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Deodorant Imports 2021 (million $)







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Deodorant Use by Country 2024

Many factors--including genetic makeup, temperature, and social norms--contribute to whether people in different cultures choose to use deodorant. While deodorant is available around the world, it's more commonly used in some places than others.

People in the United States use more deodorant than people in other countries. People in Brazil also use deodorant frequently. Even in countries where citizens don't use deodorant, many use natural scents to mask body odor, such as herbs, natural perfumes, and other remedies.

Many people prefer antiperspirants to products that only work as deodorizers. Antiperspirants actually work to clog the body's sweat glands, stopping sweat from forming in areas where the product is applied. Deodorants simply mask the smell of sweat and body odor, rather than stopping the body from sweating in the first place.

In many areas of the world, people are beginning to turn to natural deodorant options, as concerns about the ingredients in antiperspirants and chemical deodorants is on the rise. Some people worry about the effect of stopping the body's natural sweating process, while others are concerned about aluminum and other ingredients present in many chemical deodorant products.

Availability of hygiene facilities can also influence whether most people in a country use deodorant. In an area where bathing and showering facilities are not readily available, people may be more accepting of and comfortable with body odor than in areas where these facilities are readily available. This may mean that they don't feel as compelled to cover up their body odor with chemical products.

An interesting study was published recently regarding genetics and body odor--it stated that up to 95% of people in East Asia have a gene that stops the body from producing odor. In these countries, people may feel less inclined to use deodorant, as there is no smell to cover up.

  • Deodorant use is rarely measured directly, but can be indirectly estimated based upon the amount of deodorant a country imports, combined with its domestic production minus any exports.
  • The United States uses more deodorant in terms of total value than any other country, though Brazil and other countries in South America and Europe are gaining ground.
  • The lowest average deodorant use occurs in East Asia, where roughly 90% of people do not use deodorant. Nor do they necessarily need to, as most East Asians possess a specific genetic genotype that makes their sweat less odorous.

