Governors of New Mexico

New Mexico governors have a storied history, and it is one that the 32nd and current governor Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham surely wouldn't mind following. Serving as the State's leader since 2019, Democrat Lujan Grisham is now approaching the end of her first term in New Mexico's highest office. The former US Representative also undoubtedly wouldn't mind seeing the former Democratic-controlled State (from 1971 to 1987) become so again.

The most recent leadership regarding New Mexico governors has been Democratic-leaning over the past six decades. Dubbed as the Land of Enchantment, largely because of its scenic and vast landscapes, New Mexico is now home to more than two million people. For New Mexico governors, that is potentially two million votes and people who will be impacted by the State's leadership.

To date, the leadership of New Mexico has the State heading in the right direction. It is also worth noting that as the State continues to grow, so does the influence of New Mexico governors and other State representatives. How that will impact the future of this still wide open State is yet to be seen, but New Mexico governors will be in a position to take the lead.

Name Term Start Term End Party
William C. McDonaldJan 14, 1912Jan 1, 1917Democratic
Ezequiel Cabeza De BacaJan 1, 1917Feb 18, 1917Democratic
Washington LindseyFeb 18, 1917Jan 1, 1919Republican
Octaviano LarrazoloJan 1, 1919Jan 1, 1921Republican
Merritt C. MechemJan 1, 1921Jan 1, 1923Republican
James F. HinkleJan 1, 1923Jan 1, 1925Democratic
Arthur T. HannettJan 1, 1925Jan 1, 1927Democratic
Richard C. DillonJan 1, 1927Jan 1, 1931Republican
Arthur SeligmanJan 1, 1931Sep 25, 1933Democratic
Andrew W. HockenhullSep 25, 1933Jan 1, 1935Democratic
Clyde TingleyJan 1, 1935Jan 1, 1939Democratic
John E. MilesJan 1, 1939Jan 1, 1943Democratic
John J. DempseyJan 1, 1943Jan 1, 1947Democratic
Thomas J. MabryJan 1, 1947Jan 1, 1951Democratic
Edwin L. MechemJan 1, 1951Jan 1, 1955Republican
John F. SimmsJan 1, 1955Jan 1, 1957Democratic
Edwin L. MechemJan 1, 1957Jan 1, 1959Republican
John BurroughsJan 1, 1959Jan 1, 1961Democratic
Edwin L. MechemJan 1, 1961Nov 30, 1962Republican
Tom BolackNov 30, 1962Jan 1, 1963Republican
Jack M. CampbellJan 1, 1963Jan 1, 1967Democratic
David CargoJan 1, 1967Jan 1, 1971Republican
Bruce KingJan 1, 1971Jan 1, 1975Democratic
Jerry ApodacaJan 1, 1975Jan 1, 1979Democratic
Bruce KingJan 1, 1979Jan 1, 1983Democratic
Toney AnayaJan 1, 1983Jan 1, 1987Democratic
Garrey CarruthersJan 1, 1987Jan 1, 1991Republican
Bruce KingJan 1, 1991Jan 1, 1995Democratic
Gary JohnsonJan 1, 1995Jan 1, 2003Republican
Bill RichardsonJan 1, 2003Jan 1, 2011Democratic
Susana MartinezJan 1, 2011Jan 1, 2019Republican
Michelle Lujan GrishamJan 1, 2019-Democratic