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Easternmost Point by Country 2024

Cardinal directions such as east, west, north and south can have some ambiguity when applied to a three-dimensional object like the Earth. In the case of east and west, the most common approach to this problem is to define these directions in terms of travel with respect to the anti-meridian. For the topic of easternmost points by country, the best answers also depend on the specific political border that you use.

Prime Meridian

A prime meridian is a line of longitude in a geographic coordinate system at which longitude is defined as 0°. On Earth, the prime meridian was the Greenwich meridian from 1884 to 1989, when it changed to the IERS Reference Meridian (IRM) due to improvements in instrumentation. The IRM is only 5.3 seconds, or 102 meters, to the east of the Greenwich meridian, which is usually insignificant for non-scientific applications.


An anti-meridian is the line of longitude that’s halfway around a spheroid body from the prime meridian, which would be 180 degrees longitude in a 360-degree coordinate system. Together, these two meridians define a great circle that divides the Earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Using this construction, the term "easternmost" can be defined as the furthest you can go when traveling eastward toward the antemeridian, while remaining within a country.


For land, the prime meridian on Earth passes mostly through Europe and Africa, while the anti-meridian primarily passes through the Pacific Ocean, along with territory belonging to Russia, Fiji and New Zealand. By this view, these are the easternmost countries in the world. Countries like the United States have territories in both hemispheres, but they’re considered western countries because the great majority of their territory is in the Western Hemisphere.

Easternmost Points

The following chart shows eastern points of interest in the countries under discussion:

  • Fiji Vatoa island 178°15′W
  • United States (all territories) Point Udall, Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands 64°34′W
  • United States (continental territories) West Quoddy Head 66°56′W
  • New Zealand East Cape (North Island) 178°54′E
  • Russia Cape Dezhnev 169°40′W

Russia and Fiji are the only two countries where the anti-meridian goes through their territories. Russia has far more territory on the anti-meridian than Fiji, so it’s the easternmost country under this definition. The anti-meridian also passes between islands belonging to New Zealand, but doesn’t actually pass over any of them. Note that the table above only shows significant settlements or geographical features that are closest to the anti-meridian within that country.

  • Countries often have multiple easternmost points. The United States, for instance, has two easternmost points: One for the 48 contiguous states, and a second for when all US territories are included. In these cases, additional easternmost points are listed in a separate column.
  • The dividing line between east and west is a vertical ring around the Earth made up of the Prime Meridian, which runs through Europe and Africa at 0° longitude, and the 180th meridian, also known as the antimeridian, which runs through the Pacific Ocean at 180° longitude. Longitudes in the hemisphere west of the Prime Meridian have the suffix W and those in the Eastern hemisphere have the suffix E.
  • The term "eastern" can be a matter of some debate thanks to the Earth's sphere-like shape. For the purposes of this table, "easternmost" is defined as the easternmost point one could reach if traveling eastward toward the antimeridian.
  • The antimeridian actually passes through the land territory of Russia and Fiji. As such, those countries (along with New Zealand) are technically the easternmost countries in the world because they stretch so far to the east that they actually pass the point where the Eastern Hemisphere ends and the Western Hemisphere begins. The United States and Kiribati also have territory in both hemispheres, but are considered western countries because the majority of their territory is located in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Longitudes are written similarly to the hours/minutes/seconds system used by time, with the largest unit of measure listed first, followed by smaller gradations.
  • The main unit of measure in longitude is the degree (°). Starting at the Prime Meridian (0°) and moving westward, the degrees count up from 1° W to 179° W, reach 180° at the antimeridian, then begin counting down from 179° E to 1° E (east) before arriving back at the Prime Meridian (0°).
  • The International Date Line largely follows the antimeridian but swerves to avoid cutting through the territories of Russia, the United States, Kiribati, Fiji, and New Zealand. If it did cut through a country, different parts of that country would have different dates.