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Deodorant Imports 2021 (million $)
Deodorant Exports 2021 (million $)
Deodorant Trade Delta 2021 (million $)
United States$257.56 Mn$236.65 Mn-$20.91 Mn
Germany$241.96 Mn$409.58 Mn$167.62 Mn
Netherlands$196.83 Mn$199.02 Mn$2.19 Mn
France$165.29 Mn$251.51 Mn$86.22 Mn
United Kingdom$139.97 Mn$392.93 Mn$252.96 Mn
Spain$122.02 Mn$104.40 Mn-$17.62 Mn
Poland$110.58 Mn$209.43 Mn$98.85 Mn
United Arab Emirates$104.87 Mn$213.78 Mn$108.91 Mn
Belgium$97.21 Mn$44.71 Mn-$52.50 Mn
Italy$88.44 Mn$171.62 Mn$83.18 Mn
Canada$84.36 Mn$130.99 Mn$46.63 Mn
Chile$73.37 Mn$8.08 Mn-$65.29 Mn
Mexico$71.56 Mn$225.29 Mn$153.74 Mn
Russia$63.97 Mn$177.26 Mn$113.29 Mn
Singapore$63.59 Mn$71.13 Mn$7.54 Mn
Saudi Arabia$62.55 Mn$1.59 Mn-$60.96 Mn
Romania$59.02 Mn$19.76 Mn-$39.26 Mn
Czech Republic$54.89 Mn$66.08 Mn$11.19 Mn
Iraq$53.69 Mn$336,556-$53.35 Mn
Denmark$49.32 Mn$36.44 Mn-$12.88 Mn
China$48.58 Mn$27.53 Mn-$21.05 Mn
Slovakia$46.05 Mn$32.77 Mn-$13.27 Mn
Hungary$45.25 Mn$27.12 Mn-$18.13 Mn
Ukraine$40.26 Mn$759,353-$39.50 Mn
South Africa$39.72 Mn$53.91 Mn$14.19 Mn
Colombia$39.29 Mn$19.93 Mn-$19.37 Mn
Brazil$36.60 Mn$66.91 Mn$30.32 Mn
Sweden$34.51 Mn$19.30 Mn-$15.20 Mn
Switzerland$34.43 Mn$23.97 Mn-$10.46 Mn
Austria$34.06 Mn$13.82 Mn-$20.24 Mn
Israel$32.20 Mn$3.42 Mn-$28.78 Mn
Nigeria$32.10 Mn$85,010-$32.02 Mn
Ireland$31.54 Mn$3.13 Mn-$28.41 Mn
Turkey$28.11 Mn$90.11 Mn$62.00 Mn
Morocco$27.87 Mn$6.46 Mn-$21.41 Mn
Australia$27.08 Mn$27.97 Mn$890,427
Peru$25.80 Mn$1.02 Mn-$24.78 Mn
Malaysia$25.69 Mn$4.64 Mn-$21.05 Mn
Guatemala$25.69 Mn$13.43 Mn-$12.26 Mn
Norway$25.62 Mn$1.41 Mn-$24.20 Mn
Ghana$25.37 Mn$114,072-$25.26 Mn
Portugal$24.84 Mn$28.80 Mn$3.96 Mn
Greece$24.56 Mn$20.35 Mn-$4.21 Mn
Libya$24.44 Mn$980-$24.44 Mn
Hong Kong$23.18 Mn$1.58 Mn-$21.60 Mn
Argentina$22.69 Mn$65.58 Mn$42.89 Mn
Kazakhstan$22.50 Mn$4.38 Mn-$18.12 Mn
Croatia$21.18 Mn$9.88 Mn-$11.30 Mn
Uzbekistan$21.02 Mn$9,416-$21.01 Mn
Serbia$20.26 Mn$4.62 Mn-$15.64 Mn
India$20.06 Mn$26.21 Mn$6.14 Mn
Oman$19.93 Mn$1.08 Mn-$18.85 Mn
Ecuador$18.28 Mn$44,557-$18.24 Mn
Philippines$17.47 Mn$56.27 Mn$38.80 Mn
Panama$17.24 Mn$691,454-$16.55 Mn
Honduras$17.19 Mn$1.71 Mn-$15.48 Mn
Slovenia$17.04 Mn$8.97 Mn-$8.07 Mn
Egypt$16.84 Mn$2.70 Mn-$14.14 Mn
Belarus$16.71 Mn$3.12 Mn-$13.58 Mn
New Zealand$15.31 Mn$4.04 Mn-$11.27 Mn
Finland$15.07 Mn$846,855-$14.22 Mn
Nicaragua$15.00 Mn$296,234-$14.71 Mn
El Salvador$14.72 Mn$1.55 Mn-$13.17 Mn
Qatar$14.66 Mn$50,463-$14.61 Mn
Pakistan$14.39 Mn$558,971-$13.83 Mn
Bulgaria$14.26 Mn$2.24 Mn-$12.02 Mn
Algeria$13.94 Mn$334,885-$13.60 Mn
South Korea$13.15 Mn$2.98 Mn-$10.18 Mn
Georgia$13.09 Mn$5.42 Mn-$7.66 Mn
Costa Rica$12.92 Mn$287,064-$12.64 Mn
Bahrain$12.41 Mn$132,360-$12.28 Mn
Dominican Republic$12.36 Mn$2.35 Mn-$10.00 Mn
Bangladesh$12.27 Mn$1,806-$12.27 Mn
Japan$12.10 Mn$16.75 Mn$4.65 Mn
