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Penis Size by Country 2023


  • The average human male penis size, based on various studies, ranges between 12.9 cm (5.1 in) and 13.92 cm (5.5 in) and doesn't correlate with fertility or number of sexual partners.

  • Myths linking penis size to height, hand size, or shoe size are largely debunked; however, men frequently overestimate the average penis size and underestimate their own.

  • Factors such as race show minimal variation in penis size, but environmental or hormonal factors, nutrition, and certain exposures during a mother's pregnancy can influence penile development.

Both men and (to a lesser extent, according to studies) women are curious about the average size of men's genitals. Studies show that the average penis size is both smaller and more uniform from country to country (and ethnicity to ethnicity) than common pop-cultural assumptions might suggest. Several scientific studies have attempted to determine the worldwide average length of an erect penis. While conclusions have varied, the average length of a human male's penis is generally calculated to be between 12.9 cm (5.1 in) and 13.92 cm (5.5 in). Like average breast size in females, penis size can have an unduly oversized impact on a man's sense of self-worth. It does not, however, have any connection to fertility rate, total births per day, or even a typical citizen's average number of sexual partners.

Myths and misconceptions regarding penis size

Although multiple studies have investigated the possible connection between height and penis length, the correlations have proven negligible. Studies have also disproven lingering beliefs that penis size can be detected indirectly by examining the size of one’s hands or shoes—although some studies comparing the lengths of various fingers have claimed a link exists. Either way, studies have determined that males may frequently overstate their penis size when self-reporting, but also consistently underestimate the size of their penis compared to the average size (which they typically assume is larger than it is).

Studies have also determined that women care much less about penis size than men do, and often value girth/circumference as much as or more than length. Women are also satisfied with less than most men might anticipate: A 2015 study found that women shown a selection of 33 3D-modeled penises and given the chance to select the ideal penis size for a long-term partner chose a penis 16.0 cm (6.3 in) in length and 12.2 cm (4.8 in) in girth. In another study, 85% of women stated they were satisfied with their partner's endowment.

Top 10 Countries with the Longest Average Penis Size:

CountryErect Length
DR Congo17.937.1
Republic of the Congo17.336.8

_Source: Little Big Data. Full details for 140+ countries below. _

Top 10 Countries with the Shortest Average Penis Size:

CountryErect Length
North Korea9.603.8
Sri Lanka10.184.0
South Korea10.804.3

Factors that influence penis length

Despite common beliefs, race has only a marginal impact upon penis size. A 2014 study of more than 1,600 males determined that the difference in average penis size among White, Black, Asian, Native American, and Pacific Islander/Hawaiian men in the US varied by less than an inch. While slight regional trends can be seen when comparing one country's data to another, the differences are generally considered mild overall (particularly given the unreliability of the data set, as explained below).

Although more research is needed, some studies have indicated possible connections between environmental or hormonal factors and penis size. During a person's younger years and adolescence, improper nutrition can impact penile development. Endocrine disruptions, which can be caused by exposure to pesticides, plasticizers, and even natural sources, can negatively impact genital development. Exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), plasticizers, or certain fertility drugs during a mother's pregnancy can decrease penis size in her offspring. Certain radiation therapies can shrink the penises of adult men. Finally, a 2016 study observed that men who were circumcised as newborns tended to have slightly smaller penises.

Why nearly every list of average penis sizes in the world is likely incorrect

Creating a definitive list of average penis sizes across the world's many countries is a daunting task for multiple reasons. The first reason is common to most cross-country studies: creating a multinational data set typically involves compiling the data from many smaller-scale, regional studies that may or may not have had the same parameters. In the case of penis length, for example, measurement techniques could vary.

The second concern is unique to surveys of a more intimate nature: most studies of erect penis length rely upon self-reported data, which is notoriously unreliable and easily distorted, rather than more stringent and precise laboratory measurements. Moreover, even if researchers perform the measurements and report them precisely, the possibility of volunteer bias still exists—for instance, given the importance many societies attach to penis size, it is entirely likely that men with larger penises would be more likely to volunteer for a penis size study, which could skew the sample set unnaturally toward larger penises.

