Governors of Virginia

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Term Start
Term End
Patrick HenryJul 6, 1776Jun 1, 1779None
Thomas JeffersonJun 2, 1779Jun 3, 1781None
William FlemingJun 4, 1781Jun 12, 1781None
Thomas Nelson Jr.Jun 12, 1781Nov 22, 1781None
David JamesonNov 22, 1781Nov 30, 1781None
Benjamin Harrison VDec 1, 1781Nov 30, 1784None
Patrick HenryNov 30, 1784Nov 30, 1786None
Edmund RandolphNov 30, 1786Nov 12, 1788None
Beverley RandolphNov 12, 1788Dec 1, 1791None
Henry Lee IIIDec 1, 1791Dec 1, 1794Federalist
Robert BrookeDec 1, 1794Nov 30, 1796Democratic-Republican
James WoodNov 30, 1796Dec 6, 1799Federalist
Hardin BurnleyDec 7, 1799Dec 9, 1799
John Pendleton Jr.Dec 11, 1799Dec 19, 1799
James MonroeDec 19, 1799Dec 24, 1802Democratic-Republican
John PageDec 24, 1802Dec 11, 1805Democratic-Republican
William H. CabellDec 11, 1805Dec 12, 1808Democratic-Republican
John Tyler Sr.Dec 12, 1808Jan 15, 1811Democratic-Republican
George William SmithJan 15, 1811Jan 19, 1811Democratic-Republican
James MonroeJan 19, 1811Apr 3, 1811Democratic-Republican
George William SmithApr 3, 1811Dec 26, 1811Democratic-Republican
Peyton RandolphDec 27, 1811Jan 4, 1812Democratic-Republican
James BarbourJan 4, 1812Dec 11, 1814Democratic-Republican
Wilson Cary NicholasDec 11, 1814Dec 11, 1816Democratic-Republican
James Patton PrestonDec 11, 1816Dec 11, 1819Democratic-Republican
Thomas Mann Randolph Jr.Dec 11, 1819Dec 11, 1822Democratic-Republican
James PleasantsDec 11, 1822Dec 11, 1825Democratic-Republican
John TylerDec 11, 1825Mar 4, 1827Democratic-Republican
William Branch GilesMar 4, 1827Mar 4, 1830Democratic-Republican
John FloydMar 4, 1830Mar 31, 1834Democratic
Littleton Waller TazewellMar 31, 1834Mar 30, 1836Democratic
Wyndham RobertsonMar 30, 1836Mar 31, 1837Whig
David CampbellMar 31, 1837Mar 31, 1840Democratic
Thomas Walker GilmerMar 31, 1840Mar 20, 1841Whig
John M. PattonMar 20, 1841Mar 31, 1841Whig
John RutherfoordMar 31, 1841Mar 31, 1842Democratic
John Munford GregoryMar 31, 1842Jan 5, 1843Whig
James McDowellJan 5, 1843Jan 1, 1846Democratic
William SmithJan 1, 1846Jan 1, 1849Democratic
John B. FloydJan 1, 1849Jan 1, 1852Democratic
Joseph JohnsonJan 1, 1852Jan 1, 1856Democratic
Henry A. WiseJan 1, 1856Jan 1, 1860Democratic
John LetcherJan 1, 1860May 15, 1861Democratic
William SmithJan 1, 1864May 9, 1865Democratic
Francis Harrison PierpontMay 15, 1861Apr 4, 1868Republican
Henry H. WellsApr 4, 1868Sep 21, 1869Republican
Gilbert Carlton WalkerSep 21, 1869Jan 1, 1874Republican
James L. KemperJan 1, 1874Jan 1, 1878Democratic
Frederick W. M. HollidayJan 1, 1878Jan 1, 1882Democratic
William E. CameronJan 1, 1882Jan 1, 1886Re-adjuster
Fitzhugh LeeJan 1, 1886Jan 1, 1890Democratic
Philip W. McKinneyJan 1, 1890Jan 1, 1894Democratic
Charles Triplett O'FerrallJan 1, 1894Jan 1, 1898Democratic
James Hoge TylerJan 1, 1898Jan 1, 1902Democratic
Andrew Jackson MontagueJan 1, 1902Feb 1, 1906Democratic
Claude A. SwansonFeb 1, 1906Feb 1, 1910Democratic
William Hodges MannFeb 1, 1910Feb 1, 1914Democratic
Henry Carter StuartFeb 1, 1914Feb 1, 1918Democratic
Westmoreland DavisFeb 1, 1918Feb 1, 1922Democratic
Elbert Lee TrinkleFeb 1, 1922Feb 1, 1926Democratic
Harry F. ByrdFeb 1, 1926Jan 15, 1930Democratic
John Garland PollardJan 15, 1930Jan 16, 1934Democratic
George C. PeeryJan 17, 1934Jan 18, 1938Democratic
James H. PriceJan 19, 1938Jan 20, 1942Democratic
Colgate DardenJan 21, 1942Jan 15, 1946Democratic
William M. TuckJan 16, 1946Jan 17, 1950Democratic
John S. BattleJan 18, 1950Jan 19, 1954Democratic
Thomas B. StanleyJan 20, 1954Jan 11, 1958Democratic
J. Lindsay AlmondJan 11, 1958Jan 13, 1962Democratic
Albertis HarrisonJan 13, 1962Jan 15, 1966Democratic
Mills GodwinJan 15, 1966Jan 17, 1970Democratic
Linwood HoltonJan 17, 1970Jan 12, 1974Republican
Mills GodwinJan 12, 1974Jan 14, 1978Republican
John DaltonJan 14, 1978Jan 16, 1982Republican
Chuck RobbJan 16, 1982Jan 11, 1986Democratic
Gerald BalilesJan 11, 1986Jan 13, 1990Democratic
Douglas WilderJan 13, 1990Jan 15, 1994Democratic
George AllenJan 15, 1994Jan 17, 1998Republican
Jim GilmoreJan 17, 1998Jan 12, 2002Republican
Mark WarnerJan 12, 2002Jan 14, 2006Democratic
Tim KaineJan 14, 2006Jan 16, 2010Democratic
Bob McDonnellJan 16, 2010Jan 11, 2014Republican
Terry McAuliffeJan 11, 2014Jan 13, 2018Democratic
Ralph NorthamJan 13, 2018Jan 15, 2022Democratic
Glenn YoungkinJan 15, 2022-Republican
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Virginia is located in the middle of the Atlantic seaboard and has had some close governor's races recently. The current governor of Virginia is Glen Younkin, and he was elected in January of 2022. He was in a hotly-contested election and won the office of the governor back for the Republican party. As one of the original 13 colonies, Virginia has a long history of governors. With a total of 80 governors since the formation of the United States, Virginia has moved the office back and forth between the two parties with regularity.

