Flu Vaccination Rates by Country 2023

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Which Countries Have the Highest Rate of Flu Vaccines Administered?

The flu vaccine is one of the only vaccinations that is supposed to be given once per year. Even though the vast majority of people who contract the flu recover quickly, individuals with chronic medical conditions, including those who are elderly, are at a higher risk of developing serious complications. For this reason, people are urged to get the flu vaccine annually. Some countries have a higher rate of flu vaccinations than others.

South Korea has the highest flu vaccination rate, with approximately 86 percent of the population receiving the flu vaccine every year. Some of the other countries that are high on this list include Chile, Greece, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Chile and South Korea are the only two countries with flu vaccination rates over 80 percent.

Does the United States Have a High Rate of Flu Vaccinations?

Yes, the United States has a relatively high rate of flu vaccinations, along with other European and Asian countries. In the United States, approximately 70 percent of people get the flu vaccine every year, although this can vary from year to year. The United States is 6th on the list, just behind Ireland, in terms of the total percentage of the population that gets the flu vaccine every year.

Why Is the Flu Vaccine Needed Every Year?

There are lots of vaccinations that are only required at the beginning of life, and there are plenty of other vaccines that are only required every 10 years. Therefore, a lot of people are wondering why a flu vaccine is needed every year.

The flu vaccine is needed every year because the virus mutates quickly. The virus that shows up next year could be very different from the virus that shows up this year. Therefore, vaccinations that are given during the prior year are not necessarily going to be effective against the strains of the flu that show up next year. Therefore, research scientists and doctors recommend that people get the flu vaccine every year. That way, they receive an updated vaccine that should confer a higher level of protection against the strains that show up during the coming flu season.

Does the Flu Vaccine Prevent the Flu?

It is true that the flu vaccine could prevent some people from contracting the flu; however, no vaccination is perfect. Therefore, it is possible for someone to get the flu vaccine and still get the flu; however, if they have received the flu vaccine, they should not develop symptoms that are severe when compared to people who did not get the flu vaccine. For example, people who get vaccinated are less likely to develop severe complications that would otherwise put them in the hospital.

Furthermore, getting the flu vaccine could reduce the chances of someone else getting the flu. Because someone who gets the vaccine is less likely to be contagious, there is a lower chance of them passing the flu to somebody else.

Flu Vaccination Rates by Country 2023

Flu Vaccination Rates by Country 2023