Population of Counties in Nebraska (2022)

There are 93 counties in Nebraska.

There are 93 counties in Nebraska. The largest county by population is Douglas County, which has a population of 566,880 and is home to Omaha. It is the only county in Nebraska to have over 500,000 people. It comprises 29.38% of the state’s total population and has grown 9.32% since the 2010 Census. The second-largest county by population in Nebraska is Lancaster County, home to 317,272 residents. Lancaster County is also home to Lincoln, the state capital. This is followed by Sarpy County, which has 184,459 residents. These three counties are the only counties in Nebraska with populations over 100,000 people.

Nebraska Counties with the Fewest Residents

The smallest county in Nebraska in terms of population is Blaine County. Blaine County’s population is only 435 people, resulting in a population density of just 0.76 persons per square kilometer. Since 2010, the population has declined by 9%. About 0.02% of Nebraska’s total population lives in Blaine County.

The second-smallest county in Nebraska is Arthur County, which has a population of 465 people. Arthur County’s population density is just 0.81 persons per square kilometer.

Other counties in Nebraska with populations under 1,000 are McPherson, Loup, Grant, Thomas, Hooker, Banner, Wheeler, Logan, Keya Paha, and Hayes.

Nebraska Counties with Rapid Growth

Three Nebraska counties have experienced double-digit growth since 2010: Sarpy County (15.49%), Thomas (11.28%), and Lancaster (10.87%). Other counties that have experienced significant growth since 2010 are Douglas (9.32%), Buffalo (7.45%), and Banner (5.64%).

While some counties have experienced significant population growth, many have seen a population decline. Dundy County has experienced the highest population decline since 2010 of 11.85%, followed by Sioux County (9.46%) and McPherson (8.72%).

Name 2022 Population Growth Since 2010 Density (mi²)
Adams County30,910-1.33%54.88
Antelope County6,268-6.15%7.31
Arthur County4660.22%0.65
Banner County80516.50%1.08
Blaine County420-12.13%0.59
Boone County5,045-8.46%7.35
Box Butte County10,933-3.03%10.17
Boyd County1,826-13.25%3.38
Brown County2,919-7.48%2.39
Buffalo County50,5809.54%52.25
Burt County6,378-6.78%12.97
Butler County7,935-5.24%13.57
Cass County26,4254.70%47.40
Cedar County8,249-6.46%11.14
Chase County3,885-2.04%4.34
Cherry County5,467-3.99%0.92
Cheyenne County7,794-21.81%6.52
Clay County6,206-5.05%10.84
Colfax County10,6340.89%25.83
Cuming County8,579-6.34%15.03
Custer County10,618-2.63%4.12
Dakota County20,098-4.45%76.06
Dawes County8,241-10.11%5.90
Dawson County23,148-4.79%22.85
Deuel County1,713-11.01%3.89
Dixon County5,444-9.08%11.43
Dodge County36,085-1.60%68.25
Douglas County586,13513.03%1,784.36
Dundy County1,480-26.29%1.61
Fillmore County5,243-10.70%9.11
Franklin County2,877-11.31%5.00
Frontier County2,708-1.88%2.78
Furnas County4,601-6.96%6.40
Gage County21,567-3.15%25.33
Garden County1,678-19.13%0.98
Garfield County1,954-3.98%3.43
Gosper County1,972-3.33%4.30
Grant County521-15.01%0.67
Greeley County2,359-7.34%4.14
Hall County61,5544.67%112.68
Hamilton County9,5164.26%17.56
Harlan County3,362-1.75%6.07
Hayes County937-1.99%1.31
Hitchcock County2,645-8.70%3.73
Holt County9,824-5.85%4.07
Hooker County700-5.02%0.97
Howard County6,4092.07%11.26
Jefferson County6,890-8.40%12.08
Johnson County4,939-5.62%13.13
Kearney County6,363-1.76%12.33
Keith County8,127-2.75%7.66
Keya Paha County806-2.18%1.04
Kimball County3,794-1.04%3.99
Knox County8,113-6.50%7.32
Lancaster County326,77914.19%390.16
Lincoln County34,212-5.62%13.34
Logan County727-5.83%1.27
Loup County80528.18%1.42
McPherson County506-6.12%0.59
Madison County34,829-0.38%60.81
Merrick County7,821-0.39%16.10
Morrill County4,546-9.78%3.19
Nance County3,558-4.87%8.06
Nemaha County7,017-3.05%17.22
Nuckolls County3,971-12.03%6.90
Otoe County16,0992.23%26.15
Pawnee County2,583-7.12%5.99
Perkins County2,858-4.03%3.24
Phelps County9,118-0.71%16.89
Pierce County7,157-1.42%12.48
Platte County34,0195.31%50.47
Polk County5,132-4.86%11.71
Red Willow County10,781-2.51%15.04
Richardson County7,646-8.67%13.86
Rock County1,375-9.78%1.36
Saline County13,888-2.35%24.19
Sarpy County196,59823.09%822.52
Saunders County22,4907.77%29.98
Scotts Bluff County34,697-6.37%46.93
Seward County17,3173.08%30.30
Sheridan County5,417-0.50%2.22
Sherman County2,872-9.23%5.08
Sioux County1,106-15.64%0.54
Stanton County5,770-6.06%13.48
Thayer County4,895-6.49%8.53
Thomas County74615.30%1.05
Thurston County7,0741.51%17.97
Valley County4,041-5.25%7.11
Washington County21,0655.74%54.02
Wayne County9,586-0.24%21.64
Webster County3,346-12.16%5.82
Wheeler County726-12.00%1.26
York County13,472-1.44%23.53