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Malnutrition Rate by Country 2023

What Country has the Highest Rate of Malnutrition?

Malnutrition is still a significant problem all over the world, and there are some countries that have higher rates of malnutrition than others. Given that the majority of Africa is still developing, it should come as no surprise that there is a significant malnutrition rate in Africa. The country with the highest rate of malnutrition in the world is Somalia. In 2019, it was estimated that close to 60 percent of everyone in Somalia suffered from some degree of malnutrition. Even though there has been a major push by the United Nations to provide the people in Somalia with access to more national resources, malnutrition is still a significant problem in this country.

What Other Countries Have High Rates of Malnutrition?

There are plenty of other countries that have exceptionally high rates of malnutrition as well. For example, the Central African Republic is estimated to have a male nutrition rate of approximately 48 percent. This means that close to half of everyone in the country suffers from some degree of malnutrition. Haiti, a small island in the Caribbean, is also believed to suffer from a tremendous rate of malnutrition. It has been estimated that approximately 47 percent of people in Haiti suffer from malnutrition. Finally, Yemen is also known to have a very high rate of malnutrition. Approximately 45 percent of all people in Yemen suffer from malnutrition, which has contributed to significant problems in this country.

What Is the Global Rate of Malnutrition?

Globally, the rate of malnutrition has dropped during the past few decades. It was estimated that approximately 15 percent of people in the world suffered from malnutrition in 2000. Then, in 2019, the global rate of malnutrition was estimated to be approximately 9 percent. This is a significant reduction in a relatively short amount of time. Globally, this means that approximately 690 million people are estimated to suffer from undernutrition. This is a significant concern that is still being addressed by a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, but there is also some concern that the economic issues created by the global pandemic will make it harder for nonprofit organizations to get the resources they need to help people who suffer from malnutrition all over the world.

Why Do Some Parts of the World Still Suffer From Malnutrition?

There are several reasons why there are still a lot of areas in the world where malnutrition is a major concern. A lot of places do not have access to clean water, which is the most basic natural resource. Without access to basic water services, a lot of people are going to suffer from dehydration. Furthermore, there are a lot of countries that suffer from food deserts. This means that there is not enough fresh food for people to eat. When all of this is combined with the logistical problems of a developing country, it leads to a very high rate of malnutrition in countries all over the world.

Which country has the highest rate of malnutrition?

Somalia is the country that currently has the highest malnutrition rate. Nearly 60% of those living in Somalia suffer from malnutrition.

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