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Easternmost Point
Point Longitude
Additional Easternmost Markers
DenmarkØsterskær, Christiansø15°11′E
GermanyZentendorf, Saxony15°2′E
MaltaXrobb il-Ghagin, Malta14°34′E
IrelandWicklow Head, County Wicklow5°59′W
FinlandVirmajärvi, Ilomantsi31°35′E
FijiVatoa island178°15′W
Angolaunnamed location on a river section of the border with Zambia (north of the town Sapeta in Zambia), Moxico Province24°00′E
Hong KongTung Ping Chau, Tai Po114°26′E
South SudanTrippoint (South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya)35°48′E
AlgeriaTripoint with Libya and Niger, Illizi Province12°00′E
TurkeyThe point that Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran touches Iğdır Province44°49′E
AustriaThe corner of a field near Deutsch Jahrndorf, Burgenland17°09′E
TongaTafahi, Tongatapu administrative area173°43′W
RomaniaSulina, a town in Tulcea County, on the Danube Delta29°40′E
GreeceStrongyli 29°38′EPythio (mainland) - 26°38′E
MexicoSoutheast tip of Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo86°42′W
MyanmarShan State, border with Laos and China101°10′E
FranceSainte-Rose (Réunion)55°50′ESan-Giuliano, Haute-Corse (metropolitan France) - 9°33′E, Lauterbourg (mainland) - 8°13′E
MauritiusRodrigues island63°30′E
Bosnia and HerzegovinaRepublika Srpska, border with Serbia19°30′E
CambodiaRatanakiri Province, border with Vietnam107°35′E
SomaliaRas Hafun, Puntland51°27′E
CroatiaRadevac, a part of Ilok (administratively part of the city of Ilok, Vukovar-Srijem county)19°27′E
KuwaitQaruh Island, off Al Ahmadi Governorate coast48°40′E
PhilippinesPusan Point, Caraga, Davao Oriental126°34′E
CubaPunta Maisí near Maisí, Guantánamo Province74°08′W
Dominican RepublicPunta de Agua, La Altagracia Province68°20′W
South AfricaPrince Edward Island, Prince Edward Islands38°00′EMonte Ouro (mainland) - 32°53′E
Cape VerdePonta Meringuel on Boa Vista island22°40′W
United StatesPoint Udall, Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands64°34′WWest Quoddy Head (50 States) - 66°56′W
SwitzerlandPiz Chavalatsch, Müstair, Grisons10°29′E
GrenadaPetite Martinique island, Saint Patrick Parish61°23′W
SingaporePedra Branca104°24′E
MoldovaPalanca, Ştefan Vodă, border with Ukraine30°10′E
EcuadorOrellana Province, border with Peru75°15′W
Luxembourgon Sauer River near Rosport6°32′E
Papua New GuineaNukumanu Islands, North Solomons159°24′EMilne Bay (mainland) - 150°52′E
TuvaluNukulaelae island179°51′E
ChileNueva Island in Magallanes and Antártica Chilena Region66°24′WNevados de Poquis (mainland) - 66°58′W
AustraliaNorfolk Island 167°57′ECape Byron (mainland) - 153°38′E
MonacoNear the Monte-Carlo Sporting Club d'Ete7°26′E
BarbadosNear Kitridge Point, Saint Philip59°26′W
EstoniaNarva, Ida-Viru County28°12′E
SloveniaMunicipality of Lendava – Benica16°36′E
BahrainMuharraq Island50°43′E
PeruMouth of the Heath River in the Tambopata District, Tambopata Province, Madre de Dios Region68°39′W
JamaicaMorant Point, Saint Thomas Parish76°12′W
BelarusMogilev oblast32°46′E
NicaraguaMiskito Cays archipelago, North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region82°46′W
JapanMinami Torishima, Ogasawara, Tokyo153°59′ENosappu, Hokkaido (Four main islands) - 145°49′E
TaiwanMianhua Islet, Keelung122°06′E
BahamasMayaguana island72°45′W
BelizeLighthouse Reef87°35′W
TurkmenistanLebap Region (order with Uzbekistan)66°40′E
AndorraLa Palomera, Canillo1°47′E
SpainLa Mola Island, Mahón, Menorca4°19′ECap de Creus (mainland) - 3°19′E
NorwayKræmerpynten on Kvitøya, Svalbard33°30′EKibergsneset (mainland) - 31°01′E
BelgiumKrewinkel, municipality of Büllingen, Liège6°22′E
Marshall IslandsKnox Atoll172°09′E
CyprusKlidhes Islands34°36′E
PalauKayangel atoll134°42′E
GeorgiaKakheti, border with Azerbaijan46°40′E
South KoreaJukdo (undisputed) 130°56′EThe easternmost of Liancourt Rocks (disputed with Japan) - 131°52′E, East point of Seokbyung-ri (mainland) - 129°35′E
AzerbaijanJiloy, Baku50°33′E
MontenegroJablanica, Rožaje municipality20°21′E
