Population of Counties in Alabama (2022)

There are 67 counties in Alabama.

The most populous county in Alabama in 2019 is Jefferson County, home to the city of Birmingham, with a population of 659,300. This represents a population growth rate of 0.17% since the last census. Jefferson is the only Alabama county with more than 500,000 residents. Other major counties in Alabama include Mobile County (413,757) with the city of Mobile, Madison County (366,519), Montgomery County (225,763), Baldwin County (218,022), Shelby County (215,707), and Tuscaloosa County (208,911). Of these counties, Baldwin experienced the most growth with a growth rate of 19.07% since the census. Only Montgomery County experienced a decline with a growth rate of -1.63%.

Alabama Counties with Fewest Residents

The least populated county in Alabama is Greene County with 8,233 residents which is down 8.47% from the last census. Alabama has 21 counties under 20,000 residents and all but one of them have experienced a population decline over the last decade. Other small Alabama counties include Perry County (9,140), Lowndes County (9,974), Bullock County (10,138), Wilcox County (10,627), and Coosa County (10,715). Of these counties, Perry County experienced the most dramatic decline with a growth rate of -13.50%.

Alabama Counties with Rapid Growth

Baldwin County, Alabama experienced the most rapid growth in the state since the last census, growing by 19.07% to 218,022 residents. Other counties that have experienced rapid growth in Alabama include Lee County (16.43%), Limestone County (15.63%), and Shelby County (10.0%). These are the only counties with double-digit growth rates.

The most dramatic population decline occurred in Macon County with a growth rate of -14.26% since the last census, dropping the population to 18,439. Macon County was followed by Perry County (-13.50%) and Dallas County (-12.65%) in terms of decline.

Name 2022 Population Growth Since 2010 Density (mi²)
Autauga County56,8773.84%95.68
Baldwin County239,37130.72%150.57
Barbour County24,128-11.71%27.27
Bibb County22,475-1.73%36.10
Blount County57,9911.07%89.94
Bullock County9,882-9.14%15.87
Butler County18,899-9.71%24.33
Calhoun County111,427-5.90%183.91
Chambers County32,216-5.59%54.01
Cherokee County26,7423.00%48.30
Chilton County45,2233.60%65.27
Choctaw County11,857-14.38%12.98
Clarke County22,734-11.77%18.36
Clay County13,058-6.04%21.62
Cleburne County14,610-2.63%26.08
Coffee County53,5186.59%78.82
Colbert County55,9522.62%94.41
Conecuh County11,392-13.93%13.40
Coosa County10,723-8.97%16.47
Covington County37,337-1.25%36.23
Crenshaw County13,613-1.85%22.36
Cullman County84,8185.42%115.41
Dale County49,259-2.25%87.78
Dallas County33,902-22.69%34.64
DeKalb County71,8310.94%92.44
Elmore County81,8032.83%132.26
Escambia County36,960-3.61%39.11
Etowah County101,239-3.08%189.13
Fayette County15,873-7.87%25.29
Franklin County31,554-0.60%49.78
Geneva County26,166-2.28%45.55
Greene County7,817-13.06%12.08
Hale County14,357-8.82%22.30
Henry County17,3010.03%30.80
Houston County109,2187.29%188.36
Jackson County51,641-2.90%47.91
Jefferson County656,005-0.34%590.32
Lamar County13,574-6.36%22.44
Lauderdale County93,1040.40%139.44
Lawrence County32,873-4.28%47.60
Lee County167,20018.76%275.20
Limestone County107,12928.79%191.32
Lowndes County8,982-20.44%12.55
Macon County17,309-19.51%28.43
Madison County390,62416.22%487.31
Marengo County18,284-12.75%18.72
Marion County29,586-3.99%39.86
Marshall County98,5865.87%174.23
Mobile County411,116-0.53%334.40
Monroe County19,746-14.17%19.25
Montgomery County226,432-1.34%288.70
Morgan County121,1071.25%209.04
Perry County8,482-19.70%11.79
Pickens County19,7800.16%22.44
Pike County32,730-0.73%48.70
Randolph County22,707-1.00%39.11
Russell County58,4929.70%91.23
St. Clair County92,08610.19%145.73
Shelby County224,05914.30%285.29
Sumter County11,806-14.01%13.06
Talladega County79,501-3.25%107.90
Tallapoosa County39,863-3.89%55.63
Tuscaloosa County212,4638.96%160.75
Walker County63,077-5.85%79.72
Washington County16,098-8.67%14.90
Wilcox County9,695-16.13%10.91
Winston County23,437-3.99%38.23