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Countries that No Longer Exist 2024

While it is often tempting for patriotic people to think of their homeland as permanent and everlasting, it is an undeniable fact that sometimes even countries cease to exist.

Why do countries cease to exist?

There are several possible reasons for a nation to come to an end. Some countries merge to form (or reform, in the case of East Germany and West Germany) a single country. Other countries split apart—for example, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.), dissolved into 15 smaller countries in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Some countries have been annexed, such as when the growing United States of America absorbed the fledgeling Republic of Texas in 1845. Others have been conquered outright and assimilated, as happened when Vietnam absorbed the kingdom of Champa. Finally (and least catastrophically), some nations have remained intact and simply adopted a new name, such as when Ceylon "died" and was reborn as Sri Lanka in 1972.

List of the most well-known nations that have ceased to exist throughout history:

  • Abyssinia - Now known as Ethiopia
  • Austria-Hungary - A region that included Austria, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and the Balkans. Ceased to exist following World War I.
  • Basutoland - Now known as Lesotho
  • Bengal - Now part of India and Bangladesh
  • Burma - Now known as Myanmar
  • Catalonia - An autonomous region of Spain
  • Ceylon - Now known as Sri Lanka
  • Champa - Located in what is now Vietnam
  • Corsica - Now a department of France
  • East Germany - Reunited with West Germany to become Germany
  • East Pakistan - Now known as Bangladesh
  • England - Now part of the United Kingdom
  • Gran Colombia - Was once what is now Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela
  • Hawaii Was a country until annexed to the United States
  • New Grenada - Now known as the Republic of Colombia
  • Newfoundland - Now a Canadian province
  • North Yemen - United with South Yemen in 1990 to become Yemen
  • Ottoman Empire - Once included parts of Hungary, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, the Balkans, and North Africa
  • Persia - Now known as Iran
  • Prussia - Once included parts of Germany and Poland. It was disbanded following World War II.
  • Rhodesia - Now known as Zimbabwe
  • Scotland - Now part of the United Kingdom
  • Siam - Now known as Thailand
  • Sikkim - Now part of North India
  • South Vietnam - Now known as Vietnam
  • South Yemen - United with North Yemen in 1990 to become Yemen
  • Southwest Africa - Now known as Namibia
  • Tanganyika - United with Zanzibar to form Tanzania
  • Texas - Was an independent country until annexed by the United States
  • Tibet - Now an autonomous region of China
  • Transjordan - Now known as Jordan
  • Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - Divided into 15 countries in 1988-1991
  • United Arab Republic - Now split into Syria and Egypt
  • Vermont - Was an independent country until it entered the U.S. as a state
  • Wales - Now part of the United Kingdom
  • West Florida (Republic of) - Included parts of Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi declaring independence from Spanish rule, became a United States territory in less than 90 days.
  • West Germany - Reunited with East Germany to become Germany
  • Western Samoa - Changed name to Samoa in 1997 (There is no Eastern Samoa, but American Samoa lies to the east)
  • Yugoslavia - Split into six countries in the 1990s
  • Zaire - Now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Zanzibar - United with Tanganyika to form Tanzania

Events influencing the fall and rise of countries over the past century

World War I and World War II saw immense disruption to the alignment and existence of many countries throughout the world. Alsace-Lorraine, the region that straddles France and Germany, ceased to exist in 1918 with the end of World War I. The Weimar Republic became Nazi Germany, both of which no longer exist and are parts of the modern country of Germany.

The slow-motion collapse of the Soviet Union from 1988-1992 led to the introduction of 15 separate countries in Europe and Asia. Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, two countries that emerged out of World War I and World War II and which had strong ties to the U.S.S.R., dissolved alongside it. Czechoslovakia became the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Yugoslavia broke apart to form Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Kosovo (which was struggling to attain independence from Serbia in 2021).

In the Middle East, The United Arab Republic was formed in 1958 by merging Egypt and Syria; the UAR then attempted to add a third country, then called North Yemen, and become the United Arab States. Both the UAR and UAS dissolved in 1961.

Some view the Native Americans and First Nations as having historical sovereign states, as they once had their own governments and tribal alliances, but are now part of modern countries such as the United States, Canada, and Mexico. There is significant contention around this idea, as the US Constitution allows for autonomy of the native tribes, but this autonomy is often poorly respected or simply ignored.

  • Table includes countries that have dissolved completely, nation states that were de facto countries (such as the Cherokee Nation), and countries that have retired a former name in favor of a new one, effectively 'ending' the previous country (such as Burma changing its name to Myanmar).
  • It is likely that additional ancient countries existed but are no longer known even to archaeologists.
  • Data shown are extensive, but not necessarily all-inclusive.

