Pro-Natalist Countries / Countries with Low Birth Rates 2023

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What are Pro-Natalist Countries?

Pro-natalist countries are countries with low birth rates and policies that they implement as a means of increasing the birth rates. When a country has a very slow rate of births and a fast rate of aging, it may become a pro-natalist country in order to keep the population growth steady. This is for a variety of reasons; to increase tax revenue, improve the economy, and to keep families stable overall.

The United Nations indicates that many countries are in this position right now, and the number of pro-natalist countries in the world is increasing annually. It is estimated that the number of countries that have adopted pro-natalist policies has risen from 10 to 15 percent between 2001 and 2015. Some countries that have these policies will provide extra income to families as support to larger families, and as an incentive to have more children.

Countries With Low Birth Rates

There is a long list of countries with low birth rates, and a long list of pro-natalist countries. The list of countries with pro-natalist policies is always changing, and some governments adopt moderate pro-natalist policies to meet the best of both worlds. Many governments have party factions that do not want to give money to people with more children, and moderate pro-natalist policy is typically the answer.

The most well-known pro-natalist countries include many countries in Europe, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Greece, Singapore, Spain, Italy, and many countries in Europe. France is a country with a low birth rate and so is Germany. However, Germany has hesitated to adopt the pro-natalist policy. Instead, Germany provides a generous two-parent family leave program when there is a new member of the family.

What are Pro Natalist Policies?

A pro-natalist policy is one that the government enacts in order to aid in the support of families, and also increase the fertility rates of a country. The aim is to ensure economic stability both in the short term and in the long term. The most common form of pro-natalist policy comes in the form of a child tax credit benefit, which is typically a payment made to qualifying families with children of eligible age. Other tax credits can be included in the policy of pro-natalist countries.

Another goal is to control population size, but also to ensure population growth. Europe is known for its pro-natalist policy with France, Iran, and Sweden all assisting families of children. When the country’s population rates are slowing, legislators in pro-natalist countries will work to implement policy to help the population now and ensure economic growth in the future.

Pro-Natalist Countries / Countries with Low Birth Rates 2023


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Pro-Natalist Countries / Countries with Low Birth Rates 2023