Cities in San Juan County, Utah by Population (2024)

There are 20 cities in San Juan County, Utah.

Note: As defined by the US Census Bureau, a city's official boundaries often extend miles beyond the city itself and may even cross county lines. As such, several thousand US cities officially exist in two or more counties (and therefore appear on multiple counties' lists of cities.)

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2024 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
Teec Nos Pos4Arizona9707984.64%6814.29
Navajo Mountain5Utah87345313.67%2633.36
Oljato-Monument Valley6Utah725758-0.27%2529.04
Dove Creek7Colorado6996352.34%1,2220.57
Spanish Valley8Utah6184726.37%4414.20
Castle Valley9Utah3723481.64%428.79
Red Mesa10Arizona336652-19.04%2612.84
La Sal12Utah2852552.89%647.56
Montezuma Creek15Utah220324-10.57%1811.95
Oljato-Monument Valley16Arizona1351129.81%1112.32
Tselakai Dezza17Utah1175113.59%619.98
Mexican Hat19Utah44033.33%58.21
White Mesa20Utah01380%015.65

Note: City markers shown outside the county boundary mean that a part of the city extends into this county, but is primarily located in an adjacent county.

What is the largest city in San Juan County, Utah?

Moab is the largest city in San Juan County.

What is the smallest city in San Juan County, Utah?

White Mesa is the smallest city in San Juan County.

How many cities are in San Juan County?

There are 20 cities in San Juan County, Utah.

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