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Sovereign State
Year Founded
Year Ended
Modern Day Location
Adal Sultanate14151559Eritrea, Dijubuti, Ethiopia
Afrasiyab dynasty13491504Iran
Afsharid dynasty17361796Iran
Ajuran Sultanate13th century17th centuryEthiopia, Somalia
Alabama Republic18611861United States
Alash Autonomy19171918Kazakhstan, Russia
Alawi dynasty16311912Morocco
Ali Soilih Regime19761978Comoros
All-Palestine Government19481967Palestine
Alodia6th century1504Sudan
Alsace Soviet Republic19181918Germany
Anconine Republic17971798Italy
Angevin Empire11541214United Kingdom
Anglo-Corsican Kingdom17941796France
Anziku Kingdom19th centuryGabon, DR Congo, Republic of the Congo
Aq Qoyunlu13781501Turkey
Arab Federation19581958Iraq, Jordan
Arab Kingdom of Syria19201920Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine
Archduchy of Austria14531804Austria
Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greece18211825Greece
Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greece18211825Greece
Argentine Confederation18311861Argentina
Armed Forces of South Russia19181919Russia
Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic19221991Russia
Aro Confederacy16901902Nigeria
Ashanti Empire1670/17011902Ghana
Ashikaga shogunate13361573Japan
Astrakhan Khanate14661556Russia
Asturian Socialist Republic19341934Spain
Aussa Sultanate17341963Ethiopia
Austria-Hungary18671918Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia
Austrian Empire18041867Austria
Autonomous Province of Western Bosnia19931995Bosnia and Herzegovina
Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus19141914Albania
Avar Khanate13th century1864Russia
Ayutthaya Kingdom13501767Thailand
Azerbaijan People's Government19451946Iran
Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic19221991Russia
Aztec Empire14281521Mexico
Baden (Grand Duchy)18061871Germany
Baku Commune19181918Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
Bali Kingdoms9141908Indonesia
Bamana Empire17121861Mali
Banat of Severin12281526Romania, Hungary
Banat of Temeswar17181778Romania
Banat Republic19181919Romania, Serbia, Hungary
Bani Khalid Emirate16691796Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates
Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19191991Russia
Batavian Republic17951806Belgium, Netherlands, Germany
Bavarian Soviet Republic19191919Germany
Belarusian People's Republic19181919Lithuania, Belarus
Bengal Subah17171757India, Bangladesh
Bengal Sultanate13521576India, Bangladesh
Berau Sultanate19th centuryIndonesia
Beylik of Bafra14th century1460Turkey
Beylik of Candar12921461Turkey
Beylik of Dulkadir13371522Turkey
Beylik of Karaman12501487Turkey
Bijapur Sultanate14901686India
BilangaBurkina Faso
Bilayanga1923Burkina Faso
Bima Sultanate16201669Indonesia
Bolivian Republic18361839Bolivia
BongandiniBurkina Faso
Bonoman11th century20th centuryGhana
Bophuthatswana19771994South Africa
Bornu Empire13801893Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Libya
Bruneian Empire13681888Brunei
Brunswick 1815181Germany
Buganda14th century1894Uganda
Bukharan People's Soviet Republic19201925Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan
Bunyoro13th century1897Uganda
Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19231990Russia
Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic19191922Lithuania, Belarus
Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic19221991Russia
Byzantine Empire3951453Turkey
California Republic18461846United States
Cantonal Government of Negros18981901Philippines
Caucasian Albania2nd century BC8th centuryAzerbaijan
Caucasian Imamate18281859Russia
Centralist Republic of Mexico18351846Mexico
Centrocaspian Dictatorship19181918Azerbaijan
Chagatai Khanate12251680Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan
Champa kingdom1921832Vietnam
Chechen Republic of Ichkeria19912000Russia
Checheno-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic1936 | 19571944 | 1991Russia
Cherokee Nation17941865United States
Chokwe KingdomAngola, DR Congo, Zambia
Circassia13th century1864Russia, Georgia
Cisalpine Republic17971802Italy
Ciskei19811994South Africa
Cispadane Republic17961797Italy
Cnezatul lui Farcaș13th century13th centuryRomania
Cnezatul lui Ioan13th century13th centuryRomania
Commonwealth of England1649 | 16591653 | 1660United Kingdom
Commune of the Working People of Estonia19181919Estonia
ConBurkina Faso
Condominium of Bosnia and Herzegovina18781918Bosnia and Herzegovina
Confederate Cities of Valle del Cauca18111815Colombia
Confederate States of America18611865United States
Confederated Republic of Altai19181920Russia
Confederation of the Equator18241824Brazil
Confederation of the Rhine18061813Germany
Congo Free State18851908DR Congo
Conservative Republic18301861Chile
Corsican Republic17551769France
Cossack Hetmanate16491764Ukraine
County of Foix10101607France
Couto Misto10th century1868Spain, Portugal
Cretan State18981913Greece
Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19211945Russia
Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic1921 | 1944 | 19911941 | 1945 | 1992Ukraine
Crimean Khanate14491783Ukraine
Crimean People's Republic19171918Ukraine
Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia19911996Bosnia and Herzegovina
Crown of Aragon11621479Spain
Crown of Castile12301479Spain, Portugal
Crown of the Kingdom of Poland13861795Poland
Czech and Slovak Federative Republic19901992Czech Republic, Slovakia
Czechoslovak Socialist Republic19481989Czech Republic, Slovakia
Dacian Kingdom168 BC106Romania
Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19211991Russia
Delhi Sultanate12061526India, Bangladesh
Demmin Principality11601264Poland
Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan19181920Azerbaijan
Democratic Republic of Georgia19181921Georgia
Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam)19451976Vietnam
Denmark–Norway15241814Denmark, Norway, Iceland
Despotate of Dobruja13561411Bulgaria
Despotate of Epirus13561479Turkey
Ditadura Nacional19261933Portugal
Dominion of Fiji19701987Fiji
Dominion of Newfoundland19071949Canada
Don Republic19181920Russia
