New Mexico State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The design and colors used in the New Mexico state flag reflect the state’s roots. The colors selected are the same colors that were used by old Spain, inspired by the flags of Spain, the Crown of Aragon and Habsburg Spain. The ancient Zia Sun symbol represents the state’s Native American Pueblo and Nuevo Mexico Hispano background.

Colors of the Flag

There are just two colors used in the design of New Mexico’s flag. The flag has a yellow field, and it features the ancient Zia Sun symbol centered on the flag in the color red.

History of the Flag

Before it had its current state flag, New Mexico used the Coronela flag of the Spanish Tercios Morados Viejos Tercios division. During its first 14 years as a state, it did not have an official flag. During the World Fair of 1915, the state did not have a flag, so an unofficial flag was used. This flag had a blue field, the text “New Mexico,” the number 47, the national flag, and the number 47 representing the state’s entry into the United States. This unofficial flag was actually used after the event through 1925.

It was in 1920 when the Daughters of the American Revolution began to push for a new and unique flag design. A contest was held to find a new flag, and it was won by Harry Mera, an archaeologist. The flag that was designed by Mera was officially adopted in 1925 and has remained unchanged as the state flag ever since.

Flag Facts

New Mexico’s flag is just one of four flags in the United States that does not have the color blue in its design.

New Mexico has a pledge to the state flag in both English and Spanish.

Yellow, Red
Designed by
Harry Mera


Yellow background with a red Zia sun symbol in the center
New Mexico Flag

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