The largest city in North Dakota is Fargo, with a population of 128,557. Mercer is the fastest growing city in North Dakota over the past 10 years, having grown 40.66% since 2010.


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10 Largest Cities in North Dakota

Cities in North Dakota by Population (2023)

With North Dakota’s population of just 790,701 inhabitants, this state is ranked 47 in terms of population. The state’s only city with a population of more than 100,000 is Fargo. There are eight cities that have populations between 10,000 and 100,000, including the state capital of Bismarck which is the second most populous city with over 71,000 inhabitants.

North Dakota is very unique because it does not designate its incorporated areas by population, government structure, or other such factors. All incorporated areas in the state are designated as cities. Because of this, there are many cities that have populations that fall below 100 inhabitants. The smallest is Ruso, which is located in McLean County. A 2015 estimate shows that the population of this small city was just four people.

Map of Cities in North Dakota

North Dakota Cities by First Letter