As a result of these concerns, while the data listed below is the most reliable and comprehensive currently available, it should still be taken with a grain of salt.

The countries with the largest erect penis length are:

  1. Sudan: 17.95 🇸🇩
  2. DR Congo: 17.93 🇨🇩
  3. Ecuador: 17.59 🇪🇨
  4. Republic of the Congo: 17.33 🇨🇬
  5. Ghana: 17.31 🇬🇭
  6. Nigeria: 17 🇳🇬
  7. Venezuela: 16.93 🇻🇪
  8. Lebanon: 16.82 🇱🇧
  9. Colombia: 16.75 🇨🇴
  10. Cameroon: 16.65 🇨🇲


Cross-country data on penis sizes is not entirely reliable due to variations in measurement techniques, self-reported data biases, and potential volunteer biases, making definitive lists potentially inaccurate.

Note: Data compiled by Little Big Data; individual sources credited by country/row below.

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Erect Length (cm)
Erect Length (in)
Erect girth (cm)
Erect girth (in)
Volume (cm²)
Volume (in²)
Sudan17.957.0713.085.15244.437.88Self reported - 2015
DR Congo17.937.0613.055.1424337.66Self reportedl’Universite Kongo / Mbanza-Luvaka. 1997
Ecuador17.596.9313.445.29252.839.18MeasuredUniversity of Guayaquil, Ecuador- Dr. Cesar Cabezas Tamayo Guayaquil. 2013
Republic of the Congo17.336.8212.745.02223.834.69MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Ghana17.316.8112.795.04225.334.92Self reportedNoguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) 2001
Nigeria176.6912.354.86206.331.98MeasuredGerofi et al.. 2000
Venezuela16.936.6713.035.13228.735.45MeasuredD’Empaire. Prof. Gabriel Universidad de Venezuela. 1998
Lebanon16.826.6212.394.88205.531.85Self reportedRafik Hariri University Hospital Researchm. 2007.
Colombia16.756.5912.985.11224.634.81Measured18 year's old Military survey. Otero Andrade. Fabio E. y Cajigas Plata. Jaime Andrés. Bogo. 2008
Cameroon16.656.5612.294.84200.131.02Self reportedAfrican Journal of Urology 2003
Jamaica16.36.4212.014.73187.129MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Kenya16.286.4112.334.8519730.54Self reported - 2015
Dominican Republic15.996.3012.174.79188.529.22Self reportedLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length and circumference and r-K life history theory in 113 populations
Senegal15.896.2612.224.81188.829.26MeasuredTeunis 2001
Cuba15.876.2512.134.78185.728.78MeasuredJournal of Sexology 2002
New Zealand15.796.2213.005.12212.432.92Self reported - 2015
Zambia15.786.2111.694.60171.626.6MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Belize15.756.2012.875.07207.632.18MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Angola15.736.1911.824.65174.927.11MeasuredUniversity Agostinho Neto 2001
Brazil15.76.1812.995.11210.832.67MeasuredPedro N. Gabrich; Juliana S. P. Vasconcelos; Ronaldo Damião; Eloísio A. da Silva 2007
Australia15.76.1813.225.20218.333.84Self reportedSmith et al. 1998 Does penis size influence condom slippage and breakage?
Zimbabwe15.686.1711.704.61170.826.47MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Haiti15.676.1712.104.76182.628.3Self reported - 2015
Netherlands15.66.1413.555.33227.935.32MeasuredOnderzoekscentrum i.o.v. NIBI Nederland. Utrecht 2013
Paraguay15.536.1111.054.35150.923.39Measuredde Zarate G 1993
Panama15.496.1011.694.60168.426.1Self reported - 2015
Poland15.416.0711.624.57165.625.67Self reported - 2015
Chad15.396.0612.124.77179.927.88MeasuredCentral Hospital of N'Djaména 1989
Sweden15.366.0512.785.03199.630.94Self reportedKrause. Jan Vinzenz. 2008 Institut fur Kondom Beratung + Statistika Centralbyran. Sweden. 2015
