AT&T International Day Pass Countries 2023

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Most cell phone plans are regional, which can create complications when the user travels abroad. For example, cell phone plans purchased in the United States rarely enable the user to make calls from Asia or Europe. To address this shortcoming, AT&T offers the AT&T International Day Pass. This international roaming plan enables the user to access their existing data, send unlimited texts, and make unlimited calls from more than 200 international destinations—including the United States when traveling abroad. (For a full list of countries and territories included in the AT&T International Day Pass, see the table further down this page.)

The Day Pass costs $10 per day per device for 24 hours of access (and $5 per day for additional devices), with each 24-hour period beginning when the user sends a text, uses data, or makes or receives a phone call while abroad. Note that automatic updates, background data, and app refreshes will also trigger the daily fee and launch a 24-hour session. To be eligible for an International Day Pass, the user must have a compatible device with an eligible domestic postpaid wireless plan. Also, the availability of its programs may vary depending upon the country the user is visiting.

AT&T International Day Pass vs AT&T Passport

In the past, AT&T offered a second option for international travelers as well: The AT&T Passport. This was a separate plan that granted the user unlimited texts, 2GB or 6GB of data, and $0.35 per minute for calls. At its height, the AT&T Passport was available in more than 200 countries and priced at $70 per month per device for 2GB of data or $140 per month per device for the 6GB plan. However, the AT&T Passport was retired on August 12, 2022. As such, while existing monthly subscribers still have access to the service, no new subscriptions are being accepted.

AT&T International Day Pass Countries 2023

Note: ATT Passport was retired in August 2021 and is not accepting new subscribers, but existing subscribers to the service retain it.

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AT&T International Day Pass Countries 2023