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Flags Color Combinations by Country 2024

Seeing a flag when you enter a new country can give you a sense of the country's history and national pride. With 195 countries around the world, it can be tough to differentiate from flags. Here, we'll take a look at how the idea of using a flag to represent a country came to be, as well as explore some of the most common color combinations that we see on flags around the world.

No one knows for sure when flags were used by the first time, but research indicates that flags were being used as far back as 11th century BC by civilizations like China, Egypt, and Rome. A variety of materials have been used to make flags over time, including silk and cotton.

While flags today are usually used to identify countries, they can also be used for states, organizations, and causes. The earliest flags were likely used to identify different parts of the Chinese army. Flags were often carried into battle as a symbol of the country's army.

Flags have also been used to send signals from one area to another. The most common symbol of surrender--the white flag--is still used in popular culture today to symbolize one group giving into another in war or other types of combat.

Some flags are quite simple, consisting of only a few stripes or shapes. Others are far more involved, consisting of intricate designs and a rainbow of colors. Many countries, states, and organizations change their flags over time to represent their history and values. While the most common flag color combination in the world is red, white, and blue, there are other commonly used colors as well, including yellow and black. In addition to shapes and stripes, some flags use symbols--such as people or animals--to convey a message.

  • For the purposes of the yes/no color lists, some similar colors are merged:
  • Gold is grouped with yellow
  • Murrey and maroon are grouped with red
  • Fulvous is considered orange
  • All variations of blue (dark, light, sky, aquamarine) are grouped together
  • For countries whose flags include an intricate emblem or seal, the list may not include every color shown in the emblem. For example, Mexico's flag is predominantly white, green, and red, and is listed as such. The flag also includes the national coat of arms, which adds brown and traces of blue and yellow, but those colors are not included as they are part of the design of the coat of arms, not the design of the flag itself.

