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Anorexia Cases 2017 (per 100k)










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Anorexia Rates by Country 2024

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Anorexia Cases 2017 (per 100k)
Luxembourg158.45Western Europe
Brunei141.95South-Eastern Asia
Spain130.74Southern Europe
Singapore128.23South-Eastern Asia
Finland124.82Northern Europe
Andorra122.58Southern Europe
Germany120.86Western Europe
New Zealand120.41Australia and New Zealand
Netherlands116.85Western Europe
Iceland115.4Northern Europe
Austria112.43Western Europe
Switzerland112.28Western Europe
Cyprus112.03Eastern Europe, The Middle East
Greenland108.37Northern America
Belgium104.49Western Europe
United States103.54Northern America
Ireland102.76Northern Europe
France102.39Western Europe
United Kingdom101.96Northern Europe
Norway99.16Northern Europe
Australia98.93Australia and New Zealand
Malta97.41Southern Europe
Denmark97.02Northern Europe
Sweden95.85Northern Europe
Italy95.4Southern Europe
Portugal93.04Southern Europe
Greece88.14Southern Europe
Israel84.52Western Asia, The Middle East
South Korea82.94Eastern Asia
Canada80.48Northern America
Chile78.96South America, Latin America
Argentina78.88South America, Latin America
Japan74.55Eastern Asia
Uruguay73.12South America, Latin America
Kuwait63.75Western Asia, The Middle East
Equatorial Guinea62.07Middle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Qatar56.69Western Asia, The Middle East
Saudi Arabia56.1Western Asia, The Middle East
Bermuda53.39Northern America
United States Virgin Islands52Caribbean
Malaysia51.52South-Eastern Asia
Gabon51.26Middle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Trinidad and Tobago51.26Caribbean
Antigua and Barbuda51.26Caribbean
Botswana50.86Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Puerto Rico50.52Caribbean
Taiwan50.13Eastern Asia
Panama49.85Central America, Latin America
Dominican Republic48.42Caribbean
Brazil48.18South America, Latin America
Mexico47.08Central America, Latin America
Oman46.98Western Asia, The Middle East
Venezuela46.7South America, Latin America
Costa Rica46.61Central America, Latin America
United Arab Emirates45.99Western Asia, The Middle East
Paraguay45.59South America, Latin America
American Samoa44.73Polynesia
Suriname44.69South America, Latin America
Namibia44.68Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
South Africa44.23Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Belize44.23Central America, Latin America
Seychelles44.19Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Northern Mariana Islands43.6Micronesia
Colombia43.47South America, Latin America
Bahrain43.34Western Asia, The Middle East
Guatemala42.9Central America, Latin America
El Salvador42.81Central America, Latin America
Ecuador42.24South America, Latin America
Maldives42.05Southern Asia, South Central Asia
Kazakhstan41.84Central Asia
Saint Lucia41.82Caribbean
Mauritius41.69Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Estonia40.98Northern Europe
Peru40.88South America, Latin America
Azerbaijan39.72Western Asia
Lebanon39.69Western Asia, The Middle East
Iran39.45Southern Asia, The Middle East
Bhutan39.39Southern Asia, South Central Asia
Turkmenistan38.85Central Asia, South Central Asia
Guyana38.8South America, Latin America
Cape Verde38.02Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Iraq37.72Western Asia, The Middle East
Indonesia37.71South-Eastern Asia
Thailand37.64South-Eastern Asia
Honduras37.6Central America, Latin America
Slovakia36.91Eastern Europe
Angola36.71Middle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Sri Lanka36.59Southern Asia, South Central Asia
Nicaragua36.57Central America, Latin America
Nigeria36.48Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Turkey36.36Western Asia, The Middle East
Bolivia36.22South America, Latin America
Laos36.15South-Eastern Asia
Republic of the Congo36.07Middle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Algeria36.05Northern Africa
Poland35.98Eastern Europe
Jordan35.98Western Asia, The Middle East
Philippines35.89South-Eastern Asia
Mongolia35.72Eastern Asia
Russia35.34Eastern Europe
Libya35.33Northern Africa
China35.17Eastern Asia
Pakistan35.07Southern Asia, South Central Asia
Lithuania34.65Northern Europe
Ghana34.63Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Czech Republic34.32Eastern Europe
Egypt34.26Northern Africa, The Middle East
India33.99Southern Asia, South Central Asia
Myanmar33.67South-Eastern Asia
Hungary33.52Eastern Europe
Zambia33.34Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Slovenia32.75Southern Europe
Mauritania32.56Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Uzbekistan32.43Central Asia, South Central Asia
Belarus32.28Eastern Europe
Vietnam32.22South-Eastern Asia
Tunisia32.16Northern Africa
Latvia32.05Northern Europe
Lesotho31.85Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Kenya31.75Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Montenegro31.7Southern Europe
Croatia31.44Southern Europe
Bangladesh31.4Southern Asia, South Central Asia
Cameroon31.3Middle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Romania31.17Eastern Europe
Ivory Coast31.1Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
North Macedonia30.98Southern Europe
Marshall Islands30.65Micronesia
Morocco30.57Northern Africa
Albania30.52Southern Europe
Cambodia30.17South-Eastern Asia
Nepal30.1Southern Asia, South Central Asia
Djibouti30.07Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Papua New Guinea29.47Melanesia
Serbia29.4Southern Europe
Tanzania29.3Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Armenia29.19Western Asia
South Sudan29.06Middle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Senegal28.52Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Syria28.43Western Asia, The Middle East
Zimbabwe28.42Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Bulgaria28.09Eastern Europe
Uganda27.84Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Benin27.81Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Sudan27.56Northern Africa
Gambia27.48Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Palestine27.09Western Asia, The Middle East
Georgia27.03Western Asia
Bosnia and Herzegovina26.95Southern Europe
Kyrgyzstan26.81Central Asia, South Central Asia
Sierra Leone26.8Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Rwanda26.72Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Chad26.48Middle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Ukraine26.42Eastern Europe
Mali26.39Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Ethiopia26.13Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Solomon Islands26.09Melanesia
Tajikistan25.96Central Asia, South Central Asia
Guinea25.8Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Burkina Faso25.66Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Eritrea25.46Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Comoros25.41Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Yemen25.3Western Asia, The Middle East
Moldova25.3Eastern Europe
Togo25.25Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Mozambique25.22Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Madagascar24.8Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Malawi24.44Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
North Korea23.58Eastern Asia
Central African Republic22.44Middle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Liberia22.32Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
DR Congo21.79Middle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Burundi21.68Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Afghanistan21.46South Central Asia, Southern Asia
Niger21.41Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Somalia18.99Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
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