Cities in Santa Fe County, New Mexico by Population (2024)

There are 67 cities in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

Note: As defined by the US Census Bureau, a city's official boundaries often extend miles beyond the city itself and may even cross county lines. As such, several thousand US cities officially exist in two or more counties (and therefore appear on multiple counties' lists of cities.)

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2024 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
Santa Fe1New Mexico90,29287,7240.72%1,72952.23
Española2New Mexico10,37710,515-0.33%1,2628.22
Edgewood3New Mexico6,0546,180-0.51%10756.80
Eldorado Santa Fe4New Mexico5,4325,510-0.35%26120.78
La Cienega5New Mexico4,1683,7282.71%35711.66
Chimayo6New Mexico3,1312,7792.89%4057.74
Agua Fria7New Mexico2,5452,9970.43%1,0502.42
Pojoaque8New Mexico2,4462,0942.3%5604.37
Nambe9New Mexico2,3471,9704.03%2708.70
La Mesilla10New Mexico2,3382,656-2.46%5254.45
Moriarty11New Mexico2,0361,9441.14%2946.93
Las Campanas12New Mexico1,9141,12811.47%18310.43
Tres Arroyos13New Mexico1,8012,159-4.71%1959.23
El Valle Arroyo Seco14New Mexico1,6811,807-1.81%3285.13
El Rancho15New Mexico1,6201,4063.45%7722.10
Barton16New Mexico1,5061,451-1.05%1649.16
Indian Hills17New Mexico1,50581011.4%2645.71
Sandia Knolls18New Mexico1,4561,5161.6%5192.80
Tesuque19New Mexico1,41882811.65%2515.66
Tano Road20New Mexico1,4161,596-3.08%12311.54
Thunder Mountain21New Mexico1,4061,652-1.95%3184.42
Santa Clara Pueblo22New Mexico1,0418734.2%5152.02
La Puebla23New Mexico1,0321,061-0.19%3642.84
San Jose24New Mexico9407505.38%5201.81
La Cueva25New Mexico92546314.34%1207.68
Cedar Grove26New Mexico9007900.78%7012.77
Valle Vista27New Mexico8326642.21%3,1040.27
Conejo28New Mexico79928319.25%4201.90
Cuartelez29New Mexico7739328.19%5651.37
Cañoncito30New Mexico7691,199-12.21%789.91
Sunlit Hills31New Mexico767637-1.16%2043.75
San Antonito32New Mexico707837-4.33%2892.44
Cañada Alamos33New Mexico6446181.1%1753.68
San Ildefonso Pueblo34New Mexico628816-6.96%1424.42
Santa Fe Foothills35New Mexico595920-11.33%728.28
Sandia Park36New Mexico57524716.63%7930.72
Cuyamungue37New Mexico5594654.49%4791.17
Paa-Ko38New Mexico555685-5.45%965.80
Jaconita39New Mexico51930711.37%7700.67
Tesuque Pueblo40New Mexico5144483.42%2342.20
McIntosh41New Mexico472792-3.08%2023.29
Peak Place42New Mexico471458-0.21%3611.31
Hyde Park43New Mexico4304101.18%2032.12
La Madera44New Mexico4044020.25%3113.10
San Pedro45New Mexico36410022.15%379.76
Rio Chiquito46New Mexico3467624.46%3221.07
Jacona47New Mexico345375-1.99%4070.85
Glorieta48New Mexico326772-25.4%437.65
Chupadero49New Mexico3142565.02%1741.81
Madrid50New Mexico3093213.69%2221.39
Cuyamungue Grant51New Mexico289267-11.08%1132.55
Santa Cruz52New Mexico2451935.6%3950.62
Rio Medio53New Mexico183197-1.61%2760.66
Galisteo54New Mexico173181-1.14%513.37
La Tierra55New Mexico1461185.04%159.81
Sombrillo56New Mexico1401007.69%1480.95
Los Cerrillos57New Mexico110904.76%333.37
Valencia58New Mexico961615.5%621.55
Lamy59New Mexico78158-20.41%302.59
Manzano Springs60New Mexico592299.26%262.28
Encantado61New Mexico5896-13.43%222.68
Stanley62New Mexico51378.51%86.17
Seton Village63New Mexico49925.64%3200.15
Golden64New Mexico42035.48%66.73
La Bajada65New Mexico16160%920.17
Arroyo Hondo66New Mexico05860%03.17
Cundiyo67New Mexico0170%00.95
showing: 67 rows

Note: City markers shown outside the county boundary mean that a part of the city extends into this county, but is primarily located in an adjacent county.

What is the largest city in Santa Fe County, New Mexico?

Santa Fe is the largest city in Santa Fe County.

What is the smallest city in Santa Fe County, New Mexico?

Cundiyo is the smallest city in Santa Fe County.

How many cities are in Santa Fe County?

There are 67 cities in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

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