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Country with the Longest Name 2024

There are quite a few countries that have lengthy names. Some of these lengthy names aren't in English, though. One example of a country's former name being quite long is Libya's former name in Arabic. Before 2013, the Arabic name for the country of Libya was Al Jumahiriyah al Arabiyah al Libiyah ash Shabiyah al Ishtirakiyah al Uzma. That was previously the longest name for a country in the entire world. Now, the Arabic name for Libya is simply Dalwat Libya.

The United Kingdom Has Quite A Long Formal Name

You might not think that the United Kingdom is a long country name, but its formal name is much longer. The formal country name for the United Kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The UK is currently the country with the longest name in the world. Technically speaking, the UK is a nation-state.

However, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are also countries, even though they are all part of the UK. People also commonly use the word Britain to refer to the United Kingdom. However, the term 'Great Britain' means something different and should not be used interchangeably with Britain. Great Britain refers to Scotland, England, and Wales.

Kiribati's Formal Country Name is Lengthy As Well

The country with the second-longest formal name in the world is actually Kiribati. Kiribati used to be known as the Gilbert Islands prior to the country gaining its independence from the UK back in 1979. The official name for the country of Kiribati is Independent and the Sovereign Republic of Kiribati.

The reason that the new name of Kiribati was chosen is actually quite simple. The main island that makes up the country is called Kiribati in the nation's local language. As a result, the people of the country chose the name Kiribati through local consensus, so that's the country's name.

North Korea's Official Name Is Somewhat Long

North Korea is a country that you are probably more familiar with compared to Kiribati. The term 'North Korea' is commonly used to refer to the Communist North Korean state, but its official name is a bit longer. The official name for the country of North Korea is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Interestingly, this official name is quite similar to the official name of its neighbor, South Korea. The official country name for South Korea is the Republic of Korea. This similarity is understandable given the two countries' proximity and shared past.