Duchy of Anhalt18061813Germany
Duchy of Athens12051458Turkey
Duchy of Austria11561453Austria
Duchy of Bohemia8701198Czech Republic
Duchy of Bouillon14561794Belgium
Duchy of Brabant11831794Belgium, Netherlands
Duchy of Brittany9391532France
Duchy of Bukovina18491918Romania, Ukraine
Duchy of Burgundy9181482France
Duchy of Bytom12811498Poland
Duchy of Courland and Semigallia15611795Poland
Duchy of Courland and Semigallia19181918Latvia
Duchy of Inowrocław12671364Poland
Duchy of Kraków12271320Poland
Duchy of Lorraine9591766France
Duchy of Lucca18151847Italy
Duchy of Mantua12731707Italy
Duchy of Masovia1138 | 1294 | 1370 | 14951275 | 1310 | 1381 | 1526Poland
Duchy of Massa and Carrara14731829Italy
Duchy of Milan13951797Italy
Duchy of Modena1452 | 18151796 | 1859Italy
Duchy of Normandy9111204France
Duchy of Opole1172 | 12811201 | 1532Poland
Duchy of Opole and Racibórz1202 | 1521 | 15511281 | 1532 | 1556Poland
Duchy of Parma15451859Italy
Duchy of Poland966 | 1031 | 1079 | 11381025 | 1076 | 1138 | 1227Poland
Duchy of Pomerania1121 | 1264 | 1478 | 16251160 | 1295 | 1531 | 1637 |Poland
Duchy of Pomerania-Neustettin13681390Poland
Duchy of Pomerania-Stolp13681478Poland
Duchy of Pomerania-Wolgast12951478Poland
Duchy of Prussia15251618Germany
Duchy of Prussia15251657Poland
Duchy of Racibórz1172 | 12811202 | 1521Poland
Duchy of Silesia11381335Poland
Duchy of Teschen12811918Poland
Duchy of Urbino14431625Italy
Duchy of Warsaw17081815Poland
Duchy of Warsaw18071815France
Durrani Empire17471826Afghanistan
Dzungar Khanate16341755Kazakhstan
East Hebei Autonomous Government19351938China
Eastern Hungarian Kingdom1526 | 15561551 | 1570Hungary
Egypt Eyalet15171867Egypt
El Stronato19541989Paraguay
Elisu Sultanate16041844Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia
Emirate of Abdelkader18321847Algeria
Emirate of Beihan16801872Yemen
Emirate of BraknaMauritania
Emirate of Bukhara17851873Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan
Emirate of Cyrenaica19491951Libya
Emirate of Córdoba756929Spain, Portugal
Emirate of Dhala15th century1904Yemen
Emirate of Diriyah17441812Saudi Arabia
Emirate of Granada12381492Spain
Emirate of Harar16471887Ethiopia
Emirate of Hasankeyf12321524Turkey
Emirate of Jabal Shammar18361921Saudi Arabia
Emirate of Nejd18121891Saudi Arabia
Emirate of Nejd and Hasa19131921Saudi Arabia
Emirate of Riyadh19021913Saudi Arabia
Emirate of Tagant1996Mauritania
Emirate of Trarza16401902Mauritania
Empire of Brazil18221889Brazil
Empire of Great Fulo (Denanke Kingdom)14901776Senegal
Empire of Nicaea12041261Turkey
Empire of Trebizond12041461Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine
Empire of Vietnam19451945Vietnam
England9271707United Kingdom
Ennarea14th century1710Ethiopia
Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic19401991Russia
Fadhli Sultanate15th century1888Saudi Arabia
Fante Confederacy16th century1873Ghana
Far Eastern Republic19201922Russia
Federal Republic of Central America18231841Guatemala
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia19922003Serbia
Federal State of Loreto18961896Peru
Federation of Malaya19571963Malaysia
Federation of South Arabia17281967Yemen
Fermanagh10th century1607Ireland
Finnish Socialist Workers' Republic19181919Finland
First Catalan Republic16411652Spain
First Czechoslovak Republic19181938Czech Republic, Slovakia
First Dominican Republic18441861Dominican Republic
First East Turkestan Republic19331934China
First Empire of Haiti18041806Haiti
First Estonian Republic19181940Estonia
First French Empire18041815France
First Hellenic Republic18281832Greece
First Hellenic Republic18281832Greece
First Latvian Republic19181940Latvia
First Mexican Empire18211823Mexico
First Mexican Republic18241835Mexico
First Philippine Republic18991902Philippines
First Republic of Armenia19181920Armenia
First Republic of Venezuela (1811–1812)18111812Venezuela
Frankfurt (Free Imperial City of Frankfurt)18151866Germany
Free and Independent State of Cundinamarca18101815Colombia
Free Cities of Menton and Roquebrune18481849France
Free City of Danzig18071814France
Free City of Danzig19201939Poland
Free Lebanon State19791984Lebanon
Free Province of Guayaquil18201822Ecuador
Free State of Bottleneck19191923Germany
Free State of Fiume19201924Croatia
Free State of Ikaria19121912Greece
Free Territory of Trieste19471954Croatia
Free Territory of Trieste19471954Italy
Free, Independent, and Strictly Neutral City of Cracow with its Territory18151846Poland
French Empire1804 | 18521815 | 1870France
Galician Soviet Socialist Republic19201920Ukraine
Garhwal Kingdom8231949India
Gaza Empire18241895Mozambique, Zimbabwe
General Governorate for the Occupied Polish Region19391945Poland
Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic19221991Russia
German Confederation18151866Germany
German Democratic Republic (East Germany)19491900Germany
German Empire1848 | 18711849 | 1918Germany
German occupation of Albania19431944Albania
German-occupied territory of Montenegro19431944Montenegro
Germany Waldeck11801871Germany
Golden Horde13201547Russia
Gorno-Altai Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19901991Russia
Governing Junta of Mexico18081808Mexico
Governing Junta of Montevideo18081809Uruguay
Government of the Grand National Assembly19201923Turkey
Gozitan Nation17981801Italy
Graaff-Reinet17951796South Africa
Gran Colombia18191831Colombia
Grand Duchy of Finland18091917Russia
Grand Duchy of Frankfurt18101813Germany
Grand Duchy of Kraków18461918Poland
Grand Duchy of Lithuania12361795Lithuania
Grand Duchy of Lithuania12361795Poland
Grand Duchy of Moscow12831547Russia
Grand Duchy of Posen18151848Poland
Grand Duchy of Ryazan10971521Russia
Grand Duchy of Tuscany1569 | 18151801 | 1859Italy
Grand Principality of Transylvania17111867Romania, Hungary
Great Dayak19461950Indonesia
Green Ukraine19201922Russia
Griqualand East18621874South Africa
Guangzhou Commune19271927China
Gurunsi18701899Burkina Faso
Gwiriko Kingdom17141897Burkina Faso
Gyaaman14501895Ghana, Ivory Coast
Habr Yunis Sultanate17691907Ethiopia, Somalia
Hadiya Sultanate13th century15th centuryEthiopia
Hafsid dynasty12991574Algeria
Hafsid Emirate of Béjaïa12851510Algeria