North Macedonia$10.74 Mn$217,903-$10.52 Mn
Indonesia$10.16 Mn$7.89 Mn-$2.27 Mn
Lithuania$10.06 Mn$4.53 Mn-$5.52 Mn
Bosnia and Herzegovina$9.91 Mn$106,984-$9.80 Mn
Namibia$9.80 Mn$7,534-$9.79 Mn
Vietnam$9.68 Mn$5.25 Mn-$4.42 Mn
Kuwait$9.64 Mn$156,992-$9.48 Mn
Tunisia$9.40 Mn$1.13 Mn-$8.27 Mn
Botswana$9.31 Mn$3,147-$9.31 Mn
Azerbaijan$9.22 Mn$58,522-$9.16 Mn
Uruguay$8.90 Mn$365,139-$8.54 Mn
Cyprus$8.82 Mn$1.64 Mn-$7.17 Mn
Thailand$7.83 Mn$77.76 Mn$69.93 Mn
Albania$7.77 Mn$22,631-$7.74 Mn
Kenya$7.28 Mn$1.36 Mn-$5.92 Mn
Jordan$7.25 Mn$397,365-$6.85 Mn
Latvia$6.85 Mn$1.61 Mn-$5.24 Mn
Bolivia$6.82 Mn$66,457-$6.75 Mn
Angola$6.79 Mn$1,475-$6.79 Mn
Paraguay$6.59 Mn$5,732-$6.59 Mn
Tanzania$6.31 Mn$265,566-$6.04 Mn
Cambodia$6.01 Mn$638-$6.01 Mn
Haiti$5.88 Mn$281-$5.88 Mn
Trinidad and Tobago$5.11 Mn$221,949-$4.89 Mn
Moldova$5.05 Mn$5,996-$5.04 Mn
Estonia$4.97 Mn$1.74 Mn-$3.24 Mn
Fiji$4.27 Mn$386,826-$3.88 Mn
Zambia$4.20 Mn$42,458-$4.16 Mn
Luxembourg$4.12 Mn$7.10 Mn$2.98 Mn
Mauritius$4.00 Mn$74,293-$3.93 Mn
Armenia$3.84 Mn$272,183-$3.57 Mn
Mozambique$3.60 Mn$357-$3.60 Mn
Ethiopia$3.52 Mn$108-$3.52 Mn
Lebanon$3.41 Mn$8.79 Mn$5.39 Mn
Palestine$3.38 Mn$391,327-$2.99 Mn
Montenegro$3.25 Mn$59-$3.25 Mn
Senegal$3.13 Mn$18,265-$3.12 Mn
Macau$3.10 Mn$54,185-$3.04 Mn
Malta$2.95 Mn$212,148-$2.74 Mn
Tajikistan$2.92 Mn$259-$2.92 Mn
Ivory Coast$2.90 Mn$382,184-$2.52 Mn
Zimbabwe$2.78 Mn$410-$2.78 Mn
Afghanistan$2.58 Mn$1,613-$2.58 Mn
Eswatini$2.51 Mn$1,060-$2.51 Mn
Sri Lanka$2.48 Mn$41,599-$2.44 Mn
Uganda$2.45 Mn$374-$2.45 Mn
Gambia$2.44 Mn$60,283-$2.38 Mn
Iran$2.38 Mn$20,662-$2.36 Mn
Sudan$2.33 Mn$19,187-$2.31 Mn
Jamaica$2.05 Mn$19,305-$2.04 Mn
Maldives$2.02 Mn$13-$2.02 Mn
Kyrgyzstan$1.97 Mn$10,655-$1.96 Mn
Lesotho$1.94 Mn$320-$1.94 Mn
Yemen$1.79 Mn$1,634-$1.78 Mn
DR Congo$1.78 Mn$28,717-$1.75 Mn
Guyana$1.65 Mn$149-$1.65 Mn
Guinea$1.51 Mn$20-$1.51 Mn
Barbados$1.46 Mn$37,335-$1.42 Mn
Madagascar$1.38 Mn$638-$1.38 Mn
Republic of the Congo$1.24 Mn$55,067-$1.19 Mn
Suriname$1.22 Mn$5,893-$1.22 Mn
Brunei$1.15 Mn$3,074-$1.14 Mn
Iceland$1.10 Mn$6,336-$1.09 Mn
Andorra$1.08 Mn$1,163-$1.07 Mn
New Caledonia$954,131$205-$953,926
Saint Martin$506,262$2,317-$503,945
French Polynesia$437,703$189-$437,514
Burkina Faso$356,505$17-$356,488
San Marino$323,307$973,933$650,626
Saint Lucia$226,918$199-$226,719
American Samoa$226,313$319-$225,994
Antigua and Barbuda$126,489$35,857-$90,632
Cayman Islands$109,223$374-$108,849
Central African Republic$54,380$827-$53,553
British Virgin Islands$31,689$487-$31,202
Saint Barthelemy$93$3,011$2,918
Total$3.75 Bn$3.81 Bn
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Which country uses the most deodorant?

The United States of America is the largest market for deodorant use, with nearly $5 billion in sales worldwide.

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