Central African Republic15.336.0412.074.75177.727.54Self reportedAfrican Journal of Urology 1998
South Africa15.296.0211.134.38150.723.36Self reportedThe South African Department of Health (Facts and Statistics)
Bosnia and Herzegovina15.276.0112.084.76177.327.48Self reportedGenital size survey 2015 (
Ivory Coast15.225.9912.274.83182.328.26MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Burkina Faso15.195.9812.184.80179.327.79Self reportedGenital size survey 2015 (
Belgium15.145.9613.265.22211.832.83Self reportedUniversitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen - 2015
Portugal15.145.9611.264.43152.823.68Self reportedPereira N. Estudo do tamanho do pénis na população portuguesa. Rev Int Androl. 2004
Palestine15.085.9411.024.34145.722.58MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Peru15.075.9311.414.49156.124.2Self reported - 2015
Denmark15.075.9313.265.22210.932.69MeasuredUniversity of Copenhagen - Urological Research Center and Andrology 2015
Gambia15.075.9311.684.60163.625.36Self reported - 2015
Argentina14.885.8611.454.51155.124.04Self reportedJournal of Urology 2013
Serbia14.785.8212.985.11198.230.72Self reported - 2015
Croatia14.775.8112.995.11198.330.74Self reported - 2015
Guyana14.755.8111.084.36144.122.34MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Bolivia14.75.7911.314.45149.623.19MeasuredSociedad Boliviana de Urología - 2015
Austria14.695.7812.104.76171.226.54Self reported - 2015
Latvia14.695.7811.934.70166.425.79Self reportedKrause. Jan Vinzenz. 2009 Institut fur Kondom Beratung
Hungary14.685.7811.814.65162.925.25Self reported - 2015
Uruguay14.675.7812.574.95184.528.6Self reported - 2015
Bulgaria14.665.7711.694.60159.424.71MeasuredTomova A et all. 2010 Growth and development of male external genitalia (17 to 19)
Tunisia14.615.7512.364.87177.627.53MeasuredHospital of Sahloul (Sousse-Tunisia) 2015
Chile14.595.7412.284.83175.127.14MeasuredOtero Andrade. Fabio. 2008 Universidad de Chile. Dpt. de Urologia. 1998
Iceland14.565.7312.014.73167.125.9Self reportedKrause. Jan Vinzenz. 2008 Institut fur Kondom Beratung
Lithuania14.555.7311.274.44147.122.8Self reportedKrause. Jan Vinzenz. 2009 Institut fur Kondom Beratung
France14.55.7113.635.37214.433.23MeasuredParis National Academy of Surgery (l'Academie nationale de chirurgie) 2011
Algeria14.495.7010.974.32138.821.51Self reported - 2015
Germany14.485.7012.404.88177.227.47MeasuredSchneider T.. Sperling H. Lümmen G. Syllwasschy J. Rübben H. 2001
Eritrea14.395.6711.894.68161.925.09MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Norway14.345.6513.155.18197.330.58MeasuredNorwegian Social Science Data Service (NSD) 2002
United Kingdom14.35.6312.224.81169.926.33MeasuredKhan S. Somani B.. Lam W. Donat R. 2012
Switzerland14.255.6112.835.05186.728.94Self reported - 2015
Ukraine14.25.5912.284.83170.426.41Self reported - 2015
Slovakia14.195.5911.464.51148.322.99Self reported
Albania14.195.5912.164.7916725.89Self reportedJournal of Sexology 2006
Kiribati14.195.5911.334.4614522.48MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Czech Republic14.175.5811.654.5915323.71Self reportedInternacionalizaci Univerzity v Praze. 2001
Russia14.165.5711.734.6215524.02MeasuredPresidential hospital of Russia, Moscow, Russia 2015
United States14.155.5712.234.81168.426.1Self reportedHerbenick D.. Reece M. Schick V. Sanders SA. 2013
Mexico14.095.5511.184.40140.121.72MeasuredCentro de andrologia - Universidad Veracruzano - Gerardo Ortiz - 2015