Hanthawaddy Kingdom12871552Myanmar
Helvetic Republic17981803Switzerland
Hesse-Kassel (Hesse-Cassel)1803 | 18131807 | 1866Germany
Holy Roman Empire8431806Germany
Hotak dynasty17091738Afghanistan
Hunan Soviet19271927China
Hungarian State18491849Hungary
Hutsul Republic19191919Ukraine
Hyderabad State17241798India
Iberian Union15801640Spain, Portugal
Icelandic Commonwealth9301262Iceland
Idel-Ural State19181918Russia
Idrisid Emirate of Asir19061934Saudi Arabia, Yemen
II Republic of Poland19181939Poland
Imamate of Aussa16th century1750Ethiopia, Dijobuti
Imamate of Futa Jallon17251912Guinea
Imamate of Futa Toro17251861Senegal
Imperial State of Persia / Iran (1925–1979)19251979Iran
Inca Empire14831533Peru
Independent Albania19121914Albania
Independent Macedonia19441944North Macedonia
Independent State of Croatia19411945Croatia
IngriaNorth Ingria19191920Russia
Inner Mongolian People's Republic19451945China
International Association of the Congo18791885DR Congo
Irish Catholic Confederation16411649Ireland
Irish soviets19191922Ireland
Iroquois Confederacy1450/16601867United States
Isaaq Sultanate17501884Ethiopia, Somalia
Islamic Emirate of Badakhshan19961996Afghanistan
Islamic Emirate of Kunar19911991Afghanistan
Islamic State20142017Iraq, Syria
Italian governorate of Montenegro19411943Italy
Italian governorate of Montenegro19411943Montenegro
Italian Islands of the Aegean19121945Greece
Italian Islands of the Aegean19121945Greece
Italian protectorate of Albania19391943Albania
Italian protectorate of Albania19391943Italy
Italian protectorate over Albania19171920Albania
Italian Republic (Napoleonic)18021805Italy
Italy Transpadane Republic17961797Italy
Jaintia Kingdom5001835India, Bangladesh
Jambi Sultanate146019th centuryIndonesia
Jaunpur Sultanate13941479India
Jaxa16651674China, Russia
Jiangxi Soviet19311937China
Jiangxi–Fujian Soviet19311934China
Johor Sultanate15281855Malaysia
Jolof Empire13501549Senegal
Joseon13921897North Korea, South Korea, Russia
Judicate of Arborea9th century1420Italy
Juliana Republic18391839Brazil
Jungle Nation18991900Peru
Jupanat of Dimitrie943943Romania
Jupanat of Gheorghe10th century10th centuryRomania
Jupanat of Sacea11th century11th centuryRomania
Jupanat of Setslav10851085Romania
Jupanat of Tatos11901190Romania
Kaabu15371867Guinea-Bissau, Gambia, Senegal
Kabardin Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19441957Russia
Kabardino-Balkarian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic1936 | 19571944 | 1991Russia
Kalmar Union13971523Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Kalmyk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic1935 | 19571943 | 1991Russia
Kalmyk Khanate16301771Russia
Kar-Kiya dynasty1370s1592Iran
Kara Koyunlu13741468Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Iraq
Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic1923 | 19561940 | 1991Russia
Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic19401956Russia
Kars Republic19181919Turkey
Kart dynasty12441381Afghanistan, Iran, Turmekistan
Kasanje Kingdom16201910Angola
Kathiri Sultanate in Hadhramaut14th century1888Yemen, Oman
Kazakh Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic19201936Russia
Kazakh Khanate14651848Kazakhstan
Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic19361991Russia
Kazembe Kingdom17401894DR Congo, Zambia
Khakas Autonomous Oblast19901991Russia
Khanate of Bukhara15061785Uzbekistan
Khanate of Kazan14381552Russia
Khanate of Khiva15111920Kazakhstan, Turmekistan, Uzbekistan
Khanate of Kokand17091868Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazahstan
Khanate of Sibir14681598Russia
Khasso17th century19th centuryMali
Kholodny Yar Republic19191922Ukraine
Khorezm People's Soviet Republic19201925Kazakhstan, Turmekistan, Uzbekistan
Kilwa Sultanate9571513Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar
Kingdom of Abkhazia7781008Russia, Georgia
Kingdom of AloWallis and Futuna
Kingdom of Antankarana 1895Madagascar
Kingdom of Antongil17731786Madagascar
Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia18621862Chile
Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia18601862Argentina
Kingdom of Asturias718924Spain, Portugal
Kingdom of Baguirmi1480/15221897Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger
Kingdom of Banggai1907Indonesia
Kingdom of Baol15551895Senegal
Kingdom of Barotseland17th century1964DR Congo, Zambia
Kingdom of Bavaria18061871Germany
Kingdom of Beni Abbas15101871Algeria
Kingdom of Benin11801897Nigeria
Kingdom of Bohemia11981918Czech Republic
Kingdom of Boina16901840Madagascar
Kingdom of Bora Bora19th century1895French Polynesia
Kingdom of Bosnia13771463Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kingdom of Bosnia13771463Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kingdom of Burundi1680 | 19621890 | 1966Burundi
Kingdom of Butua14501683Zimbabwe
Kingdom of Cambodia14311863Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam
Kingdom of Castile10651230Spain
Kingdom of Cayor15491879Senegal
Kingdom of Champasak17131904Laos
Kingdom of Chiang Mai17821894Thailand
Kingdom of Chile18101814Chile
Kingdom of Chimor9001470Peru
Kingdom of Cochin12th century1949India
Kingdom of Connacht10511589Ireland
Kingdom of Corsica17361736France
Kingdom of Croatia11021526Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kingdom of Croatia15271868Croatia
Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia18681918Austria
Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia18681918Croatia
Kingdom of Cyprus11921489Cyprus
Kingdom of Dagbon12501899Ghana
Kingdom of Dahomey16001904Benin
Kingdom of Desmond11181596Ireland
Kingdom of Etruria18011807Italy
Kingdom of Etruria18011807Italy
Kingdom of Fazughli15501685Sudan
Kingdom of Fiji18711874Fiji
Kingdom of Finland17421743Finland
Kingdom of Finland19181919Finland
Kingdom of France843 | 18141792 | 1848France
Kingdom of Galicia4101833Portugal
Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria17721918Poland
Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia11991349Poland
Kingdom of Georgia10081490Georgia
Kingdom of Gera18351887Ethiopia
Kingdom of Gomma17801886Ethiopia
