Man-Shortage Countries / Countries with a Shortage of Men 2023

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Global Reports About Man Shortage Countries

Man-to-woman Ratios fluctuated by an average of plus or minus one percentage point from year to year between 2015 and 2019. The World Atlas reports a total of 101.8 men to 100 women exist as of 2015, but some areas have a higher concentration of males in them than others.

1. Kazakhstan

The man-to-women ratio is 0.92:1 in Kazakhstan. The Caspian Sea borders this former Soviet republic to the West, and this country is in Central Asia. China and Russia sit southeast and northeast of it.

2. Moldova

A total of 0.91 men to 1 woman live in Moldova. This former Soviet Union nation sits between Ukraine to the northeast and Romania to the southwest. Its land consists of mostly forests, hills and vineyards, and it leads out to the Chorne Sea by the Saratsky District, which connects to the Black Sea from the Dniester Estuary.

3. Monaco

The man-to-woman ratio of Monaco, a coastal country where France and Italy meet to the south, totals 0.91:1. It is located where the Balearic and Tyrrhenian Seas meet on the French Riviera, across from the island of Corsica.

4. Hungary

Hungary sits between Slovakia to the north and Serbia to the south and is home to Lake Balaton bordered by the Uplands National Park. The Tihany Peninsula sits to the northeast of this park. This country has 0.91 men to 1 woman in it.

5. Russia

Russia, which was formerly part of the Soviet Union and is the largest landmass in the world, has a 0.88:1 man-to-woman ratio. It spans Northern Asia and Eastern Europe. Coastal land surrounds it on three sides, including spots across from the Sea of Japan.

6. Estonia

With a male to female ratio of 0.88 to 1, Estonia makes up a territory of 1500 islands, with the Gulf of Riga sitting to the southwest of it. The Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland border it to the north, and Latvia is to the south.

7. El Salvador

The North Pacific Ocean borders El Salvador to the south, and Honduras sits to the northeast. Guatemala is found to the northwest, and Nicaragua and Costa Rica are to the southeast. This Central American country has an 88:1 man-to-woman ratio.

8. Lithuania

Lithuania has coastal land that borders the Baltic Sea to its northwest. Poland connects to it from the southwest, and Belarus borders it to the southeast. It has a male-to-female ratio of 0.87 to 1.

9. Belarus

Belarus has a male-to-female ratio of 0.87 to 1. Minsk, Belarus's capital city, has earned the "eternal city" title because of it has been destroyed and rebuilt about eight times. The Kyivs'ke Reservoir connects with the Pripyat River and Dnipro Rivers.

10. Latvia

Latvia has the Gulf of Rigo, which connects to the Baltic Sea, on its northwestern border. Estonia sits to the north of it. This country has a male-to-female ratio of 0.85 to 1.

11. Ukraine

Ukraine has coastal land located northwest of the Black Sea, where it leads out to the Chorne Sea. It has a district near Klevan, which inherited the nickname “The Tunnel of Love.” Its male-to-female ratio totals 0.85 to 1.

12. Nepal

Nepal has a reputation as a predominantly patriarchal society even though it apparently has about two million more women in it than men. It has about .838 men for every 1 woman, and India borders this country from the Southwest. To the south and southeast, you’ll find Bangladesh and Bhutan, and to the Northeast, you’ll see China.

Man-Shortage Countries / Countries with a Shortage of Men 2023

Man-Shortage Countries / Countries with a Shortage of Men 2023