New York State Bird

What Is the State Bird of New York?

New York, which is situated in the northern part of the country, adopted the Eastern Bluebird as the official state bird. Even though the eastern bluebird population has been declining recently, it is still a common sight across the state of New York. It is also popular among the people who live in New York because it sings a beautiful song just about every day of the year. By making the Eastern Bluebird the state bird, New York has increased awareness of the plight of the Eastern Bluebird.

Why Did New York Pick the Eastern Bluebird as the Official State Bird?

There are a few reasons why New York decided to pick the Eastern Bluebird as the official state bird, but the biggest reason why this bird was selected is that it is relatively common across the state. For example, Henry David Thorough used to write about the Eastern Bluebird all the time. He was enamored by the appearance, and he liked to describe nature, including birds, to his readers. Because the Eastern Bluebird is a hearty bird, it can be spotted in a wide variety of areas across the state. This includes not only the Adirondack Mountains but also the greater New York City area as well.

When Did New York Pick the Eastern Bluebird as the State Bird?

During the early portion of the 20th century, a lot of states across the country were selecting a state bird. In a lot of states, the schoolchildren were responsible for voting on what they wanted to become the state bird. New York was a bit behind some of the other states, as it selected the Eastern Bluebird as its official state bird in 1927. The bluebird is a common pick for the state bird, but there are multiple varieties. One other state, Missouri, has selected the Eastern Bluebird as the official state bird. There are also a few states that have picked the Mountain Bluebird as their official state bird.

How Can You Spot the Eastern Bluebird?

The Eastern Bluebird is a relatively common sight across New York. When it is fully grown, it measures about six inches long. It also has a light blue color, but there are a few other colors mixed in. For example, it is not unusual to see some cinnamon feathers on the chest of the bird during the warmer months of the year. Then, when the temperature begins to drop, the cinnamon feathers start to disappear.

The female Eastern Bluebird isn’t quite as bright as the male bird. The female bird usually has yellow feathers on the back, which makes her easier to pick out. Both the male and female versions of the Eastern Bluebird have black feet and black beaks.

When the Eastern Bluebird is Holy Ground, it still only weighs approximately one ounce. In addition, the Eastern Bluebird has a wingspan that measures approximately ten inches to one foot. It likes to live in large fields and meadows.

New York state bird
Eastern bluebird
Scientific Name
Sialia sialis
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