Kingdom of Great Britain17071800United Kingdom
Kingdom of Greece1832 | 1935 | 19441924 | 1941 | 1974Greece
Kingdom of Greece1832 | 1935 | 1944 1924 | 1941 | 1974 Greece
Kingdom of Gumma17701902Ethiopia
Kingdom of Gwynedd4501216United Kingdom
Kingdom of Haiti18111820Haiti
Kingdom of Hanover18141866Germany
Kingdom of Hawaii17951893Hawaii
Kingdom of Hejaz19161925Saudi Arabia
Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd19261932Saudi Arabia
Kingdom of Holland18061810Netherlands
Kingdom of Huahine17601895French Polynesia
Kingdom of Hungary10001804Hungary
Kingdom of Hungary13011526Hungary
Kingdom of Imereti12601810Georgia
Kingdom of Imerina15401897Madagascar
Kingdom of Ireland15411801Ireland
Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic)18051814Italy
Kingdom of Janjero15th century1984Ethiopia
Kingdom of Jimma17901932Ethiopia
Kingdom of Jolof15491875Senegal
Kingdom of Kaffa13901897Ethiopia
Kingdom of Kakheti14651762Georgia
Kingdom of Kampuchea19451945Cambodia
Kingdom of Karagwe14501963Tanzania
Kingdom of Kartli14781762Georgia
Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti17621801Georgia
Kingdom of Kongo13901914Angola, DR Congo, Republic od the Congo
Kingdom of Kuku15151638Algeria
Kingdom of Kurdistan19221924Iraq
Kingdom of Kutai Martadipura3991635Indonesia
Kingdom of Larantuka15151904Indonesia
Kingdom of Leinster7th century BC1603Ireland
Kingdom of León9101230Spain, Portugal
Kingdom of Limmu-Ennarea18011891Ethiopia
Kingdom of Lithuania19181918Lithuania
Kingdom of Livonia15701978Estonia, Latvia
Kingdom of Loango15501883Republic of the Congo
Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia18151866Italy
Kingdom of Luang Phrabang17071893Laos
Kingdom of Luang Phrabang19451945Laos
Kingdom of Luba15851889DR Congo
Kingdom of Lunda16001887Angola, DR Congo, Zambia
Kingdom of Majorca12311715Spain
Kingdom of Mangareva1881French Polynesia
Kingdom of Maravi14801891Mozambique, Zambia
Kingdom of Matamba16311744Angola
Kingdom of Menabe16851834Madagascar
Kingdom of Montenegro19101918Montenegro
Kingdom of Mrauk U14291785Myanmar
Kingdom of Mthwakazi18231894Zimbabwe
Kingdom of Mutapa14301760Mozambique
Kingdom of Mysore13991948India
Kingdom of Naples12821816Italy
Kingdom of Naples12851816Italy
Kingdom of Nauru1888Nauru
Kingdom of Navarre8241620Spain
Kingdom of Ndongo16th century1671Angola
Kingdom of Norway18141814Norway
Kingdom of Nri10th century1911Nigeria
Kingdom of Pajang15681586Indonesia
Kingdom of Poland1025 | 1076 | 1295 | 13001031 | 1079 | 1296 | 1320 Poland
Kingdom of Poland18151832Poland
Kingdom of Poland18151867Russia
Kingdom of Poland19171918Poland
Kingdom of Portugal (Monarchy of the North)19191919Portugal
Kingdom of Powys5th century1160United Kingdom
Kingdom of Prussia17011871Germany
Kingdom of Raiatea18201888French Polynesia
Kingdom of Rapa Iti1887French Polynesia
Kingdom of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)4th century1888Chile
Kingdom of Rarotonga18581893Cook Islands
Kingdom of Rimatara18221901French Polynesia
Kingdom of Romania18811947Romania
Kingdom of Rurutu1990French Polynesia
Kingdom of Rwanda11th century1885Rwanda
Kingdom of Saloum14941864Senegal
Kingdom of Sarawak18411888Malaysia
Kingdom of Sardinia17201861Italy
Kingdom of Scotland8431707United Kingdom
Kingdom of Serbia18221918Serbia
Kingdom of Setul Mambang Segara18081916Thailand
Kingdom of Siam17821932Thailand
Kingdom of Sicily11301816Italy
Kingdom of Sicily18481848Italy
Kingdom of SigaveWallis and Futuna
Kingdom of Sine15201867Senegal
Kingdom of Slavonia16991868Croatia
Kingdom of Tahiti1788/17911880French Polynesia
Kingdom of Tahuata1842French Polynesia
Kingdom of Tamatave17121828Madagascar
Kingdom of Tanibe18221828Madagascar
Kingdom of Tavolara18361934Italy
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies18151860Italy
Kingdom of Tlemcen12351556Algeria
Kingdom of TuamotuFrench Polynesia
Kingdom of Tungning16611683Taiwan
Kingdom of Uí Failghe1550Ireland
Kingdom of Vientiane17071828Laos
Kingdom of Waalo12871855Mauritania, Senegal
Kingdom of Wajoq14001906Indonesia
Kingdom of Whydah15801727Benin
Kingdom of Yugoslavia19291943Serbia
Kingdom of Zimbabwe12201450Zimbabwe
Kingdom of ʻUvea (15th century–1887)15th century1887Samoa
Kirghiz Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic19261936Russia
Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic19361991Russia
Komancza Republic19181919Poland
Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19361991Russia
Konbaung dynasty17521885Myanmar
Kong Empire17101898Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast
Korean Empire18971910North Korea, South Korea
Korean People's Association in Manchuria19291931China
Krusevo Republic19031903North Macedonia
Kuba Kingdom16251884DR Congo
Kuban People's Republic19181920Russia
Lan Na12921775Thailand
Lanfang Republic17771884Indonesia, Malaysia
Langkasuka2nd century15th centuryThailand
Lao Issara19451946Laos
Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic19181920Latvia
Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic19401990Russia
Laur Kingdom6001565India, Bangladesh
Lemko-Rusyn People's Republic19181920Poland
Liga Federal18151820Uruguay
Limerick Soviet19191919Ireland
Liptako17181897Burkina Faso
Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic19401990Lithuania, Belarus
Lithuanian–Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic19191919Lithuania, Belarus
Lordship of Ireland11711542Ireland
Lübeck 12261871Germany
MacakoaliBurkina Faso
Magh Luirg9561585Ireland
Mahdist State18851899Sudan
Mahra State of Qishn and Socotra14321886Yemen
Majeerteen Sultanate18001924Somalia
Makuria5th century1518Egypt
Malayan Union19461948Malaysia
Mali Empire12301672Mali
Malindi Kingdom9th century15th centuryKenya
Mamluk Sultanate12501517Egypt
Mangareva18811881French Polynesia
Manikya dynasty14001761India
Mankessim Kingdom12521844Ghana
Marashiyan dynasty13591596Iran
Maratha Empire16741820India
Margraviate of Moravia11821918Czech Republic
Mari Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19361991Russia
Marinid Sultanate12441465Morocco
Marquisate of Finale9671602Italy
Mbunda Kingdom17001914Angola
Medri Bahri11371879Eritrea
