What States Is It Legal to Declaw a Cat 2022

Why Do People Want To Remove Their Cat's Claws?

There are several reasons why people want to remove their cat’s claws. The biggest reason is that they do not want their cats to scratch up furniture. Cats naturally need to scratch things to keep their claws sharp. Unfortunately, this also means that the cat could decide to scratch up the furniture, which can be a significant problem for many pet owners. In particular, people do not like it when cats scratch up their leather furniture. Another reason why people want to remove the claws from their cats is that they do not want them to scratch a person. Some pet owners will try to strike a middle ground by removing only the front claws, but not the back ones.

Is It Legal To Declaw a Cat?

Yes. In the vast majority of states, you are allowed to declaw a cat if you choose to do so. It is important to note that there are several options available if you are interested in removing claws from your cat. There are some people who decide to remove the claws on all of their paws, and there are other people who only decide to remove the claws from their front paws. Like any other procedure, it is important for you to talk with your veterinarian before you decide what path to choose. That way, you can make the best decision for your cat and your family.

In Which States Is It Illegal To Declaw a Cat?

There are only two states in the country where it is illegal to declaw a cat. The first state to ban this practice was New York. New York passed a comprehensive ban on this procedure in 2019. The second state was Maryland, which passed a similar ban in 2022. In all other 48 states, in addition to Washington DC, you are allowed to remove the claws from your cat if you desire. In states where it is not allowed, there is an exception for therapeutic purposes. You will need to talk to your veterinarian if you are interested in getting an exception that allows you to declaw your cat for a therapeutic reason.

Why Is it Wrong To Remove a Cat's Claws?

There are several reasons why it is considered bad to remove claws from cats. Declawing a cat is a major surgical amputation. People and organizations against declawing cats explain that it is similar to a human having their finger cut off at the topmost knuckle. There are a few potential complications of the procedure, including possible infection, tissue necrosis, and feet that hurt the cat. Removing claws will also change the way the paw interacts with the ground, which can cause pain that is very similar to wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes. The cat’s behavior can also be changed, causing behaviors that may appear similar to mental health issues. That is why states have instituted a ban on this procedure. It is possible that other states could change their laws and institute similar bans down the road.

What States Is It Legal to Declaw a Cat 2022