Michigan State Bird

What Is the Michigan State Bird?

The state bird of Michigan is called the American Robin, which is also known as the robin redbreast. It has been the state bird of Michigan since 1931, and it is known to inhabit the areas surrounding the numerous great lakes of Michigan.

The robin is a migratory songbird that is known for its beautiful songs, its migration patterns from season to season, and the red chest. The color of the feathers on its chest can change from time to time.

Why Did Michigan Decide To Choose the American Robin as its State Bird?

Michigan settled on the robin after holding a contest. There were several other birds proposed for the slot of state bird, but the state of Michigan passed House Resolution 30, which read that the robin was the best-loved of all the birds in the Michigan contest.

Furthermore, a lot of people wanted the robin to be the state bird because it is so visible throughout the state. It is not unusual to see the robin fluttering in backyards, flying across the beautiful parks, and setting up nests in the woods throughout the state. Because it is a bird that is so familiar to many people who live in the state, many wanted it to be one of the state's symbols.

When Did Michigan Adopt the Robin as its Bird?

Michigan passed a resolution to make the popular songbird its state bird in 1931. In addition, there are two other states that have the robin as its bird, Wisconsin and Connecticut.

What Does the Robin Look Like?

It can be difficult to tell the male and female versions of the robin apart. The female birds tend to have a slightly paler set of feathers on its chest, while the males are much brighter. This might be because the male robins are trying to attract a mate.

The robin also has a black head that can sometimes appear dark gray. There is a separate color ring around the eye, but the eye ring might look broken. The bill is usually black, and they have white feathers on the underside of the tail and wings. There might also be a small bit of yellow around the neck.

The robin is usually about nine or ten inches in length with a wingspan that is 13 to 15 inches. The birds are also very light, coming in at only a few ounces.

What Does the Robin Do?

The robin loves to sing. Many people who wake up in the morning hear the robin singing a pretty tune. The robin can usually be found alone, but when the bird migrates during the winter, it tends to travel in packs. The robin can be found making the trek to Florida or Central America for the winter. Some of the birds head to the Pacific coast instead. Then, when the weather warms up again during the summer, the bird returns to the Michigan area, with some settling in Canada.

Michigan state bird
American robin
Scientific Name
Turdus migratorius
Year Became Official

Michigan State Bird