Mengjiang United Autonomous Government19391945China
Mihrabanid dynasty12361537Iran
Military Administration in Poland19391939Poland
Military Dictatorship of Mughan19181919Azerbaijan
Ming dynasty13681644China
Moldavian Democratic Republic19171918Moldova
Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic19401991Russia
Mombasa Sultanate15021887Kenya
Mon kingdoms9th century | 13th century11th century | 16th centuryMyanmar
Mordovian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19341990Russia
Mountain Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19211924Russia
Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus19171921Russia
Mthethwa Empire17801817South Africa
Mughal Empire15261857India, Pakistan
Muisca Confederation14501537Colombia
Muscat and Oman18201970Oman, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates
Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen19181962Yemen
Nakhon Si Thammarat Kingdom13th century1782Thailand
Natal18431910South Africa
Natalia Republic 18391843South Africa
Ndebele Kingdom18401890Zimbabwe
Neutral Moresnet18161920Belgium
New State of Chile18191826Chile
Nghệ-Tĩnh Soviet19301931Vietnam
Nieuwe Republiek18841888South Africa
Nogai Horde14401634Kazakhstan
North Caucasian Emirate19191920Russia
North German Federation18671871Germany
North Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19361992Russia
Northern America18131813Mexico
Novgorod Republic11361478Russia
Nungu12041895Burkina Faso
Old Swiss Confederacy13001798Switzerland
Orange Free State18541902Lesotho, South Africa
Ottoman Empire12991922Turkey
Ottoman Empire12991923Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Oyo Empire13001896Benin, Nigeria
Pahang Kingdom17701881Malaysia
Pahang Sultanate14701623Malaysia
Palembang Sultanate16591823Indonesia
Palmetto Republic18601861United States
Papal States7521870Italy
Paris Commune18711871France
Pate Sultanate12031870Kenya
Pattani kingdom15161902Thailand
Patu-iki or Kingdom of Niue17001900New Zealand
Pegu1287 | 17471539 | 1757Myanmar
People's Provisional Government of Vanuatu19771978Vanuatu
People's Republic of Korea19451946North Korea, South Korea
People's Republic of Zanzibar19641964Tanzania
People's Revolutionary Government of the Republic of China19331934China, Taiwan
People's Revolutionary Republic of Guinea19791984Guinea
People's Socialist Republic of Albania19461992Albania
Persian Soviet Socialist Republic in Gilan (Iran)19201921Iran
Peru-Bolivian Confederation18361839Bolivia, Peru
Peru-Bolivian Confederation18361839Peru
Peruvian Republic18371837Peru
Peruvian Republic18381839Peru
Petrograd Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies19171924Russia
PielaBurkina Faso
Polish Committee of National Liberation19441944Poland
Polish National Government18301831Poland
Polish National Government18461846Poland
Polish National Government18631864Poland
Polish National-Territorial Region19901991Poland
Polish People's Republic19521989Poland
Polish Underground State19391945Poland
Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth15691795Poland, Lithuania
Pontianak Sultanate17711779Malaysia
Pratapgarh Kingdom14891700sIndia, Bangladesh
Pridnestrovian Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic19901991Russia
Prince-Bishopric of Liège9721795Belgium
Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro15161910Montenegro
Principality of Albania19141925Albania
Principality of Beloozero13th century15th centuryRussia
Principality of Bulgaria18781908Bulgaria
Principality of Catalonia12th century1714Spain
Principality of Elba18141815Italy
Principality of Great Perm13231505Russia
Principality of Guria14601829Georgia
Principality of Hungary8951000Hungary
Principality of Lucca and Piombino18051814Italy
Principality of Mingrelia15571867Georgia
Principality of Moldavia13461859Moldova
Principality of Montenegro18521910Montenegro
Principality of Polotsk10th century1397Belarus
Principality of Reuss-Gera18061918Germany
Principality of Samos18051864Greece
Principality of Serbia18151882Serbia
Principality of Svaneti14631858Georgia
Principality of Theodoro13th century1475Ukraine
Principality of Transylvania15701711Romania, Hungary
Principality of Transylvania1570 | 17111571 | 1804Hungary
Principality of Trindad18931895Brazil
Principality of Tver12461483Russia
Principality of Upper Hungary16821685Hungary
Principality of Wales12161536United Kingdom
Principality of Wallachia13301859Romania
Principality of Yaroslavl12181463Russia
Protectorate of Peru18211822Peru
Provisional Central Government of Vietnam19481949Vietnam
Provisional Government of Free India19431945India
Provisional Government of Hawaii18931894Hawaii
Provisional Government of Mexico18231824Mexico
Provisional Government of Milan18481848Italy
Provisional Government of National Unity19451947Poland
Provisional Government of Saskatchewan18851885Canada
Provisional Government of the Northern Region19181920Russia
Provisional Government of the Republic of Poland19441945Poland
Provisional Polish Revolutionary Committee19201920Poland
Pskov Republic13481510Russia
Qasim Khanate14521681Russia
Qing dynasty16361912China
Qu'aiti Sultanate in Hadhramaut18581888Yemen
Ramadanid Emirate13521608Turkey
Regency of Algiers15161830Algeria
Regency of Carnaro19191920Italy
Republic of Acre19001903Brazil
Republic of Alba17961796Italy
Republic of Alto Perú18281828Bolivia
Republic of Ancona10001532Italy
Republic of Anguilla 19671969Anguilla
Republic of Aras19181919Azerbaijan
Republic of Baja California18531854Mexico
Republic of Benin19671967Benin
Republic of Bolivar18251825Bolivia
Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina19921995Bosnia and Herzegovina
Republic of Canada18371838Canada
Republic of Central Albania19131914Albania
Republic of Central Lithuania19201922Lithuania, Belarus
Republic of Central Lithuania19201922Poland
Republic of China19121949China
Republic of Cochinchina19461949Vietnam
Republic of Connacht17981798Ireland
Republic of Cospaia14401826Italy
Republic of Counani18861891Brazil
Republic of Crema17971797Italy
Republic of Dahomey19581975Benin
Republic of East Florida18121812United States
Republic of Entre Ríos18201821Argentina
