Countries With Polio 2022

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  1. Pakistan A May 2021 report indicates that more than 900,000 children received polio vaccines. Only one case of wild polio occurred by this time, down from 54 in 2020. It’s one of two endemic countries, but eradication seems to be close. The 2020 Covid-19 restrictions worldwide delayed immunization in countries with polo, including Pakistan.

  2. Afghanistan Global Polio Eradication has a plan to provide vaccines to all Afghan children. No new wild polio (WPV1) cases but five new vaccine-derived type 2 (cVDPV2)) cases made the news in May 2021. Approximately 712,739 children by this time received vaccines.

United Arab Emirates In July 2021, the UAE announced that it would fund 16 million child vaccinations. It’s one of 84 high-risk districts, and Global Polio Eradication will allocate about $9.5 million for this project.

  • Nigeria No new wild poliovirus cases were reported since 2014. A year later, no new cases were found. 2015 makes three years since half of worldwide polio cases occurred in Nigeria. According to 2020 reports, however, this area became threatened by lack of polio vaccines during the Covid-19 quarantines.

  • Sudan The Sudan National Immunization Days returned in 2005 to reach some of the communities most affected by conflict. The UN Children’s Fun and World Health Organization also participated in this immunization effort. Conditions did improve some here, in one of the poorest countries with polio. Unfortunately, two new outbreaks that paralyzed children occurred in March and April of 2020. About 11 other vaccine-derived cases were found in this region.

  • Chad New 2019 polio outbreaks were announced in Chad, which borders Sudan. These reportedly originated from oral vaccines that mutated into infectious forms. As of 2020, more cases occurred because of interrupted vaccine initiatives, according to The World Health Organization.

  • Cameroon Bordering Chad, new cases apparently have occurred here in 2020. Its one of more than a dozen African countries with polio infected by oral vaccines. It’s also one location affected by the WHO decision to temporarily interrupt polio vaccination campaigns in 2020.

  • Angola During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, children could not access the immunizations they needed. Some vaccination campaigns were unfortunately suspended during the coronavirus lockdowns. However, they have resumed by the end of the year.

  • Congo It’s one of more than a dozen places where threat of polio exposure occurred in 2020. Coronavirus quarantines delayed plans to provide polio immunization to children in this African nation. However, vaccinations have restarted.

  • Zambia By September 2020, immunization campaigns resumed, but eradication efforts would take time. The World Health Organization and related entities continue to report on polio control around the world, especially African countries with polio infected in 2020.

  • Ethiopia It borders Sudan, where a 2020 outbreak that paralyzed two children occurred. It meets Sudan and Ethiopia nearby the sites where these severe polio infections took place. By 2021, most of Africa became less threatened by poliomyelitis or related strains.

  • Eritrea This country borders Sudan. Two serious polio outbreaks occurred where the Eritrea and Ethiopia borders meet with Sudan. Infections happened in South Darfur and Gedarif states. Toward the end of 2020, African eradication efforts resumed after Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.

  • Countries With Polio 2022

    Country 2022 Population
    United Arab Emirates10,081,785
    Republic of the Congo5,797,805

    Countries With Polio 2022