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Date of Current Flag Adoption by Sovereign State 2024

A country's flag represents its people, land, and government. Sometimes, countries change or adopt new flags due to regime change, geographical change, loss of autonomy, political unions, and successions.

Denmark's current flag is the same one they adopted in 1219, though they did formalize the proportions in 1893.

The Netherlands first used its flag design in 1409-1410 but didn't officially adopt the flag as a sovereign nation until 1660. In 1937, the Netherlands formalized the flag's colors.

The United Kingdom first used and adopted its national flag after the merger of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801.

While Japan has used the same flag since 701, it wasn't formally adopted as a sovereign state until 1870. In 1999, Japan did specify exact colors, perfectly centered the disc, and fixed proportions.

Australia first used and adopted its national flag on September 1, 1901. Australia did officially gazette the dimensions in 1934.

The Frankfurt Parliamentary first used Germany's national flag in 1848. Germany adopted the same flag in 1918 and specified the exact colors in 1999.

The Guangzhou government used the Republic of China's flag first in 1921. China officially adopted its national flag in 1928.

Under Napoleon I in 1796, Italy began using its national flag. The country didn't officially adopt the national flag until 1943.

On September 27, 1949, The People's Republic of China began using its national flag. China adopted it as the overall flag on October 1, 1949. China's flag was updated in January 2021 to standardize the colors.

The First Mexican Empire flag that was used in 1821 became the adopted national flag in 1968.

The United States of Emirates first used and adopted its national flag as a sovereign state in 1971.

Spain first used its national flag in 1785 but did not adopt it as its official flag until 1981.