Cape Verde14.055.5312.384.87171.426.57MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Slovenia14.015.5211.724.61153.123.73Self reported - 2015
Belarus13.985.5011.384.48144.122.34MeasuredJournal of Urology (mentioned in 2011)
North Macedonia13.985.5011.974.71159.424.71MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Canada13.925.4812.324.8516826.04MeasuredSiminoski K. et all. The relationships among height, penile length, and foot size. Ann Sex Res 1993
Georgia13.875.4611.464.5114522.48MeasuredGenital size survey 2015 Everyoneweb measurement
Greenland13.875.4612.304.8416725.89Self reportedGenital size survey 2012 (
Morocco13.865.4612.414.89169.926.33MeasuredIbn Sina University Hospital Rabat - 2015
Egypt13.855.4512.114.77161.625.05MeasuredShalaby ME. Almohsen AE. El Shahid AR. Abd Al-Sameaa MT. Mostafa T. 2014
Luxembourg13.825.4411.404.49142.922.15Self reportedKrause. Jan Vinzenz. 2009 Institut fur Kondom Beratung
Costa Rica13.815.4411.254.43139.121.56MeasuredJournal of Urology, Revised 2015
Estonia13.785.4312.544.94172.426.72MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Moldova13.765.4211.644.58148.423MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Libya13.745.4111.684.60149.223.13MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Azerbaijan13.725.4010.904.29129.720.1MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Turkey13.75.3911.194.41136.521.16MeasuredAslan et al. 2011 and H Söylemez. et al. 2011 and Sengezer et al. 2002
Afghanistan13.695.3911.424.5014222.01MeasuredJournal of Urology (mentioned in 2011)
Papua New Guinea13.625.3611.364.47139.921.68MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Israel13.65.3511.704.61148.122.96Self reportedStudy conducted with 55 Israeli men 21 -78 Sepkowitz Research. 2005
Finland13.595.3511.204.41135.721.03MeasuredHelsinki University Central Hospital - 2015
Spain13.585.3512.194.80160.624.89Self reportedDr. Pilar Cristobal: Universida de Navarra. 2003.
Montenegro13.565.3411.964.71154.423.93MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Ethiopia13.535.3312.184.80159.724.75Self reportedEthiopian Military health documention database (Extracted on 11 january 1980)
Jordan13.55.3111.894.68151.923.54MeasuredAwwad Z. Abu-Hijleh M. Basri S. Shegam N. Murshidi M. Ajlouni K.
Turkmenistan13.485.3110.654.19121.718.86MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Kazakhstan13.465.3011.344.46137.721.34Self reported - 2015
Uzbekistan13.435.2911.924.69151.923.54MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Suriname13.345.2512.865.06175.627.22Self reportedThe PAHO/WHO Representative Paramaribo. 2004
Guatemala13.245.2111.004.33127.519.76MeasuredLongitud y grosor del pene - Hospital General de Enfermedades. Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social
New Caledonia13.245.2111.814.6514722.79MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Solomon Islands13.145.1711.714.61143.422.23MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Armenia13.125.1710.784.24121.318.8MeasuredՈւրոլոգիայի Առողջության Պահպանման Ծառայություն Armenia - 2015
Syria13.15.1611.194.41130.520.23MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Tonga12.945.0911.314.45131.720.41MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
India12.935.0911.494.52135.821.05MeasuredK Promodum et al.; Penile length and circumference: an Indian study 2007
Bahrain12.935.0911.194.41128.819.96Self reported - 2015
China12.95.0811.144.39127.419.75MeasuredChen XB. Li RX. Yang HN. Dai JC. 2014