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Additional Colors
IndiaIN FlagBlue, Green, Saffron Orange, WhiteOrange
ChinaCN FlagRed, Gold
United StatesUS FlagRed, Blue, White
IndonesiaID FlagRed, White
PakistanPK FlagGreen, White
NigeriaNG FlagGreen, White
BrazilBR FlagGreen, Blue, Gold
BangladeshBD FlagRed, Green
RussiaRU FlagWhite, Blue, Red
EthiopiaET FlagGreen, Blue, Red, Yellow
MexicoMX FlagGreen, Red, White
JapanJP FlagRed, White
PhilippinesPH FlagBlue, Red, White, Yellow
EgyptEG FlagBlack, Gold, Red, White
DR CongoCD FlagBlue, Red, Yellow
VietnamVN FlagRed, Yellow
IranIR FlagGreen, Red, White
TurkeyTR FlagRed, White
GermanyDE FlagBlack, Gold, Red
ThailandTH FlagRed, Blue, White
TanzaniaTZ FlagGreen, Black, Blue, Yellow
United KingdomGB FlagRed, Blue, White
FranceFR FlagBlue, Red, White
South AfricaZA FlagRed, Black, Blue, Gold, Green, White
ItalyIT FlagGreen, Red, White
KenyaKE FlagBlack, Green, Red, White
MyanmarMM FlagYellow, Green, Red, White
ColombiaCO FlagYellow, Blue, Red
South KoreaKR FlagWhite, Black, Blue, Red
UgandaUG FlagBlue, Red, White, Yellow
SudanSD FlagRed, Black, Green, White
SpainES FlagRed, Gold
IraqIQ FlagRed, Black, Green, White
AlgeriaDZ FlagGreen, Red, White
ArgentinaAR FlagLight Blue, White
AfghanistanAF FlagBlack, Green, Red, White
PolandPL FlagWhite, Red
CanadaCA FlagRed, White
MoroccoMA FlagRed, Green
UkraineUA FlagBlue, Gold
AngolaAO FlagRed, Black, Yellow
Saudi ArabiaSA FlagGreen, White
UzbekistanUZ FlagBlue, Green, Red, White
YemenYE FlagRed, Black, White
MozambiqueMZ FlagBlack, Green, Red, White, Yellow
GhanaGH FlagRed, Black, Green, Yellow
PeruPE FlagRed, White
MalaysiaMY FlagRed, Dark Blue, White, Yellow
NepalNP FlagCrimson, Blue, White
MadagascarMG FlagRed, Green, White
Ivory CoastCI FlagOrange, Green, WhiteOrange
VenezuelaVE FlagYellow, Blue, Red
CameroonCM FlagRed, Green, Yellow
NigerNE FlagOrange, Green, WhiteOrange
AustraliaAU FlagBlue, Red, White
North KoreaKP FlagRed, Blue, White
SyriaSY FlagRed, Black, Green, White
MaliML FlagGreen, Red, Yellow
TaiwanTW FlagRed, Blue, White
Burkina FasoBF FlagRed, Green, Yellow
Sri LankaLK FlagMaroon, Gold, Green, OrangeOrange
MalawiMW FlagBlack, Green, Red
ZambiaZM FlagGreen, Black, Orange, RedOrange
KazakhstanKZ FlagBlue, Yellow
ChileCL FlagRed, Blue, White
RomaniaRO FlagBlue, Red, Yellow
ChadTD FlagBlue, Red, Yellow
SomaliaSO FlagBlue, White
EcuadorEC FlagYellow, Blue, Red
GuatemalaGT FlagBlue, White
SenegalSN FlagGreen, Red, Yellow
NetherlandsNL FlagRed, Blue, White
CambodiaKH FlagRed, Blue, White
ZimbabweZW FlagGreen, Black, Red, White, Yellow
GuineaGN FlagRed, Green, Yellow
RwandaRW FlagSky Blue, Green, Yellow
BeninBJ FlagGreen, Red, Yellow
BurundiBI FlagRed, Green, White
BoliviaBO FlagRed, Green, Yellow
TunisiaTN FlagRed, White
HaitiHT FlagBlue, Red
BelgiumBE FlagBlack, Red, Yellow
Dominican RepublicDO FlagBlue, Red, White
JordanJO FlagBlack, Green, Red, White
South SudanSS FlagBlack, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow
CubaCU FlagBlue, Red, White
HondurasHN FlagBlue, White
SwedenSE FlagBlue, Gold
Papua New GuineaPG FlagRed, Black, White, Yellow
Czech RepublicCZ FlagBlue, Red, White
AzerbaijanAZ FlagLight Blue, Green, Red
TajikistanTJ FlagGold, Green, Red, White
GreeceGR FlagBlue, White
PortugalPT FlagRed, Green, White
HungaryHU FlagRed, Green, White
United Arab EmiratesAE FlagRed, Black, Green, White
BelarusBY FlagRed, Green, White
IsraelIL FlagBlue, White
TogoTG FlagGreen, Red, White, Yellow
Sierra LeoneSL FlagGreen, Blue, White
AustriaAT FlagRed, White
SwitzerlandCH FlagRed, White
LaosLA FlagRed, Blue, White
Hong KongHK FlagRed, White
NicaraguaNI FlagBlue, White
SerbiaRS FlagRed, Blue, White
LibyaLY FlagRed, Black, Green, White
ParaguayPY FlagRed, Blue, White
KyrgyzstanKG FlagRed, Yellow
BulgariaBG FlagWhite, Green, Red
TurkmenistanTM FlagGreen, White
El SalvadorSV FlagBlue, Gold, White
Republic of the CongoCG FlagGreen, Red, Yellow
SingaporeSG FlagRed, White
DenmarkDK FlagRed, White
Central African RepublicCF FlagBlue, Green, Red, White, Yellow
SlovakiaSK FlagWhite, Blue, Red
FinlandFI FlagWhite, Blue
LiberiaLR FlagRed, Blue, White
NorwayNO FlagRed, Blue, White
PalestinePS FlagBlack, Green, Red, White
New ZealandNZ FlagWhite, Blue, Red
Costa RicaCR FlagBlue, Red, White
LebanonLB FlagRed, Green, White
IrelandIE FlagGreen, White, OrangeOrange
MauritaniaMR FlagGreen, Red, Yellow
OmanOM FlagRed, Green, White
PanamaPA FlagBlue, Red, White
KuwaitKW FlagGreen, Black, Red, White