Republic of Ezo18691869Japan
Republic of Florence11151569Italy
Republic of Formosa18951895Taiwan
Republic of Galicia19311931Spain
Republic of Genoa10951797Italy
Republic of Hawaii18941898Hawaii
Republic of Indian Stream18321835United States
Republic of Indonesia19451949Indonesia
Republic of Kosova19911999Serbia
Republic of Kuwait19901990Kuwait
Republic of Lithuania19181940Lithuania
Republic of Louisiana18611861United States
Republic of Lower Canada18381838Canada
Republic of Lucca11601805Italy
Republic of Madawaska18271827Canada
Republic of Mahabad19461946Iran
Republic of Manitoba18671870Canada
Republic of Maryland18541857Liberia
Republic of Mirdita19211921Albania
Republic of Mississippi18611861United States
Republic of Mountainous Armenia19211921Armenia
Republic of Negros18981899Philippines
Republic of Noli11921797Italy
Republic of North Peru18361839Peru
Republic of Perloja19181923Lithuania
Republic of Pisa10001406Italy
Republic of Poland19471952Poland
Republic of Puerto Rico18681898Puerto Rico
Republic of Ragusa13581808Croatia
Republic of Rose Island19681969Italy
Republic of Salé16271668Morocco
Republic of San Marco18481849Italy
Republic of Senarica13431797Italy
Republic of Serbian Krajina19911995Croatia
Republic of Sonora18531854Mexico
Republic of South Peru18361839Peru
Republic of South Vietnam19751976Vietnam
Republic of Spanish Haiti18211822Dominican Republic
Republic of Stellaland18821885South Africa
Republic of Tarnobrzeg19181919Poland
Republic of Texas18361846United States
Republic of the Floridas18171817United States
Republic of the Rif19211926Morocco
Republic of the Rio Grande18401840Mexico
Republic of the Seven United Netherlands15811795Belgium, Netherlands
Republic of Tucumán18201821Argentina
Republic of Uhtua19181920Russia
Republic of Upingtonia18851887Namibia
Republic of Venice6971797Italy
Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)19551975Vietnam
Republic of West Florida18101810United States
Republic of Yucatán18411848Mexico
Republic of Zaire19711997DR Congo
Republic of Zakopane19181918Poland
Republika Srpska19921995Bosnia and Herzegovina
Revolutionary Catalonia19361939Spain
Revolutionary Serbia18041813Serbia
Rhodanic Republic 18021810Switzerland
Riau-Lingga Sultanate18241911Indonesia
Riograndense Republic18361845Brazil
Roman Republic19th century1849Italy
Royal Prussia14661569Poland
Rozvi Empire16601889Zimbabwe
Russia Military Dictatorship of Mughan19181919Iran
Russian Empire17211917Russia
Russian Republic19171918Russia
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic19171922Russia
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic19221991Russia
Russian State19181920Russia
Ryukyu Kingdom14291879Japan
Saadi Sultanate15101649Morocco
Saar Protectorate19461956France
Safavid Iran15011736Iran
Sambas Sultanate16091819Indonesia
Saudeleur dynasty11001628Micronesia
Saxe-Coburg and Gotha18261871Germany
Saxe-Lauenburg (Duchy of Lauenburg)12961871Germany
Saxony kingdom18061871Germany
Schleswig10581864Denmark, Germany
Second Bulgarian Empire11851396Bulgaria
Second Catalan Republic19311931Spain
Second Czechoslovak Republic19381939Czech Republic, Slovakia
Second East Turkestan Republic19441949China
Second Federal Republic of Mexico18461863Mexico
Second French Empire18521870France
Second Mexican Empire18641867Mexico
Second Philippine Republic19431945Philippines
Second Republic of Venezuela (1813–1814)18131814Venezuela
Septinsular Republic18001864Greece
Serbia and Montenegro20032006Serbia, Montenegro
Shan States12871557Myanmar
Shanghai Great Way Government19371938China
Sheikdom of Upper Asir19161920Saudi Arabia
Sheikhdom of Kuwait16131961Kuwait
Shilluk Kingdom15th century1861Sudan
Shilluk Kingdom 15th century1861Sudan
Sikh Empire17991849India, Pakistan
Slovak Republic19181938Slovakia
Slovak Soviet Republi19191919Slovakia
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia19431992Serbia
Sokoto Caliphate18041903Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria
Songhai Empire13401591Mali
South African Republic (Transvaal)1856 | 18811877 | 1902Eswatini, South Africa
Sovereign Military Order of Malta15301798Malta, Italy
Sovereign Principality of the United Netherlands18131815Netherlands
Sovereign Tagalog Nation18961897Philippines
Soviet Republic of Naissaar19171918Estonia
Soviet Zone of China19271949China
State of Anjouan1997 | 20072002 | 2008Comoros
State of Buenos Aires18521861Argentina
State of Burma19431945Myanmar
State of Buryat-Mongolia19171920Russia
State of Deseret18491850United States
State of East Indonesia19461950Indonesia
State of East Java19481950Indonesia
State of East Sumatra19471950Indonesia
State of Goshen18821883South Africa
State of Haiti18061811Haiti
State of Los Altos1838 | 18481840 | 1849Guatemala
State of Madura19481950Indonesia
State of Muskogee17991803United States
State of Pasundan19481950Indonesia
State of Quito18091812Ecuador
State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs19181918Serbia
State of Somaliland19601960Somalia
State of South Sumatra19481950Indonesia
State of the Teutonic Order12301525Lithuania
State of Upper Peru18251825Bolivia
State of Vietnam19491955Vietnam
Strandzha Commune19031903Bulgaria
Sublime State of Persia17941925Iran
Sultanate of Aceh14961903Indonesia
Sultanate of Agadez14491900Niger
Sultanate of Banjar15261860Indonesia
Sultanate of Banten15271813Indonesia
Sultanate of Bone14th century1905Indonesia
Sultanate of Bulungan17311880Indonesia, Malaysia
Sultanate of Cirebon14451677Indonesia
Sultanate of Damagaram17311851Niger
Sultanate of Darfur1603 | 18981874 | 1916Sudan
Sultanate of Deli16091862Indonesia
Sultanate of Demak14751548Indonesia
Sultanate of Gowa14th century1911Indonesia
Sultanate of Hobyo18781925Ethiopia, Somalia
Sultanate of Kutai Kartanegara13001844Indonesia
Sultanate of Lahej17281839Yemen
Sultanate of Langkat15681946Indonesia
Sultanate of Lower Yafa18001895Saudi Arabia
Sultanate of Maguindanao15001888Philippines
Sultanate of Malacca14001511Malaysia
Sultanate of Maldives1117 | 19541796 | 1968Maldives
Sultanate of Mataram15881681Indonesia
Sultanate of Nejd19211925Saudi Arabia
Sultanate of Sennar15041821Sudan, Eritrea
