Presidents by Burial Place 2024

Where Were The Founding Fathers Buried?

The burial places of the vast majority of presidents have been tracked over time, and they have remained relatively constant. For example, George Washington is buried in Mount Vernon. That was his personal home, and it is located in Fairfax County. To this day, people are able to go to Mount Vernon and visit the grave of George Washington. Thomas Jefferson, similar to George Washington, is also buried in Virginia. He is from the city of Charlottesville, and his personal residence was located in Monticello. He passed away in 1826, and he was very there shortly thereafter. John Adams is buried in the City of Quincy. He was buried at the United First Parish church. He and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day, Independence Day, in 1826.

Where Is Abraham Lincoln Buried?

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, shortly after winning the American Civil War. He is one of the most beloved presidents in the history of the United States, and he is buried in the Lincoln Tomb. It is located in Oak Ridge Cemetery, in the City of Springfield, Illinois. People are able to go and visit his tomb today. It is visited by millions of people every year, many of them coming to pay their respects to the mark that he left on the history of this country.

Where Are the 20th Century Presidents Buried?

20th-century presidents are buried in a variety of locations. For example, Woodrow Wilson, who led the United States to victory in World War I, is buried in Washington DC. His grave is located in the Washington National Cathedral. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the most beloved presidents in the history of the country, is buried in Hyde Park. His grave is located in New York. Harry S Truman, who is from Missouri, is also buried in Missouri. He passed away in 1972, and he is buried in the Truman Presidential Library. It is located in Independence. Dwight D Eisenhower, who served in both World War 1 and World War 2, could have been buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Instead, he is buried in Abilene, Kansas. His grave is located at the Eisenhower Presidential Center.

Where Are Modern Presidents Buried?

Similar to presidents during the early part of the 20th century, modern presidents are buried in a wide variety of locations as well. For example, Richard Nixon is buried at the Nixon Presidential Library. It is located in Yorba Linda, California. Gerald Ford, who took over for Richard Nixon, is buried at the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum. It is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ronald Reagan, who passed away in 2004, is buried in the Reagan Presidential Library. It is located in Simi Valley, California. Finally, the most recent president to pass away, George Bush Senior, is buried in College Station, Texas. It is located at the George Bush Presidential Library. Presidents have a lot of say regarding where they will be buried after they pass away.