The largest city in Connecticut is Bridgeport, with a population of 148,457. Woodmont is the fastest growing city in Connecticut over the past 10 years, having grown 67.8% since 2010.


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10 Largest Cities in Connecticut

Cities in Connecticut by Population (2023)

Connecticut falls within the lower half of the states when it comes to population, ranking in as the 29th most populated with a population of over 3 million. The most populated city in Connecticut is Bridgeport, which has a population of just over 147,000 residents. Along with Bridgeport, the state has a total of five cities with populations that exceed 100,000. An additional 14 cities have populations of at least 10,000. The capital city, Hartford, is the state’s 4th most populous, with over 124,000 residents.

There are 21 cities in total throughout Connecticut, and there are 169 towns that are spread across eight counties. The towns in Connecticut by law are allowed to choose their own government structures. Towns can also adopt city-forms of government without having to go through the process of reincorporation. Two counties in Connecticut do not have any cities. There are 19 city-towns in the state, and just one consolidated borough-town. The earliest town is Windsor, which was established in 1633, while the most recent, West Haven, was established in 1921. The least populated town in the state is Union, which had a population of 854 according to data from the 2010 U.S. Census.

Map of Cities in Connecticut

Connecticut Cities by First Letter