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Date of Adoption
Most Recent Change
Afghanistan1997 (Oct 27)15 August 2021 (restoration of 1997 flag)
Albania191222 July 2002 (colors standardized)
Andorra19711971 (coat of arms modified)
Antigua and Barbuda1967 (Feb 27)1967
Argentina18182012 (proportions standardized)
Armenia19901990 (ratio changed)
Australia1901 (Sep 03)1934 (dimensions officially gazetted)
Azerbaijan19902013 (when the exact colour shades were last changed from their previous colours set in 2004)
Bahrain2002 (Feb 14)2002 (white points reduced to 5)
Bangladesh19721972 (removal of country's map)
Belarus1995 (Jun 07)2012 (previous 1995 design with a thicker ornament pattern)
Belize198121 September 2019 (standardized)
Bhutan19691969 (colour of the lower half changed from red to orange)
Bolivia18512004 (coat of arms modified)
Bosnia and Herzegovina1998 (Feb 04)10 August 2001
Brazil1992 (May 11)1992 (addition of four stars after Amapá, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins became states)
Brunei19591959 (crest added)
Bulgaria19911991 (removal of the state emblem)
Burkina Faso19841984
Burundi19671982 (ratio changed from 2:3 to 3:5)
Cambodia1993 (June)1993 (re-adoption)
Cameroon1975 (May 20)1975 (a yellow star added in the middle)
Canada1965 (Feb 15)1965
Cape Verde1992 (Sep 22)1992
Central African Republic19581958
Chile18171854 (the national coat of arms disappeared and the star was kept completely upright)
China1949 (Oct 01)1 January 2021 (standardization of the colours)
Colombia18611949 (official pattern issued, all flags with arms modified)
Comoros2001 (Dec 23)2002
Costa Rica18481998 (changes to coat of arms)
Croatia19901990 (redesign of the coat of arms)
Cyprus196024 April 2006 (modification)
Czech Republic1993 (Jan 01)1920
Denmark19631893 (proportions formalized)
Dominica19901990 (yellow side of green stars removed, but old design seldom use today)
Dominican Republic19081908
DR Congo2006 (Feb 20)2006 (return to 1966 design, colours changed to a lighter shade of blue)
Ecuador18602009 (modernized)
El Salvador1912 (May 17)17 May 1912 (colours specified, and replaced with its own coat of arms)
Equatorial Guinea19791979 (re-adoption of coat of arms due to the collapse of Francisco Nguema regime)
Eritrea1993 (May 24)1995 (ratio changed)
Estonia19182002 (colours standardized)
Ethiopia1996 (Feb 06)2009 (larger central disc)
Fiji19701970 (emblem on flag changed)
Finland19181920 (colours changed)
France18301976 (colours standardized); current design reintroduced in 1830;
Georgia2004 (Jan 14)2018 (minor change to geometry of the Bolnisi crosses)
Germany19181999 (when the exact colours were specified)
Ghana19661966 (white stripe changed back to original yellow)
Greece19781978 (land flag abolished)
Guinea Bissau19731973
Haiti18591986 (re-adoption due to the collapse of Duvalier regime)
Honduras18662022 (change of colours)
Hungary19571956 (removing the Rákosi-coat of arms)
Iceland19441944 (when the exact colours were changed)
India1947 (Jul 24)1947 (Gandhian spinning wheel changed to Ashoka Chakra; colours formalized)
Iran19801980 (national emblem added to center of flag and religious script added due to the Islamic Revolution)
Iraq2008 (Jan 22)22 January 2008 (removal of stars, slight change to script)
Italy19432006 (when exact colours were specified). In 1948 the monarch's banner was removed, and the Italian Republic was proclaimed.
Ivory Coast19591959
Japan18701999 (exact colours specified, sun disc is perfectly centered, and proportions fixed)
Jordan19281928 (star introduced)
Kazakhstan1992 (Jun 04)1992
Kyrgyzstan1992 (Mar 03)1992
Laos19751975 (communist takeover)
Latvia19211923 (proportions formalized)
Lesotho2006 (Oct 04)4 October 2006
Libya2011 (Feb 17)2011 (readoption of the 1951 flag)
Liechtenstein19371937 (addition of crown)
Lithuania19222004 (ratio changed)
Malawi2012 (May 28)2012 (readoption of the 1964 flag)
Malaysia19501963 (14-point star and 14 stripes after Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore joined the federation, remains unchanged in 1965 after Singapore was expelled and the addition of Putrajaya and Labuan in the flag)
Maldives19651965 (removal of striped hoist after Independence)
Mali19611961 (removal of central stick figure)
Malta19641964 (background of George Cross changed to white)
Marshall Islands19791979
Mauritania2017 (Aug 15)15 August 2017 (addition of red bands)
Mexico19681968 (coat of arms modified)
Micronesia19791979 (two stars removed due to reorganization of the Territory)
Moldova19902010 (emblem copied to reverse side)
Mongolia1992 (Jan 12)2011 (colours standardized)
Montenegro2004 (jul 13)2004 (first publication)
Morocco19151915 (the Seal of Solomon is replaced by a green pentagram)
Mozambique19831983 (change of emblem on the left side of flag)
Myanmar2010 (Oct 10)10 October 2010
Nepal17431962 (modernized; the faces disappeared from the sun and moon)
Netherlands16601937 (colours formalized)
New Zealand19021902 (dimensions defined)
Nicaragua19081971 (coat of arms modified)
North Korea1948 (July)1992 (standardization, star and disc sizes changed)
North Macedonia1995 (Oct 05)1995
Norway18991899 (removal of Union mark of Norway and Sweden)
Oman1995 (Apr 25)1995 (middle band to equal size)
Pakistan1947 (Aug 11)1947
Panama19251925 (upper left quadrant made white)
Papua New Guinea19751971
Paraguay18422013 (coat of arms modified)
Philippines1989 (Feb 12)1998 (present definitive shades of blue and red)
Poland19191921 (colours formalized)
Qatar19711971 (proportion modified)
Republic of the Congo1991 (Jun 10)1959
Romania19891989 (removed emblem)
Russia19911993 (ratio and colours changed)
Rwanda2001 (Oct 25)2001
Saint Kitts and Nevis19831983
Saint Lucia19792002
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines19851985
San Marino18622011 (proportions standardized)
Sao Tome and Principe19751975
Saudi Arabia19731973 (design of sword modified)
Serbia20042010 (redesign of the coat of arms, exact colours defined)
Seychelles1996 (Jan 08)1996
Sierra Leone19611960
Slovakia1992 (Sep 03)1992
Slovenia1991 (Jun 25)1991 (red star was replaced with coat of arms)
Solomon Islands19771977
South Africa1994 (Apr 27)1994
South Korea18832011 (when the exact colour shades were last changed from their previous colours set in 1997). In 1948 the South Korean national assembly readopted this as the national flag with a modification of the taegeuk. The trigrams were moved into their current place in 1949. The exact dimensions were specified in 1984.
South Sudan2011 (Jul 09)2023 (colors standardized by the media)
Spain19811981 (coat of arms replaced)
Sri Lanka19721972 (four leaves of the Bo tree were added to the corners of the flag)
Sweden19061906 (removal of Union mark of Norway and Sweden)
Tajikistan1992 (Nov 24)1992
Tanzania19641964 (merged with Tanganyika and Zanzibar)
Thailand191730 September 2017 (colours standardized)
Timor Leste2002 (May 20)1975
Trinidad and Tobago19621962
Tunisia18311999 (proportions formalized)
Turkey18441936 (proportions standardized)
Turkmenistan1992 (Feb 19)2001 (ratio and ornament design adjusted)
Tuvalu1997 (Apr 11)1997 (restoration of 1978 flag)
Ukraine1992 (Jan 28)1918
United Arab Emirates19711971
United Kingdom18011801 (merged with Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland)
United States1960 (Jul 04)1960 (addition of a star after Hawaii became a state)
Uzbekistan1991 (Nov 18)1991
Vatican City19291929 (Papal tiara and keys added)
Venezuela2006 (Mar 12)12 March 2006 (addition of a star)
Vietnam19451955 (star edges made sharper)
Zambia19641996 (green field changed to a lighter shade)
Zimbabwe1980 (Apr 18)1980
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