Countries with More Women Than Men 2023

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1. Nepal

There are only 84.55 males in Nepal per 100 females as of 2020. The total population of women here is 54.19%, which is 15,788,000 women. There’s only 13,348,000 men here in a population of 29,137,000 as of 2019.

2. Hong Kong

The 2019 reported population proportion of women here in Hong Kong is 54.12%. Approximately 84.48 males to 100 females live here as reported by 2021. It apparently has made first of 201 places in the world where more females live than men, according to the United Nations.

Sometimes, data criteria varies slightly, especially when pulled from 2019 or earlier versus 2021. Therefore, Hong Kong sometimes takes the second-place spot in the list of most women in a country.

3. Curacao

According to 2022 data from the CIA, Curacao has a total of only 92 men for every 100 women living here. The ratio is slightly more than 1 women for every one man. The country’s 2019 totals 164,000. The number of women (54.01%) estimates an 89,000 and the number of men totals about 75,000.

4. Martinique

The 2021 female-to-male ratio here totals about 85.01 to 100 males. Total census equals 375,000, and there’s about 203,000 women to 173,000 as indicated by a 2019 report. Percentage-wise, it’s 54% women.

5. Latvia

Latvia consists of 53.91% women, which equals 1,017,000 total as of 2019. The male count here was 869,000 as this time of a population of 1,886,000.

6. Guadeloupe

In 2019, about 53.88% of Guadeloupe people were women for a total of 216,000. Men totaled 185,000 this same year out of 400,000 people. The ratio equals about 89.2 males per 100 females as reported in 2021.

7. Lithuania

About 53.72% of the Lithuania population was women in 2019. This totaled approximately 1,462,000 as of this time, and the men totaled 1,260,000. Total census was 2,722,000 by this time. By 2021, the male-to-female ratio totaled 86.18 to 100 females.

8. Ukraine

In 2019, a report revealed that 53.67% of the 43,734,000 people who live here were women. Only 23,471,000 were women and 20,263,000 were men by this time. The 2021 reported Ukraine male to female ratio totals 86.33 for every 100.

9. Russia

In 2021, a report declared that 86.8 males per 100 females live in Russia. In 2019, this equaled about 53.65% women for a total of 78,294,000 of the 145,934,000 census. About 67,640,000 lived here at this time.

10. Belarus

The 2020 men-to-women ratio totaled 87.12 per 100. The total population of this country equaled 9,449,000 in 2019. This includes 53.44% women for a total of 5,050,000. The male population at this time was 4,399,000.

Countries with More Women Than Men 2023

Countries with More Women Than Men 2023