Torquay Population 2020

Torquay is a city that is located in the county of Devon in England. The city – which is known as the English Riviera because of its climate – has a population of 65,245 people. One of the most notable things about Torquay is that it was the birthplace of author Agatha Christie. The city has a long history and had an economy that was initially built around agriculture and fishing but in recent years had become a popular resort destination.

Population Demographics of Torquay

The majority of Torquay’s residents were born in the United Kingdom – over 94%, specifically, which exceeds the national average of 86.2%. There are also residents that were born in Ireland and other countries in the European Union, as well as about 2.7% that were born outside of the EU. The largest age group in Torquay is the 45 to 59 demographic, which makes up over 20% of the city’s total population.

The mean age of the city is 44.2, which exceeds the national average.

The residents in Torquay follow a variety of religions, and there are approximately 60 churches within the city, including some buildings that still stand from medieval times. Most residents are of the Christian denomination, although the city also has an Islamic center and mosque, and other religions are observed throughout the city as well. The unemployment rate of Torquay exceeds the national average as some companies have been sold or have relocated to other cities.

Population Growth Impacts

With the unemployment rates and an aging population, there is potential for Torquay to see declining population numbers in the future, although only time will tell.

Torquay Population 2020