What Is the Population of Japan in 2022?

Japan is one of the largest countries in the world, and the population has increased since World War Two; however, Japan has seen a drop in its birth rate during the past few decades. Right now, the population in Japan is approximately 125 million people. Even though it is significantly bigger than the vast majority of countries in Europe, such as Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, Japan has a population that is significantly smaller when compared to China, India, and the United States. Much of the population of Japan is clustered in small areas, as Japan is a very mountainous country that is not conducive to large, spread-out cities.

What Is the Population of Kyushu in 2022?

Kyushu, which is one of the main islands of Japan, has a population of approximately 5.5 million people. It represents approximately 10 percent of Japan’s overall population, and it has several major cities. Some of the biggest cities in Kyushu include Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, and Kumamoto. In general, this island has seen a significant decline in its population during the past few years, as many people have migrated away from the Eastern seaboard. At the same time, Kyushu is still one of the largest areas in Japan.

Where Is Kyushu in Japan?

When taking a look at the Japanese Islands, Kyushu is located at the southwestern edge. It is beneath the other main islands, which are Hokkaido, Honshu, and Shikoku. It is one of the smaller main islands, and it is divided into several prefectures. The prefectures on the island of Kyushu include Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Oita, Okinawa, and Saga. The largest of these settlements is Fukuoka. The area has seen some controversy during the past few decades, particularly on Okinawa, where the United States still has a very large Naval presence. There are some people who are supportive of the United States Navy on Okinawa, and there are others who would like to see the presence scaled back.

What Can You Do in Kyushu?

There are plenty of fun things to do on Kyushu. For example, many people come to this area to visit the largest active volcano in Japan. It is called Mount Aso, and there are lots of people who not only visit it but also conduct science experiments. Many people also like to visit Kumamoto Castle, which is a reconstructed castle from the Middle Ages in Japan. This is an opportunity for people to learn more about what it was like to be a samurai several hundred years ago, and there are plenty of artifacts on display. Finally, there is also a theme park in the area called Huis Ten Bosch. This is modeled after a Dutch theme park, and there are plenty of attractions appropriate for people of all ages. This is also a beautiful location for people who enjoy waterfalls, hiking, and picnics. The weather on this island is generally beautiful.

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