Immigration By Country 2020

Immigration is the international movement of people to a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not have citizenship. Immigrants leave their home country for several reasons, including searching for economic prosperity, job opportunities, family reunification, retirement, and better access to resources.

The proportion of immigrants varies considerably from country to country. Smaller countries have larger proportions of immigrants, but not necessarily larger numbers. Additionally, some countries are larger origin countries, with considerably higher numbers of emigrants leaving for other countries.

According to the United Nations, the ten countries with the highest foreign-born (immigrant) populations are:

  1. United States (48.2 million)
  2. Russia (11.6 million)
  3. Saudi Arabia (10.8 million)
  4. Germany (10.2 million)
  5. United Kingdom (8.4 million)
  6. United Arab Emirates (8.0 million)
  7. France (7.9 million)
  8. Canada (7.6 million)
  9. Australia (6.7 million)
  10. Spain (5.9 million)

The United States has the highest number of immigrants in the world. There are an estimated 48.2 million people in the United States who were born in a foreign country, about 15% of the total U.S. population. The number of immigrants in the U.S. quadrupled since 1965. The population of immigrants in the United States is incredibly diverse, with just about every country in the world represented among U.S. immigrants. For the United States, Mexico is the largest origin country for immigrants, accounting for over 11 million, or 25%, of all immigrants in the U.S.

The United Arab Emirates has the sixth-highest number of immigrants with 8 million and has the highest proportion of immigrants to the total population. The United Arab Emirates’ immigrant population comprises 87.3% of its total population.

The ten countries that have the highest number of emigrants, or people born in that country and living abroad, are:

  1. India (15.9 million)
  2. Mexico (12.5 million)
  3. Russia (10.4 million)
  4. China (9.7 million)
  5. Bangladesh (7.2 million)
  6. Syria (6.2 million)
  7. Pakistan (5.9 million)
  8. Ukraine (5.8 million)
  9. Philippines (5.4 million)
  10. Afghanistan (4.9 million)

India has the largest number of natives living abroad with 15.9 million people in total.

Emigrant numbers are not always as accurate as immigrant numbers, mostly because governments are not as concerned about those who leave the country as they are about those who enter and use government-funded services or infrastructure.

Immigration By Country 2020