There are 22 cities in Harris County, Texas.

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2023 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
La Porte237,34135,2951.9%2,00418.63
Deer Park332,38134,343-1.94%3,09210.47
South Houston615,35216,148-1.67%5,0403.05
West University Place714,32614,927-1.36%7,1492
Galena Park1010,02310,687-2.12%2,0934.79
Jacinto City119,0069,570-2%4,8631.85
Jersey Village127,4227,890-2.02%2,1973.38
Nassau Bay135,0005,323-2.06%4,0981.22
Spring Valley Village144,2014,225-0.19%3,4581.22
Hunters Creek Village154,1914,377-1.44%2,1451.95
Bunker Hill Village163,6443,821-1.57%2,5271.44
Taylor Lake Village173,4813,687-1.89%3,0971.12
Piney Point Village182,9943,112-1.29%1,4062.13
El Lago192,8803,071-2.11%4,5140.64
Hedwig Village202,2632,361-1.39%2,3920.95
Southside Place211,8141,832-0.33%7,2850.25
Hilshire Village22790814-1%2,9590.27
showing: 22 rows

Cities in Harris County, Texas by Population (2023)

What is the largest city in Harris County, Texas?

Pasadena is the largest city in Harris County.

What is the smallest city in Harris County, Texas?

Hilshire Village is the smallest city in Harris County.

How many cities are in Harris County?

There are 22 cities in Harris County, Texas.

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