Samoa12.875.0712.104.76149.923.23MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Oman12.855.0611.344.46131.520.38Self reported - 2015
Ireland12.785.0312.695.00163.825.39MeasuredNUI Galway/NUIG/UCG Ireland. 1999.
Mongolia12.775.0310.614.18114.417.73MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Romania12.735.0110.254.04106.416.49MeasuredMario De Siati, Oscar Selvaggio et all. 2015
El Salvador12.715.0010.754.23116.918.12MeasuredCentro integral de urologia, Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador, 2015
Yemen12.75.0010.894.29119.918.58MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Japan12.64.9611.504.53132.620.55Self reportedDr. Nakajima. soldiers research. Japanese Journal of Sexology
United Arab Emirates12.544.9411.444.50130.620.24Self reported - 2015
Italy12.54.9212.194.80147.822.91MeasuredPonchietti R. Mondaini N. Bonafè M. Di Loro F. Biscioni S. Masieri L. 2001
Taiwan12.54.9212.614.96158.224.52Self reportedChuang et all (2003)
Qatar12.414.8911.684.60134.720.88MeasuredShamsodini et all. Complications of penile augmentation ... Silicone (Doha 2012)
Saudi Arabia12.44.8811.614.5713320.61MeasuredDr. Mohamed Habos. Masculine Genitals Behavior and Disease Clinic 2010
Honduras12.44.8811.054.35120.518.68MeasuredEstudio: Datos sobre el pene , El Heraldo Junio 2015 tag/715212-213
Greece12.184.8011.924.69137.721.34MeasuredSpyropoulos E.. Borousas D. Mavrikos S. Dellis A. Bourounis M. Athanasiadis S.
Cyprus12.174.7911.594.56130.120.17MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Indonesia11.674.5911.794.64129.120.01Self reportedUniversitas Indonesia. Laporan Hasil Penelitian.
Iran11.584.5611.724.61126.619.62MeasuredMehraban D1. Salehi M. Zayeri F. 2007
Tanzania11.54.5311.494.52120.818.72MeasuredChrouser et al. (2013) Penile Measurements in Tanzanian Males: Guiding Circumcision Device Design and Supply Forecasting
Pakistan11.44.4911.744.6212519.38MeasuredSindh Institute information 2015 Karachi Pakistan
Kuwait11.384.4811.474.52119.118.46MeasuredDr. A. Kandari - Al Seef Hospital 2015
Iraq11.354.4711.334.46115.917.96MeasuredIssam S. Al-Azzawi - Arab Association of Urology- 2015
Bangladesh11.24.4110.484.1397.915.17MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Hong Kong11.194.4110.704.21101.915.79MeasuredLynn et al.. 2012. An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length
Singapore11.164.3911.294.44113.217.55MeasuredKing Chien Joe Lee, Gerald B. Brock -Dept. of Urology, National University Hospital, Singapore 2015
Bhutan11.124.3810.314.0694.114.59MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Philippines10.854.2711.034.3410516.27MeasuredGenital size survey 2012 (
South Korea10.84.2511.304.45109.717MeasuredJournal of Urology 1998. Seoul. Korea.
Sri Lanka10.184.0110.994.3397.815.16MeasuredDr. Neville D Perera - General Hospital of Colombo- 2015
Vietnam10.154.0011.554.55107.816.71MeasuredVietnam Urology- Dr. N.B. Trieu (VUNA), Hanoi, Vietnam 2015
Laos10.143.9910.864.2895.214.76MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Myanmar10.13.9810.644.199114.11MeasuredGenital size measure survey 2015
Nepal9.983.9311.874.67111.917.34MeasuredGrande International Hospital, Health Organization/ Association 2015
Cambodia9.843.8711.124.3896.815Measured - 2015
North Korea9.63.7811.864.67107.516.66MeasuredMilitary General Hospital 1956 Korean Urol J. 203
Thailand9.433.7110.834.268813.64MeasuredFaculty of Medicine. Siriraj Hospital. Mahidol University. Bangkok. 2013
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