El SalvadorIsland of Meanguera del Golfo, La Unión Department87°42′W
MozambiqueIndian Ocean coast east of Nacala, Nampula Province40°45′E
BrazilIlha do Sul, Ilhas Martin Vaz, Espírito Santo28°50′WPonta do Seixas (mainland) - 34°47′W
IcelandHvalbakur, Suður-Múlasýsla13°14′W
VietnamHon Gom peninsula, Khánh Hòa Province109°30′E
Central African RepublicHaut-Mbomou, border with Sudan and Democratic Republic of the Congo27°28′E
TajikistanGorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (border with China)75°05′E
PakistanGilgit-Baltistan (border with India) 77°30′E Demchok (disputed, claimed by China & India) - 79°26′E
ChinaFuyuan County, Heilongjiang134°46′E
VanuatuFutuna Island, Tafea Province170°13′E
Faroe IslandsFugloy6°16′W
PortugalFreguesia of Paradela, municipality of Miranda do Douro, Bragança District6°11′W
New ZealandForty-Fours Islands175°45′WEast Cape (North Island) - 178°54′E
MaldivesFelidhu Atoll, administrative division of Vaavu Atoll73°31′E
Solomon IslandsFatutaka island, Temotu Province170°10′E
SamoaFanuatapu island, Aiga-i-le-Tai district171°20′W
San MarinoFaetano12°31′E
Burkina FasoEst Region, border with Niger and Benin in the Atakora River2°25′E
Vatican CityEasternmost edge of Saint Peter's Square12°27′E
Trinidad and TobagoEasternmost cape of Tobago, near Charlotteville60°31′W
Saint LuciaEastern coast, Laborie Quarter60°54′W
Sri LankaEastern coast of Sri Lanka, Eastern Province81°40′E
Saint Kitts and NevisEastern cape of Nevis, Saint James Windward Parish62°31′W
MalaysiaEastern cape of Borneo, Sabah state119°10′E
OmanEastern cape of Arabian Peninsula, Ash Sharqiyah Region59°50′E
CameroonEast Province, border with Central African Republic and Republic of the Congo16°12′E
IranEast of Kuhak, Sistan va Baluchestan Region63°18′E
NauruEast coast of Nauru island166°57′E
ComorosDomoni, Anjouan island44°32′E
United KingdomDiego Garcia island - British Indian Ocean Territory72°30′ELowestoft Ness, Suffolk (mainland) - 1°46′E
AlbaniaDevoll District21°4′6″E
SeychellesCoëtivy Island56°16′E
DjiboutiCoast to the northeast of Obock, Obock Region43°25′E
BangladeshChittagong Division, border with Myanmar92°35′E
Puerto RicoCayo Norte, Culebra65°15′W
KiribatiCaroline Island150°13′W
ItalyCapo d'Otranto, Apulia18°31′E
QatarCape to the east of Umm Sa'id, Mesaieed municipality51°39′E
CanadaCape Spear, Newfoundland and Labrador52°37′WCape St. Charles (mainland) - 55°37′W
BulgariaCape Shabla, Dobrich Province28°36′E
YemenCape Ra's Momi Socotra island, 'Adan Governorate54°30′E border with Oman (mainland) - 53°10′E
MadagascarCape Masoala on Indian Ocean coast, Antsiranana Province50°40′E
DominicaCape in the southeast of Saint David Parish61°15′W
EgyptCape Banas to the northeast of Berenice, Red Sea Governorate35°45′E
BurundiCankuzo Province, border with Tanzania30°50′E
Czech RepublicBukovec, Moravian–Silesian Region18°51′E
PolandBug river, near Zosin, Hrubieszów County24°09′E
BotswanaBorder with Zimbabwe and South Africa at Limpopo river29°20′E
NamibiaBorder with Zambia and Zimbabwe, Caprivi Region25°15′E
LaosBorder with Vietnam, Sekong Province106°40′E
GhanaBorder with Togo, Volta Region1°10′E
MongoliaBorder with the People's Republic of China, Dornod Province119°56′E
RwandaBorder with Tanzania, Eastern Province30°53′E
LebanonBorder with Syria, Baalbek District36°38′E
GuyanaBorder with Suriname and Brazil, East Berbice-Corentyne56°30′W
ChadBorder with Sudan24°00′E
LesothoBorder with South Africa east of Mokhotlong, Mokhotlong District29°28′E
EthiopiaBorder with Somalia, Somali Region48°00′E
GambiaBorder with Senegal, Upper River Division13°48′W
UkraineBorder with Russia, near Rannya Zorya, Luhansk Oblast40°15′E
LatviaBorder with Russia, Ludza District28°15′E
North KoreaBorder with Russia at the Sea of Japan coast130°40′E
KazakhstanBorder with Russia and China, East Kazakhstan Region87°30′E
HungaryBorder with Romania and Ukraine, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County22°55′E
GabonBorder with Republic of the Congo, Haut-Ogooué Province14°30′E
