There are 33 cities in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

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2024 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
Santa Fe1New Mexico90,42087,7240.79%1,73152.23
Espanola2New Mexico10,33610,515-0.53%1,3267.79
Edgewood3New Mexico6,0336,180-0.69%10656.80
Eldorado at Santa Fe4New Mexico5,4715,510 26320.77
La Cienega5New Mexico3,9483,728 34611.41
Chimayo6New Mexico2,9552,779 3448.59
Agua Fria7New Mexico2,5232,997 1,0412.42
Pojoaque8New Mexico2,3362,094 5354.37
Nambe9New Mexico2,1651,970 2498.69
El Valle de Arroyo Seco10New Mexico1,7441,807 3365.19
El Rancho11New Mexico1,5131,406 7212.10
Tesuque12New Mexico1,123828 1985.68
La Puebla13New Mexico1,0361,061 3413.04
Cedar Grove14New Mexico886790 4917.99
San Ildefonso Pueblo15New Mexico722816 1634.42
Canada de los Alamos16New Mexico631618 1723.68
Glorieta17New Mexico549772 727.65
Cuyamungue18New Mexico512465 4381.17
Tesuque Pueblo19New Mexico481448 2192.20
Peak Place20New Mexico473458 3621.31
Cuartelez21New Mexico43393 3161.37
Jaconita22New Mexico413307 6130.67
Cuyamungue Grant23New Mexico361267 1422.54
Jacona24New Mexico360375 4250.85
Madrid25New Mexico287321 2061.39
Chupadero26New Mexico285256 1581.81
San Pedro27New Mexico232100 249.76
Santa Cruz28New Mexico219193 3450.63
Rio en Medio29New Mexico190197 2870.66
Galisteo30New Mexico177181 692.55
Sombrillo31New Mexico120100 1270.95
Lamy32New Mexico118158 462.59
Los Cerrillos33New Mexico10090 303.37
showing: 33 rows

Cities in Santa Fe County, New Mexico by Population (2024)

What is the largest city in Santa Fe County, New Mexico?

Santa Fe is the largest city in Santa Fe County.

What is the smallest city in Santa Fe County, New Mexico?

Los Cerrillos is the smallest city in Santa Fe County.

How many cities are in Santa Fe County?

There are 33 cities in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

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