Nevis1100Latin America and the Caribbean
Marshall Islands1100Asia and the Pacific
San Marino1100Europe and North America
Palau1001Asia and the Pacific
showing: 166 rows

Which country has the most archaeological sites?

Italy has over 58 archeological sites, the most ancient locations worldwide.

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