SlovakiaBorder with Poland and Ukraine, Prešov Region22°30′E
Costa RicaBorder with Panama, Limón Province82°30′W
Saudi ArabiaBorder with Oman, Eastern Province55°30′E
United Arab EmiratesBorder with Oman on the shore of Gulf of Oman, Fujairah emirate56°24′E
BeninBorder with Nigeria3°50′E
MaliBorder with Niger, Kidal and Gao regions4°00′E
HondurasBorder with Nicaragua on Atlantic coast, Gracias a Dios Department83°35′W
IndiaBorder with Myanmar near Dong, Arunachal Pradesh97°23′E
ZimbabweBorder with Mozambique, Manicaland33°00′E
MalawiBorder with Mozambique, Machinga District35°55′E
TanzaniaBorder with Mozambique at Atlantic coast, Mtwara Region40°29′E
Western SaharaBorder with Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania8°40′W
SenegalBorder with Mali, Tambacounda Region11°22′W
BruneiBorder with Malaysia near mount Bukit Pagon115°25′E
ZambiaBorder with Malawi, Northern Province, Zambia32°50′E
TunisiaBorder with Libya, Medenine Governorate11°35′E
ThailandBorder with Laos, Ubon Ratchathani Province105°40′E
UgandaBorder with Kenya, Nakapiripirit District35°02′E
SyriaBorder with Iraq, Al-Hasakah Governorate42°25′E
JordanBorder with Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Mafraq Governorate39°20′E
NepalBorder with India in Taplejung District, Province No. 188°15′E
BhutanBorder with India92°05′E
GuatemalaBorder with Honduras, Izabal Department88°15′W
VenezuelaBorder with Guyana near Caribbean Sea coast, Delta Amacuro State59°45′W
Guinea BissauBorder with Guinea, Gabú Region13°40′W
Sierra LeoneBorder with Guinea and Liberia, Eastern Province10°17′W
Equatorial GuineaBorder with Gabon11°20′E
SurinameBorder with French Guiana, Sipaliwini District54°00′W
SwedenBorder with Finland in Kataja, Haparanda, Norrbotten County (in the province of Norrbotten)24°10′EBorder with Finland in Haparanda (mainland) - 24°15′E
KenyaBorder with Ethiopia and Somalia, North Eastern Province41°00′E
SudanBorder with Eritrea on the shore of Red Sea, Red Sea state38°35′E
LibyaBorder with Egypt on Mediterranean coast, Al Butnan25°05′E
HaitiBorder with Dominican Republic, Centre department71°38′W
EritreaBorder with Djibouti, Southern Red Sea Region43°7′E
IsraelBorder with disputed region of Golan Heights35°40′E
Republic of the CongoBorder with Democratic Republic of the Congo at Oubangi River18°40′E
LiberiaBorder with Côte d'Ivoire, River Gee County7°22′W
GuineaBorder with Côte d'Ivoire, Nzérékoré Region7°45′W
PanamaBorder with Colombia, Darién Province77°09′W
KyrgyzstanBorder with China, Issyk-Kul Region80°20′E
NigerBorder with Chad, Agadez Region16°00′E
NigeriaBorder with Cameroon, Borno State13°15′E
North MacedoniaBorder with Bulgaria, Eastern Statistical Region23°00′E
ParaguayBorder with Brazil, Canindeyú Department54°15′W
UruguayBorder with Brazil at Lagoa Mirim, Cerro Largo Department53°5′W
ColombiaBorder with Brazil and Venezuela67°00′W
BoliviaBorder with Brazil57°27′W
TogoBorder with Benin at Atlantic coast, Maritime Region1°46′E
LithuaniaBorder with Belarus, Ignalina district municipality26°50′E
MoroccoBorder with Algeria, Oriental Region1°10′W
MauritaniaBorder with Algeria and Mali, Tiris Zemmour Region4°45′W
LiechtensteinBorder post 28, above Nenzinger Himmel9°33′E
RussiaBig Diomede Island, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug169°01′WCape Dezhnev (mainland) - 169°40′W
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesBettowia island, Grenadines Parish61°08′W
ArgentinaBernardo de Irigoyen, Misiones Province53°41′W
AfghanistanBadakhshan (border with Tajikistan and China)75°00′E
UzbekistanAndijan Region (border with Kyrgyzstan)73°20′E
IraqAl-Faw Peninsula48°32′E
Antigua and BarbudaA rock east of Antigua61°40′W
MacauA Pérola, Se113°33′E
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Which is the easternmost country in the world?

Russia has two easternmost points: Big Diomede Island and Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Cape Dezhnev. This makes it the easternmost country in the world.

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