States by Political Party 2022


Some states in the United States voted Democrat solidly for the Presidential election, State Senate, Governor, State House, and Representatives, and additional government seats such as the Senior and Junior U.S. Senator seat. While many states who voted Democrat tend to switch their voting stance, the 2020 election brought very divided voting results. The following states elected all Democrat officials in the most recent 2020 election.


Just as there are states that voted fully Democratic in the most recent United States Presidential election, several states voted entirely Republican. The states that voted along with the Republican political party for all positions in highly-elected government seats include the following.


In the most recent 2020 Presidential election, some states had a split decision and voted for both Republican and Democrat candidates. These states have their government filled with members from both political parties, creating a split in the ruling state government. The following states have both Republican and Democrat leaders.

Special Election Cases


A special political situation exists in Alaska where a coalition of various Alaskan leaders runs the State House. The current positions in the Alaska State House are balanced with 15 Democrats, 6 Republicans, and 2 Independents.


The Presidential Election for Maine is divided into different districts. Most of Maine voted Democratic, but the 2nd District in Maine voted Republican. Further, the Junior U.S. Senator in Maine is held by an Independent leader.


The U.S. House of Representatives in Michigan is tied, and neither political party owns the majority. The seats are tied at seven each.


In Minnesota, the U.S. House of Representatives is tied, much like Michigan. Neither the Republicans nor Democrats own the majority, with the House balanced at four seats each.


Similar to Maine, the Presidential Election is split between various districts in the state. In the most recent 2020 Presidential election, Nebraska mainly voted Democrat, but the 2nd District voted Republican.


Like Minnesota and Michigan, the U.S. House of Representatives is split in Pennsylvania. Currently, the House is split between nine Republicans and nine Democrats.


In Vermont, the U.S. Junior Senator Seat is held by an Independent leader that does not align with either the Democrat or Republican Party.

States by Political Party 2022