Female Body Types by Country 2024

Each female body is unique, adding to its beauty. There are countless shapes and sizes. But, whether a woman's hips are curvy or her shoulders muscular, the female form can be broadly categorized into some of the most common body types, which include Rectangle, Pear, Apple, and Hourglass.

Women are beautiful in every shape and size. However, each culture and country has its definition of beauty, the perfect shape, and the feminine ideal.

In Spain, the Iberian ideal female body type is full-figured, supporting a healthy attitude toward body image and abundant curves. Meanwhile, Italy's body image encourages long legs, a petite waist, and small breasts. In the Netherlands, the Deutsch female archetype has a long forehead, legs, and torso - the picture of statuesque beauty. The Philippines highlights an Asian Pacific body type with an ample bust, curvaceous waist, and hips. China celebrates a small waist and a thin, almost fragile, torso.

In Mexico, the ideal female body shape is a finely tapered waist and rounded hips. Argentina prefers a body type with a well-endowed bust, tiny waist, and long legs. Colombia's healthy body image reflects a natural figure, a moderate bust line, and hips, separated by an athletic waistline. Peru emulates a healthy hourglass shape - a narrow waist, rounded hips, and ample breasts. South Africa's ideal female body is long and lean, with an elegant neckline and ample bosom.

Egypt's female body type is athletic, with curvy hips, ample breasts, and strong shoulders. Syria's ideal is a pear-shaped body, with larger hips than breasts and a feminine waist. In Ukraine, like many other East European countries, the emphasis is on feminine softness, a healthy body type, ample bosom, a thin but not tiny waist, and long limbs. The UK's female body is taller and more athletic, shaped columnar with narrow hips.

In the United States of America, the ideal female body type is a mix of larger breasts, a thinner torso, and curvy hips. Over recent years, stronger thighs and muscular abs have become a sign of health and beauty. However, due to the mixture of cultures, multiple body types are present throughout the country.