The largest city in New York is New York City, with a population of 8,992,908. Country Knolls is the fastest growing city in New York over the past 10 years, having grown 17.5% since 2010.

10 Largest Cities in New York

Cities in New York by Population (2023)

New York state has a population of over 19 million, making it the 4th most populous state in the country. Almost half of the residents of the state live in New York City, which has an estimated population of 8,550,405 people. New York City is the largest city by population in the United States. This far exceeds the number of people recorded in the second most populous city, Buffalo, which has just 258,071 inhabitants. Rochester, Yonkers, and Syracuse are the remaining cities that have populations exceeding 100,000. Albany, the state capital, has a population of 98,469 people, making it the 6th most populous in the state.

Incorporated areas in New York are divided into cities and towns. New York state has a total of 62 municipalities designated as cities. Sherill, which is located in Oneida County, is the smallest city by population, with just 3,147 residents since its incorporation in 1916. There are nine additional cities that have populations that fall below 10,000.

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