Sultanate of Serdang17231946Indonesia
Sultanate of Siak Sri Indrapura17221949Indonesia
Sultanate of Singora16051680Thailand
Sultanate of Sulu14051915Philippines
Sultanate of Ternate12571914Indonesia
Sultanate of the Geledi17th century1910Somalia
Sultanate of Tuggurt14141871Algeria
Sultanate of Upper Yafa18001903Saudi Arabia
Sultanate of Zanzibar18561964Kenya, Tanzania
Supreme Administration of the Northern Region19181918Russia
Supreme Junta (1810-1811)18101811Venezuela
Sur Empire15401556India
Swellendam17951795South Africa
Szczecin Principality1160 | 12951264 | 1523Poland
Tagalog Republic19021906Philippines
Taiohae Kingdom of Nuku Hiva1901French Polynesia
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom18511864China
Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic19291991Russia
Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19201990Russia
Taungoo dynasty14861752Myanmar
Tejeros Revolutionary Government18971897Philippines
Temeşvar Eyalet15521716Romania, Serbia, Hungary
Tenkodogo11201897Burkina Faso
Territory of the Saar Basin19201935France
The Great Republic of Rough and Ready18501850United States
The Protectorate16531659United Kingdom
Third Czechoslovak Republic19451948Czech Republic, Slovakia
Third Republic of Venezuela (1817–1819)18171819Venezuela
Thonburi Kingdom17671782Thailand
Tibet under Ganden Phodrang government16441720China
Tibetan states900 | 13001240 | 1620China
Timurid Empire13701507Iran
Tokugawa shogunate16031868Japan
Toltec Empire6741122Mexico
Toro Kingdom18301876Uganda
Toucouleur Empire18611890Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania, Mali
Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic19181918Azerbaijan
Transkei19761994South Africa
Tripolitanian Republic19181922Libya
Tsardom of Russia15471721Russia
Tungus Republic12941925Russia
Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19181924Russia
Turkestan Autonomy19171918Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazahstan
Turkish Federated State of Cyprus19751983Cyprus
Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic19241991Russia
Tuvan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19611992Russia
Tuvan People's Republic19211944Russia
Tuʻi Tonga Empire (c. 450–1865)4501865Tonga
Tyrconnell5th century1607Ireland
Tír Eoghain5th century1607Ireland
Udaipur State7341818India
Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19341990Russia
Ukrainian National Government19411941Ukraine
Ukrainian People's Republic19171920Ukraine
Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic19191991Ukraine
Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic19221991Russia
Ukrainian State19181918Ukraine
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics19221991Russia
United Arab Republic19581971Algeria
United Arab Republic19581971Egypt, Syria
United Baltic Duchy19181918Estonia, Latvia
United Belgian States17891790Belgium, Luxembourg
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland18011922United Kingdom
United Kingdom of Poland13201386Poland
United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves18151825Portugal
United Kingdom of the Netherlands18151839Netherlands
United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway18141905Norway, Sweden
United Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia18591881Moldova, Romania, Ukraine
United Provinces of Central Italy18591860Italy
United Provinces of New Granada18111816Colombia
United Provinces of the Río de la Plata18101831Vanuatu
United States of Indonesia19491950Indonesia
United States of Stellaland18831885South Africa
United States of the Ionian Islands18151864Greece
United Suvadive Republic19591963Maldives
Uryankhay Krai19141921Russia
Uryankhay Republic19111914Russia, Mongolia
Uzbek Khanate14281471Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan
Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic19241991Russia
Uí Maine3571611Ireland
Varat Eyalet16601692Romania, Hungary
Venda19791994South Africa
Vermont Republic17771791United States
Vichy France19401944France
Viscounty of Béarn9th century1620France
Vistula Land18671915Poland
Voivodeship of Gelu9th century11th centuryRomania
Voivodeship of Glad10th century10th centuryRomania
Voivodeship of Maramureș9th century1402Romania
Voivodeship of Menumorut9th century11th centuryRomania
Voivodship of Seneslav13th century13th centuryRomania
Voivodship of Transylvania12th century1541Romania
Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19181941Russia
Vyatka Land12th century1489Russia
Wadai Empire15011912Chad, Central African Republic
Wahidi Sultanate of Balhaf16401888Saudi Arabia
Wahidi Sultanate of Haban16401895Yemen
Wallachian Eyalet15951595Romania
Wassoulou Empire18781898Guinea, Mali
Wattasid dynasty14721549Morocco
Welayta Kingdom12501894Ethiopia
West Berlin19481990Germany
West Kalimantan19461950Indonesia
West Ukrainian People's Republic19181919Ukraine
Witu Sultanate18101905/1923Kenya
Wogodogo11821897Burkina Faso
Württemberg kingdom18061871Germany
Yaka Kingdom17th century18th centuryDR Congo
Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic19221991Russia
Yatenga1895Burkina Faso
Yeke Kingdom18561891DR Congo
Zabarma Emirate18601897Burkina Faco, Ghana
Zand dynasty17511794Iran
Zaporozhian Sich15521775Ukraine
Zapotec civilization700 BC1521Mexico
Zimbabwe Rhodesia19791980Zimbabwe
Zulu Kingdom18161897South Africa
Đại Việt968 | 14271407 | 1804Vietnam
Țara Litua12471330Romania
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Countries that No Longer Exist 2024

Which countries no longer exist?

The countries that no longer exist are as follows: Abyssinia, Austria-Hungary, Basutoland, Bengal, Burma, Catalonia, Ceylon, Champa, Corsica, East Germany, East Pakistan, Gran Colombia, Hawaii, New Grenada, Newfoundland, North Yemen, the Ottoman Empire, Persia, Prussia, Rhodesia, Siam, Sikkim, South Vietnam, South Yemen, Southwest Africa, Tanganyika, Texas, Tibet, Transjordan, the USSR, the United Arab Republic, Vermont, the Republic of West Florida, England, Scotland, Wales, West Germany, Western Samoa, Yugoslavia, Zaire, and Zanzibar.

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