CroatiaHR FlagRed, Blue, White
EritreaER FlagGreen, Blue, Red, Yellow
GeorgiaGE FlagRed, White
MongoliaMN FlagBlue, Red, Yellow
UruguayUY FlagBlue, White
MoldovaMD FlagBlue, Gold, Red, Yellow
Puerto RicoPR FlagRed, White, Blue
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBA FlagBlue, White, Yellow
GambiaGM FlagRed, Blue, Green, White
AlbaniaAL FlagRed, Black
JamaicaJM FlagGreen, Black, Gold
ArmeniaAM FlagRed, Blue, OrangeOrange
QatarQA FlagMaroon, White
BotswanaBW FlagLight Blue, Black, White
LithuaniaLT FlagYellow, Green, Red
NamibiaNA FlagBlue, Green, Red, White, Yellow
GabonGA FlagGreen, Blue, Yellow
LesothoLS FlagBlue, Black, Green, White
SloveniaSI FlagBlack, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, White
North MacedoniaMK FlagRed, Yellow
LatviaLV FlagRed, White
Equatorial GuineaGQ FlagGreen, Blue, Red, White
Trinidad and TobagoTT FlagRed, Black, White
BahrainBH FlagRed, White
Timor LesteTL FlagRed, White, Black, Yellow
EstoniaEE FlagBlue, Black, White
MauritiusMU FlagRed, Blue, Green, Yellow
CyprusCY FlagBlue, White
EswatiniSZ FlagBlack, Blue, Red, White, Yellow
DjiboutiDJ FlagLight Blue, Green, Red, White
ReunionRE FlagBlue, Yellow, Red
FijiFJ FlagDark Blue, Gold, Light Blue, Red, White
ComorosKM FlagYellow, Blue, Green, Red, White
GuyanaGY FlagBlack, Green, Red, White, Yellow
BhutanBT FlagGold, White, Fulvous (brownish orange)Orange (Fulvous)
Solomon IslandsSB FlagOlive Green, Blue, Yellow
MacauMO FlagGreen, White, Yellow
LuxembourgLU FlagRed, Light Blue, White
SurinameSR FlagGold, Green, Red, White
MontenegroME FlagRed, Gold
Cape VerdeCV FlagBlue, Gold, Red, White
Western SaharaEH FlagRed, Black, White, Green
MaltaMT FlagRed, White
MaldivesMV FlagRed, White
BruneiBN FlagYellow, Black, Red, White
BelizeBZ FlagBlue, Red, White
BahamasBS FlagBlack, Aquamarine Blue, Yellow
GuadeloupeGP FlagBlue, Red, Yellow, Green
IcelandIS FlagBlue, Red, White
MartiniqueMQ FlagRed, Green, Black
MayotteYT FlagRed, White, Blue, Grey, YellowGrey
VanuatuVU FlagRed, Black, Green, Yellow
French GuianaGF FlagYellow, Green, Red
French PolynesiaPF FlagRed, Blue, Gold, White
New CaledoniaNC FlagBlue, Red, Green, Yellow, Black
BarbadosBB FlagBlue, Black, Gold
Sao Tome and PrincipeST FlagGreen, Black, Red, Yellow
SamoaWS FlagRed, Blue, White
CuracaoCW FlagBlue, White, Yellow
Saint LuciaLC FlagLight Blue, Black, White, Yellow
GuamGU FlagRed, Blue
KiribatiKI FlagRed, Blue, Gold, White
GrenadaGD FlagGreen, Red, Yellow
MicronesiaFM FlagBlue, White
JerseyJE FlagRed, Yellow, Blue, Black
TongaTO FlagRed, White
SeychellesSC FlagBlue, Green, Red, White, Yellow
ArubaAW FlagBlue, Red, Yellow
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVC FlagBlue, Green, Yellow
United States Virgin IslandsVI FlagRed, White, Blue, Yellow
Antigua and BarbudaAG FlagRed, Black, Blue, White, Yellow
Isle of ManIM FlagRed, Gold, White
AndorraAD FlagBlue, Red, Yellow
DominicaDM FlagGreen, Black, Red, White, Yellow
Cayman IslandsKY FlagRed, White, Blue
BermudaBM FlagRed, Blue, White
GuernseyGG FlagWhite, Red, Yellow
GreenlandGL FlagRed, White
Faroe IslandsFO FlagWhite, Blue, Red
Northern Mariana IslandsMP FlagBlue, White, GreyGrey
Saint Kitts and NevisKN FlagGreen, Red, White
Turks and Caicos IslandsTC FlagBlue, White, Red, Yellow, Green
Sint MaartenSX FlagRed, Blue, Yellow, Green, BrownBrown
American SamoaAS FlagBlue, Red, White
Marshall IslandsMH FlagBlue, Orange, WhiteOrange
LiechtensteinLI FlagBlue, Red
MonacoMC FlagRed, White
San MarinoSM FlagWhite, Light Blue
GibraltarGI FlagRed, Gold, White
Saint MartinMF FlagBlue, White, Red
British Virgin IslandsVG FlagRed, White, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow
PalauPW FlagYellow, Blue
Cook IslandsCK FlagBlue, Red, White
AnguillaAI FlagBlue, White
NauruNR FlagBlue, White, Yellow
TuvaluTV FlagDark Blue, Gold, Red, Sky Blue, White
Wallis and FutunaWF FlagBlue, White, Red
Saint BarthelemyBL FlagBlue, White, Red
Saint Pierre and MiquelonPM FlagBlue, Yellow, Black, White, Red, Green
MontserratMS FlagBlue, White, Red
Falkland IslandsFK FlagBlue, White, Red
NiueNU FlagYellow, Blue, White, Red
TokelauTK FlagYellow, Red, White, GreyGrey
Vatican CityVA FlagYellow, White
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What are the most common color combinations on country flags?

The most common national flag combinations are red, white, and blue. These colors are on 30 of the world's flags.

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