Who Are the Most Famous Governors of Virginia?

As one of the original 13 colonies, Virginia has had a variety of famous governors. The first governor of Virginia took office in 1776, and he was Patrick Henry. He is the famous Revolutionary War leader who stated “Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death.” He served for a total of three years from 1776 to 1779. At that time, the governor of Virginia was only elected for a single year, and he was elected as the governor of Virginia 3 separate times.

Thomas Jefferson also served as the governor of Virginia from 1779 to 1781. He is largely seen as the author of the Declaration of Independence, and he also served as the third president of the United States following George Washington and John Adams.

Who Was the Governor When Virginia Seceded?

Virginia was one of the last states to secede from the Union right before the Civil War. At that time, the governor of Virginia was John Letcher, serving from 1860 to 1861. While Virginia was a member of the Confederacy, the governor was William Smith, who was the leader of the Richmond secessionist government. He was replaced as governor when Virginia rejoined the United States.

Current Governor
Glenn Youngkin
Governor Since
Jan 15, 2022
# of Governors Since Statehood

Governors of Virginia

Which party is the current governor of Virginia?

The current governor of Virginia is Glenn Youngkin, a Republican.

How many governors has Virginia had?

There have been 80 governors of Virginia, 40 Democrats, 10 Republicans, and 31 from other parties.

When was the last Republican governor in Virginia?

The last Republican governor in Virginia is Glenn Youngkin, who has served from 2022 to the present day.

When was the last Democrat governor in Virginia?

The last Democrat governor in Virginia was Ralph Northam, who served from 2018 to 2022.

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