Block Island Population 2024

Where Is Block Island Located?

Block Island is an island that is technically part of the state of Rhode Island. It is situated in Block Island Sound, approximately 9 miles south of the mainland. It is also approximately 14 miles east of Montauk Point, which is located on Long Island, close to New York City. The island itself is named after an explorer, Adriaen Block, which was from the Netherlands. Now, Block Island is a part of the Washington Conservatory, and it is a major tourist destination for people in the northeastern United States. In addition, Block Island has been listed by the Nature Conservancy as one of the “Last Great Places,” and it has been a significant focus of conservation efforts during the past few years. Block Island is also part of the Outer Lands region, which is a coastal archipelago.

How Many People Live on Block Island?

Block Island has a year-round population of approximately 1,400 people. The population has remained steady during the past few decades, but the actual number of people who live on the island is likely significantly higher than that. Block Island is a very popular summer tourist destination. The population swells during the warmer months of the year. Block Island is known for its hiking, biking, fishing, and sailing opportunities. There are also people who love to come to lay on the beaches, try the food, and relax in the sun.

What Is There To See on Block Island?

In addition to recreational activities, there are several significant landmarks on the island. Block Island is home of the Block Island Northern Light. It is located on the northern tip of the island, and it is a major historic Lighthouse. There is another historic lighthouse located on the southeastern side of the island, called The Block Island Southeastern light. In addition, there is a large parade that takes place on the 4th of July every year. Block Island itself is also a frequent resting area for the Atlantic Flyway, as much of the island remains undeveloped.

How Do You Get To Block Island?

There are plenty of ways to get to Block Island, but most of them involve taking a boat. There are plenty of ferries from the mainland out to Block Island that take place throughout the year. Generally, there are more ferries that operate during the summer because of the popularity of the region. There is a ferry from Point Judith that runs throughout the entire year. Then, there are seasonal ferries that also depart from Newport, Rhode Island; Montauk, New York; and London, Connecticut. The exact amount of time it takes to reach the island will vary depending on where you are starting from. For example, there is a high-speed ferry that can get you to the island and approximately a half-hour from Point Judith, but the vast majority of ferries take approximately one hour to make the Trek to Block Island. Once on the island, the most popular form of transportation is a bike.