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Official Name
Common Name Length
Official Name Length
UN Member
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the Grenadines2828
United States Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands of the United States2530
Central African RepublicCentral African Republic2222
Northern Mariana IslandsCommonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands2239
Saint Pierre and MiquelonSaint Pierre and Miquelon2222
Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos Islands2121
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina2020
British Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands2013
United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates1818
Republic of the CongoRepublic of the Congo1818
Sao Tome and PrincipeDemocratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe1835
Saint Kitts and NevisFederation of Saint Christopher and Nevisa1837
Dominican RepublicDominican Republic1717
Trinidad and TobagoRepublic of Trinidad and Tobago1727
Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbuda1717
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial Guinea1626
French PolynesiaFrench Polynesia1515
Marshall IslandsRepublic of the Marshall Islands1528
Wallis and FutunaTerritory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands1536
Saint BarthelemyCollectivity of Saint BarthélemySaint Barthélemy1542
Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands1515
Papua New GuineaIndependent State of Papua New Guinea1432
North MacedoniaRepublic of North Macedonia1424
Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands1414
United KingdomUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland1345
Czech RepublicCzech Republic1313
Western SaharaSahrawi Arab Democratic Republic1329
Cayman IslandsCayman Islands1313
American SamoaAmerican Samoa1313
LiechtensteinPrincipality of Liechtenstein1327
United StatesUnited States of America1221
Guinea BissauRepublic of Guinea-Bissau1222
French GuianaGuiana126
New CaledoniaNew Caledonia1212
Faroe IslandsFaroe Islands1212
PhilippinesRepublic of the Philippines1124
South AfricaRepublic of South Africa1121
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of Afghanistan1128
Saudi ArabiaKingdom of Saudi Arabia1120
Burkina FasoBurkina Faso1111
Sierra LeoneRepublic of Sierra Leone1121
SwitzerlandSwiss Confederation1118
Sint MaartenSint Maarten1111
Saint MartinSaint Martin1111
Cook IslandsCook Islands1111
Vatican CityVatican City State1116
BangladeshPeople's Republic of Bangladesh1027
South KoreaRepublic of Korea1015
UzbekistanRepublic of Uzbekistan1020
MozambiqueRepublic of Mozambique1020
MadagascarRepublic of Madagascar1020
Ivory CoastRepublic of Côte d'Ivoire1020
North KoreaDemocratic People's Republic of Korea1032
KazakhstanRepublic of Kazakhstan1020
South SudanRepublic of South Sudan1020
AzerbaijanRepublic of Azerbaijan1020
TajikistanRepublic of Tajikistan1020
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz Republic1014
El SalvadorRepublic of El Salvador1020
New ZealandNew Zealand1010
MauritaniaIslamic Republic of Mauritania1027
Puerto RicoCommonwealth of Puerto Rico1024
Timor LesteDemocratic Republic of Timor-Leste1030
LuxembourgGrand Duchy of Luxembourg1022
Saint LuciaSaint Lucia1010
MicronesiaFederated States of Micronesia1027
SeychellesRepublic of Seychelles1020
IndonesiaRepublic of Indonesia919
ArgentinaArgentine Republic917
VenezuelaBolivarian Republic of Venezuela929
AustraliaCommonwealth of Australia923
GuatemalaRepublic of Guatemala919
NicaraguaRepublic of Nicaragua919
SingaporeRepublic of Singapore919
PalestineState of Palestine916
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa Rica919
LithuaniaRepublic of Lithuania919
MauritiusRepublic of Mauritius919
Cape VerdeRepublic of Cabo Verde919
Isle of ManIsle of Man99
San MarinoMost Serene Republic of San Marino929
PakistanIslamic Republic of Pakistan825
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia835
ThailandKingdom of Thailand817
TanzaniaUnited Republic of Tanzania824
ColombiaRepublic of Colombia818
CameroonRepublic of Cameroon818
Sri LankaDemocratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka837
CambodiaKingdom of Cambodia817
ZimbabweRepublic of Zimbabwe818
HondurasRepublic of Honduras818
PortugalPortuguese Republic818
Hong KongHong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China862
ParaguayRepublic of Paraguay818
BulgariaRepublic of Bulgaria818
SlovakiaSlovak Republic814
BotswanaRepublic of Botswana818
SloveniaRepublic of Slovenia818
EswatiniKingdom of Eswatini817
DjiboutiRepublic of Djibouti818
SurinameRepublic of Suriname818
MaldivesRepublic of the Maldives821
KiribatiIndependent and Sovereign Republic of Kiribati841
DominicaCommonwealth of Dominica822
GuernseyBailiwick of Guernsey819
NigeriaFederal Republic of Nigeria724
DR CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congo728
VietnamSocialist Republic of Vietnam726
GermanyFederal Republic of Germany724
MyanmarRepublic of the Union of Myanmar727
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of Algeria734
MoroccoKingdom of Morocco716
SomaliaFederal Republic of Somalia724
EcuadorRepublic of Ecuador717
SenegalRepublic of Senegal717
BurundiRepublic of Burundi717
BoliviaPlurinational State of Bolivia727
TunisiaTunisian Republic716
BelgiumKingdom of Belgium716
BelarusRepublic of Belarus717
AustriaRepublic of Austria717
DenmarkKingdom of Denmark716
FinlandRepublic of Finland717
LiberiaRepublic of Liberia717
LebanonLebanese Republic716
CroatiaRepublic of Croatia717
EritreaState of Eritrea714
UruguayOriental Republic of Uruguay725
MoldovaRepublic of Moldova717
AlbaniaRepublic of Albania717
ArmeniaRepublic of Armenia717
NamibiaRepublic of Namibia717
LesothoKingdom of Lesotho716
BahrainKingdom of Bahrain716
EstoniaRepublic of Estonia717
ReunionRéunion Island712
ComorosUnion of the Comoros717
BahamasCommonwealth of the Bahamas724
MayotteDepartment of Mayotte719
VanuatuRepublic of Vanuatu717
CuracaoCountry of Curaçao715
AndorraPrincipality of Andorra721
BrazilFederative Republic of Brazil626
RussiaRussian Federation617
MexicoUnited Mexican States619
TurkeyRepublic of Turkey616
FranceFrench Republic614
UgandaRepublic of Uganda616
PolandRepublic of Poland616
AngolaRepublic of Angola616
TaiwanRepublic of China615
MalawiRepublic of Malawi616
ZambiaRepublic of Zambia616
GuineaRepublic of Guinea616
RwandaRepublic of Rwanda616
JordanHashemite Kingdom of Jordan624
SwedenKingdom of Sweden615
GreeceHellenic Republic616
IsraelState of Israel613
SerbiaRepublic of Serbia616
NorwayKingdom of Norway615
PanamaRepublic of Panama616
KuwaitState of Kuwait613
GambiaRepublic of the Gambia619
LatviaRepublic of Latvia616
CyprusRepublic of Cyprus616
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of Guyana627
BhutanKingdom of Bhutan615
BruneiNation of Brunei, Abode of Peace626
JerseyBailiwick of Jersey617
MonacoPrincipality of Monaco620
IndiaRepublic of India515
ChinaPeople's Republic of China522
EgyptArab Republic of Egypt519
ItalyItalian Republic515
KenyaRepublic of Kenya515
SudanRepublic of the Sudan518
SpainKingdom of Spain514
YemenRepublic of Yemen515
GhanaRepublic of Ghana515
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of Nepal532
NigerRepublic of Niger515
SyriaSyrian Arab Republic518
ChileRepublic of Chile515
BeninRepublic of Benin515
HaitiRepublic of Haiti515
LibyaState of Libya512
QatarState of Qatar512
GabonGabonese Republic516
MacauMacao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China559
MaltaRepublic of Malta515
SamoaIndependent State of Samoa523
TongaKingdom of Tonga514
PalauRepublic of Palau515
NauruRepublic of Nauru515
IranIslamic Republic of Iran421
IraqRepublic of Iraq414
PeruRepublic of Peru414
MaliRepublic of Mali414
ChadRepublic of Chad414
CubaRepublic of Cuba414
TogoTogolese Republic416
LaosLao People's Democratic Republic428
OmanSultanate of Oman415
FijiRepublic of Fiji414
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Which country has longest name?

The country with the largest name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, more commonly referred to as simply the United Kingdom or the U.K.

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