Arizona State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The design and colors of the state flag of Arizona reflect the history of the state as well as natural features. The 13 rays are meant to symbolize not only the original 13 states in the US but also the sunsets that Arizona is known for. The color of the star represents the role of copper mining throughout the state’s history. The color blue is used for part of the design to symbolize the Colorado River.

Colors of the Flag

There are four different colors used throughout the design of the Arizona flag. Starting from the top are 13 alternating rays of red and yellow, which represent the impressive sunsets of the state. There is a copper-colored five-pointed star located in the center of the flag. This star represents copper mining throughout the state’s history. Finally, the bottom portion of the flag is blue and represents the Colorado River which flows through Arizona.

History of the Flag

Colonel Charles Wilfred Harris of the Arizona National Guard is credited with the creation of the design of Arizona’s state flag. It was initially created as a flag for the Arizona rifle team that did not have an emblem. It was this design that later became the design of the Arizona state flag. However, it is believed that others had a role in the design and creation of the flag, including head of the Arizona National Guard W.R. Stewart.

The state flag was officially adopted on February 17, 1917 and has remained unchanged since its adoption.

Flag Facts

The flag of Arizona in 2001 was voted as one of the 10 best flags in North America.

The shades of red and blue used in this state flag are the same shades used in the national flag.

The suggested flag size is four by six feet. With these dimensions, the star on the flag would be two feet tall.

Red, Blue, Gold
Designed by
Carl Hayden


Split horizontally with a blue bottom and a gold star in the center with red and gold beams across the top
Arizona Flag

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