Most Patriotic Countries 2020

Patriotism is the devotion to, vigorous support for, and/or feeling of pride for one’s country. These feelings relate to one’s own homeland, including historic, political, cultural, or ethnic aspects. Patriotism is similar to and can be confused with nationalism or Chauvinism (the extreme form of patriotism).

Anti-patriotism is the ideology opposing patriotism. It stems from the belief that patriotism is wrong since people born in a country are encouraged to love the country and sacrifice themselves for it, whether or not they like their country. Those who defend patriotism or nationalism usually use the term in a pejorative way.

Several factors affect the level of patriotism in a country. The first of these is the like-mindedness of the people in the principles that shape their lives and way of thinking. Security is another factor, as people take pride in their nation’s ability to protect them from harm. A third factor is wealth, as nations are popular with their citizens if they can provide for and allow the enjoyment of wealth. When security and wealth are poor or non-existent, we often see refugees seeking better conditions in other countries. Some believe that multi-cultural areas are a threat to patriotism, including colleges and universities.

What country is the most patriotic?

YouGov conducted an international survey on globalization, surveying groups of people from 19 countries around the world. Respondents were asked whether they believe they live “in the best country in the world,” and their answer determined which were the most patriotic.

The top ten most patriotic countries (based on what percentage answered “yes”) are:

  1. The United States (41%)
  2. India (35%)
  3. Australia (34%)
  4. The United Arab Emirates (27%)
  5. Saudi Arabia (25%)
  6. Thailand (25%)
  7. Philippines (15%)
  8. Indonesia (14%)
  9. The United Kingdom (13%)
  10. Denmark (13%)

Based on the YouGov survey, the United States is the most patriotic country with 41% of its respondents answering “yes” to “My country is the best country in the world,” and 32% believing that the US is “better than most countries.”

Below is a table of the 19 countries surveyed and the percentage of respondents who think their country is the best.

Most Patriotic Countries 2020

Country % of People Thinking Their Country is the Best Population 2020
United States41.00%331,002,651
United Arab Emirates27.00%9,890,402
Saudi Arabia25.00%34,813,871
United Kingdom13.00%67,886,011
Hong Kong8.00%7,496,981