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Name 2022 Population Growth Since 2010 Land Area (mi²) Density (mi²)
Androscoggin County109,3661.54%467.93233.72
Aroostook County66,266-7.58%6,671.099.93
Cumberland County298,9936.22%835.68357.79
Franklin County31,0511.08%1,696.9918.30
Hancock County55,7462.57%1,586.9935.13
Kennebec County123,0760.82%867.50141.87
Knox County39,9370.52%365.13109.38
Lincoln County35,3392.77%455.8477.52
Oxford County58,6381.49%2,076.8628.23
Penobscot County153,141-0.47%3,397.3445.08
Piscataquis County16,902-3.69%3,960.904.27
Sagadahoc County36,3543.20%253.98143.14
Somerset County50,469-3.35%3,924.4612.86
Waldo County39,8892.76%729.9354.65
Washington County31,553-3.88%2,562.6812.31
York County212,9577.99%990.77214.94

Counties in Maine

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